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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Related to the previous post of contractual appointments in CAPFs

CRPF authorities have informed me that they have already issued the advertisement for contractual employment of ex-servicemen to serve in naxal affected areas and for imparting rotational training. The advertisement can be accessed by clicking here.

Also it has come to light that after the issue was pointed out, a decision had been taken to favourably change the rank equation earlier this year and one phase of recruitment for JCOs (including Naib Subedars) at the level of Inspector and of other ranks (including Sepoys) at the level of Head Constable, has already been carried out.

The above advertisement may be circulated to ex-servicemen organisations for the benefit of our released JCOs and OR.

As readers would be able to make out, though there is drastic improvement in the rank structure and the pay package being offered, there still are slips in the policy. For example, though such veterans are not being granted regular pay-scales with GP, still if a Naib Subedar joins for counter-IED operations, he is taken in as an Inspector (GP 4600 level), but if he joins for imparting training, then he is taken in as an ASI (GP 2800). If a Subedar Major opts for Counter-IED operations, he shall be made an Inspector (GP 4600) however if he joins for imparting training, then he shall be made a Subedar Major (GP 4800).

For those who are wondering, unlike the Police, the appointment of Subedar Major exists in CAPFs also, just like the Army


Olive Greens Chandigarh said...

The defence forces have been trying for decades to have resettlement of retired pers in the CPOs without much success. What our higher HQs could not achieve the maoists or rebels or whatever you call them have done it for our veterans. Cheers!

Harry said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

1. This is further to my last comment posted as reply to Shri BP Singh's comment in your last blogpost dated 10 Sep 11.

2. All this confusion (which very conveniently suits civs) about rank equivalence and parallel absorption is due to the fact that we have NOT formally and officially taken it up with the Govt to set things right. And unless it is followed up to its logical conclusion I don't think any civ dept would be interested in giving us our due & deserved grade/post upon parallel induction/absorption.

3. CAPFs are following the policy of 'use and throw'. They are sitting ducks against naxals and are getting slaughtered on regular bases (unfortunately) but they are not willing to absorb our trained men as permanent cadre but are only giving fixed salary contractual appts. This is hardly a desirable solution which we all are looking for.

3. Govt is 'supposed to be' a model employer but is it? Or may be the bureaucracy has held the Govt hostage to its own agenda and interests.

PS: ESM orgs need to take a cue from Anna's tactics (especially 'picketing' MsP homes, a brilliant idea mooted by Aamir Khan!)

Harry said...

Dear Shri BP Singh Ji,

You may pls post your reply to my comment here.

Thanks & regards,
- Harry aka Original Harry

Harry said...

@BP Singh

My dear Sir,

Pls refer ads by CAPFs to employ ESMs. Now pls tell me who is actually the one who does NOT know his job here? So your specious argument about the person not knowing about the job of the Dept one is joining holds no water, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Have we ever wondered at this irony.

When an ESM (now veteran, wonder in what; drawing pension from very very early age!!) wants to join another govt dept he is taken at less than what he was? but when we take a civilian into our org for whatever reason, sometimes as Hony, we give him a better status.

Eg are; IDAS, IDES, IDSE, Postal etc.

Is it our magnanimity that is pulling us down??

Anonymous said...

Is it not the duty of EVERY officer then, to advise his or her subordinate colleagues in the JCO and NCO cadres, NOT to accept such appointments at incorrect grade pays?

The moment pool of applicants dries up, change will come automatically.

Anonymous said...

unrelated to the issue mentioned ....should urc be scrutinised by CAG

Harry said...

@BP Singh

I waited for you to respond but I guess you have nothing to say on the issue! So hopefully now onwards you will not post such insensitive remarks!

Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... that is not happening.. and pure egos. Ex Aviation Artificers (AME equivalent) of Indian navy can look after the maintenence of all the vaiation comapanies at much less rate, what they are paying to fake AMEs now.

Artificers retire at the age of 32-35 years and they are seldom utilised in civil in the field of their excellence. Bureacratic hurdles all the way.. Do we really need bureaucracy ??

Anonymous said...

want some clarification regarding transportation of personal conveyance to place of posting which is in C I OPS area.household goods are being sent to selected place of residence.rules appear quite archaic,as place of posting allows one to draw transport allowance while you are not entitled to carry your vehicle to place of posting when household goods are going to selected place of residence

col santokh said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, sale of four wheelers through csd was suspended for funds problem. has it been restored? if not, what is the status for its restoration?
would appreciate if u could please advise/inform.