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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rank mis-match : some relief !

"About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age." - Gloria Pitzer

Since the last two years, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs – formerly known as CPOs) had been issuing advertisements for recruitment of Ex-Servicemen on a skewed rank equation. CAPFs were seeking Naib Subedars (GP 4200) to join at GP 2800 level and also Havildars (GP 2800) to join at GP 2000 level. The same was pointed out on this blog and also strongly taken up by me separately with the MHA as well as the AG’s Branch.

It seems that collective efforts have borne fruit to an extent. The CRPF is soon going to undertake a massive recruitment drive for ex-servicemen. I have been informed that a decision has been taken to rectify the rank equation as far as re-employment is concerned. Henceforth all JCOs, including Naib Subedars, would be recruited as Inspectors (GP 4600) while other ranks (including Sepoys) shall be recruited as Head Constables (GP 2400). Further, JCOs would be entitled to a handsome fixed compensation package of Rs 54000/- per month while other ranks would be entitled to a fixed package of Rs 34,000/- per month. Recruitment would be offered to those who have done courses related to explosives, field engineering and IEDs and the deployment would probably primarily be in naxal affected areas.

Goes to show that most of our problems emanate from the reason that we do not even want to try. There are people willing to listen but nothing shall move till we speak. Let us not just watch the show, let us engage ourselves with the problems that stare us in our face, and that includes the overall deterioration of our status and standing in the official hierarchy. We need to keep our eyes open, and most importantly it is the people currently in service who need to play a greater role, rather than people like us who are occupied in other professions and can at best maintain a hawk-eye but only from the side of the ring, rather than from bang in the middle of it !


Anonymous said...

i ll just sum up...
hats off to u...ther was this news of army offrs becoming eligible for IPS..then suddenly...it was turned off and only CAPFs were to compete for that ...any nore inputs


Navdeep kudos to you. Atleast a beginning has been made through your efforts to set right equations.I hope the AF hqs take que from the effort and begin ardently the process to settle the rank equations presently skewed in favor of civs and the rampant NFFU taking place further lowering the status. Good going.

mike said...

Excellent job... pl keep the good work..

Aditya said...

Hey, this is great news! Im glad I had some little role to play in bringing this to your attention too!

Agree completely, that it is uniformed personnel who should be aware of these matters, and addressing them, rather than well wishers and enthusiasts like yourself.

In some ways, the corpus of service officers seems to take the view that many things should be grumbled about, but nothing can be rectified.

Thank you for proving, repeatedly, (including the J&K SP illegal rank badge matter), that without proper effort, nothing will happen.


Anonymous said...

It is a great news and effort by you.We shall always remain indebited for the yemon service rendered by you for taking up various issues.It is true that people are ready to listen and render support but those people are excluding MOD and within the Defence forces.
IN defence force we come accross everyday where all efforts are being made to let down defence officers against counterpart civilian officers serving in MES ,Border Roads etc.These equvalancies need to put in black and white so that all can work harmonously in a dept.


Navdeep kudos to you.I hope the AF Hqs take note of and do something to restore the GP imbalance and the status of AF and added to this is the rampant giveaway of NFFU to civ cadres further skewing the status equivalent.

Gagandeep said...

Great job Major...keep it up.

Olive Greens Panchkula Chandigarh said...

Navdeep Well Said and Well done!! If we have to arrest the deteriorating standards, we must all tick off wrongs be it in service or outside from a small thing as breaking que in MHs/ECHS to people generating black funds and others trying to lower the organisation through malicious intent and actions

avishek said...

kudos to you once again sir.

Anonymous said...

I wish there are few more Officers like Maj Navdeep Singh. Pls continue to save our Status. May God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Maj Navdeep. Could you approach our Chiefs(all three) to rise above vested interest and approach the Govt sternly to resolve the STATUS issue between the Armed forces Offrs and IAS/IPS offrs. No body is crying for his right.

Anonymous said...

Carry on with all the good selfless work you are doing.May you get more and more energy.We are with you.

Col P B Singh (Retd)

just said...

one more thing i want to highlight here is that the civil people utilise whatever suits them when it comes to equivalences. sometimes it is grade pay, sometimes it is warrant of precedence. Eg as per warrant of precedence, DC is higher to DIG in his own district, as grade pay of DIG is same as Brigadier, the same is taken for granted by us. But we have to understand that Col is higher to DIG as per warrant of precedence, so why should we accept the above. So within own district DC is senior to DIG, Col is higher then any DIG; hence Col is higher then DC at all times. Why should we accept equivalences based on grade pay when the sixth pay commission had itself told that the same will not be used to calculate equivalences within different services. I believe this should be practiced by all of armed forces at all times and wide publicity should be given to the same.

Anonymous said...

Great show Major Navdeep. You are doing a really great job.

I have wondered if this issue of lowering of status of Lt Col vis a vis other Cent Govt officers can be petitioned in Court? As I remember we were in S25. However those who were in S24 are now above us in Grade Pay and are being posted as our Superiors. They are writing our reports in many Orgs

Could you advice all readers on this issue. I am sure the courts can provide us with necessary respite from the Babu persecution.

Anil said...

Good job done Maj Navdeep. I personallly think Army should create one cell at AHQ/ AG's Branch having bright senior officer who should be dealing with all issue related rk and pay equivalence issue related to defence viz-a-viz civil govt employee. One point we should always fight for when asking for higher status and pay/pension is the trunkated service and supercesion at all rks, whereas the civil counterpart enjoys complete 60 yrs service.

Ex Sgt M Arumugam said...

The perfect Job you are doing for the unknown /forgotten Veterans after their retirement. In the eroding life of the veterans, you are like beacon of the plummeting veterans’ life. We wish many more should rise to this juncture.
Ex Sgt M Arumugam


Congratulations Navdeep and God Bless

Col NR Kurup said...

May Almighty God Bless you and your family for your persistent efforts to help the hapless soldiers of our Indian Armed Forces.

Col NR Kurup said...

There is news of raising 70 CRPF Bns now. The govt has no choice but to fall back on us to get the required trained man-power. They have no choice but to make it attractive.

My doubt is that when the govt. have so much para-military forces and keep on increasing its strength, why are they calling in Army for help when they smell danger ? My assessment is that the para-military forces lack leadership. In normal course 70 Bns need at least 700 IPS Officers. Will the govt provide it ? CRPF posting being not attractive, I don't think IPS officers will be inducted in any post other than as Commanding Officers. Unless BSF/CRPF start employing at least 10 IPS Offrs in every Bn. they might continue to seek army to do their dirty job at times when their own lives are in danger. Hope our govt realise this trick and start posting IPS officers at Company Commanders level in CRPF and BSF to spare Army to do their own job and not waste its time in doing police job and keep on fighting for retention of AFSPA .

B P Singh Maidh said...

Dear All,
Before every body starts giving thanks you sir ,well done keep it up,I did so and he did this pls check up re -employment regulations.
It is entirely up to the hiring depts to offer jobs and select, no relations with GP of the persons being taken.
In paramilitary forces ex- Army MAJ are taken as Asst Comdt in GP-5400 every year since last many years.
Pls see how many Army officer will rush and join GP-5400 as IPS if offered.
Pls come back to mother earth and live in reality.Remember only one Maj Navdeep fighting this war with pen other in service write Anony remarks and only retd write names .

velayudhan said...

Dear Navadeep, Congratds to you and keep it up.Keep fighting against thewrong things, I am sure you will achieve it and of course the Veterans will alwyas shower thei love and blessings silently for your good doings.God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Mr BP Singh,
It seems that you are in your own world as always. Well, what you have brought out is the problem? The status of defence officers has been degraded to such an extent that even their psyche has been infected. Rozi roti ka sawal hai yeh toh alag baat hai. You have told the problem but what about the solution, Sir? Army officers should refuse such appointments is one of the solution. What are the policy makers including the recruitment agency doing about it? Is it not their bounden duty to follow the correct status? Or like always you think that every thing should be done by the army officer and none by the establishment which is controlled by people like you and alike. I think you need to come to mother earth and pretty fast that too. And we all know that who enjoys fruits of democracy in this country; you and people like you?

Anonymous said...

Arre, let BP Singh be... he is only a BSF officer, he doesnt control anything, and is not responsible for anything.

Army officers are posted to BSF also, on Deputation, at more senior ranks than BPji.

His situation is worse than that of an Army officer, promotionwise. Theyre not really recognised in the same vein as civil services officers, or defence officers.

Let him be. He only tries to highlight issues for his own boys. Its too bad that he feels that the way to do it is to take potshots at the defence services.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Kurup, BSF CRPF etc do not post IPS officers in Asst Comdt, Dy Comdt, Comdt positions any longer.

Minimum is DIG, though even those posts are no longer with IPS. Now they join as IG only.

Which is bad, because they do not have any experiences of working in these posts!

dattatreyahg said...

That is a meaningful job,taken up as a service to a whole community,which has produced the intended result. Well done,dear Navdeep

Anonymous said...

Good news for ex-servicemen and this information should reach serving persons who are desirous to join after their retirement.

Congratulations to Major Navdeep.

- Gurjinder

Harry said...

Dear Shri BP Singh Ji,

1. I don't understand why do you have to feel slighted if we seek dignity for our ranks. What is wrong in it Sir? It is a fact known to everyone that AFs Officers & Servicemen are COMPULSORILY retired by rank and NOT by fixed retirement age (unlike our civ counterparts) to keep the profile of the AFs younger. Now AFs exist for the Nation (not for themselves surely) so it becomes the duty of the Govt (for whatever it is worth) to ensure that this vast pool of trained and dedicated manpower is gainfully utilised in accordance with the potential and the rank/grade held by the AFs personnel at the time of retirement. So hypothetically speaking, if you as Comdt CG were told to leave your job and were offered to be absorbed as Lt Cdr in the Navy, how would you feel Sir?

2. BTW, with due respect you may pls desist from mouthing your barbs (constructive criticism is welcome though) here and stop using Maj Navdeep's Blog as free advertisement hoarding to get additional traffic to your own Blog.

PS: The old adage of wearer knowing where the shoe pinches is pretty apt here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

We have been discussing with you the many problems concerning
loss of status,
the warrant of precedence,
Non-consideration of OROP
Raising of retirement age
Rank pay case
etc etc
Apart from the rank pay case, no other issue seems to have been raised beyond basic cribbing in various blogs( please correct me if I'm wrong)

Can't we do something more concrete in this regard.
Can u guide us in this matter through a fresh post.


Anonymous said...

dear navdeep,
pls clarify.
when an officer is released from army to any other govt dept with the condition that his entire service in the army of more than 20years will be taken into consideration for pension in the new organisation and hence does not draw pension on release from army does he cease to be an ex serviceman and to the benefits of an exserviceman?

B P Singh Maidh said...

Dear Harry,
I do recognize you as one of the few military officer who display his name and photo and do hope your tribe will grow.
When we join service we know what is the retirement age it is 56 yrs for grade pay 8700 for all Military officers except for TS officers and 57 yrs for Paramilitary officers.
On an average Military officer can serve for 34 yrs(join at 20/retire at 54 even for TS officer and average Non military officer also serve for 35 yrs(Join at 25-27/retire at 57/60) any difference ?
Well I may be Commandant but may not know job of even LT of Navy thus it will be unfair on my part to demand Grade pay for which I have no experience.
Well I had taken decision and will not allow and commercial advt on my blog, and have fair/respectable no of visitors to satisfy my ego.
I had stated GOI regulation on re-employment well it is up to the reader to agree or not.
Well Navdeep is having full authority to keep or reject any of my views and I always take care to select my words and try not to hurt.
We all serve for same nation.

Ravi said...

Great Show ! Please accept my congrats !
Capt.(I.N) KR Reddy, Retd

Harry said...

Dear Shri BP Singh Ji,

1. Two things I want to clarify here. Firstly as a youngster who is freshly out of School, the Service specific intricacies of pay, allowances, promotion and civ grade equivalence is hardly known to anybody. Secondly NO ONE joins AFs at 20 yrs in this day and age. Minimum age for Class I is 5.5 yrs. So a youngster passes 12th Class @ 17.5 yrs. Now add 3 yrs at NDA and 1 year at IMA. So EARLIEST a person can get commissioned as an officer is 21.5 yrs (assuming he does not lose any time at any stage).

2. Since graduation is the minimum requirement for any Class A Govt job (be it defence or civ) so the specious argument about people taking 'drops' and spending years at 'Coaching academies' to make it to civ services must NOT be held against defence officers. If that be so, what about the perpetual employment of bureaucrats in various sinecures after retirement which is the norm rather than an exception? Remember last Cabinet Secy got two extensions and continued for four long yrs and even now he has been 'accommodated' by the Govt in his home state of Kerala. All this when there was no confusion about his Date of Birth! :-p

3. Another point you made about the person not knowing the job of the Dept where one is getting absorbed. If that be so how come 'generalists' working in Animal Husbandry/ Food Corporation/ Fisheries Dept one day get posted to Defence Ministry the next day and start lording over! Any good answer Sir?

PS:- Lets continue our discussion on the comments section of the latest Blogpost, lest it gets overlooked!

Anonymous said...

Major Navdeep, I would like to know if there is a proposal to make Colonel and equivalent rank in Navy and Airforce fully timescale at 23yrs of service.
Is there a proposal to enhance the superannuation of Time Scale Colonels from 54yrs to 57yrs.

mhkhan said...

Its basiclly the cadre management of any deptt/service which matters. In Indian Army also, the promotion prospects in staff posts should be increased so that more officers should be promoted. Increasing the equivalence because of slow promotions may not be a just idea.

Anonymous said...

Sir, what is the final verdict on army officers being allowed into IPS.. is it through or not.
plz... any body any concrete news??