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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Improved Scales for JCOs and OR notified in March 2010 : More amendments, deletions, additions notified by the MoD

This is with regard to the new scales notified in consequence to the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries in March 2010.

The MoD has carried out changes in the said master letter issued on 08 March 2010.

The new letter issued on 15 April 2011 alongwith the PCDA(P) Circular dated 11 May 2011 can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

Notably, the MoD has cancelled and deleted Table No 133 which dealt with pensionary entitlements of Viceroy Commissioned Officers (VCOs) granted Honorary Commissions. The enhanced pension rates notified for VCOs granted Honorary Commissions now stand relegated to regular rates as applicable to other Hony Officers.

Most other substantive amendments relate to Warrant Ranks of the Indian Air Force.


s.kanthiah said...

Dear Major Sir,

It is too late for deletion of Tabe-133. When lot of comments were sent regarding the tabel, it is now deleted. I think thet there is no such category of Hony.Officers are alive now. Anyway it is a mess. So many ammendments, deletions additions and so on. the PDAs are in utter confusion for carrying out these circulars. Ulitimately the veterans are the sufferers.
Let us wait for some more corrections befor the VII th CPC.
The case of Major and eual ranks, Anamolly of Hony.Lt. and Capts are pensding for a lomg tome. No action semms to be in sight.
Exweltrust, Tirunelveli-Dist, tamil Nadu.

Justin N Christian said...


Anonymous said...

It is hard to tolerate the undue delays and apathy prevailing almost at all levels among people sitting at any position of authority.
Just to share the agony that veterans are facing in the present enviornment...
Firstly orders are issued by deptt of ESM (MOD) after considerable delay after similer orders are issued for our civil counterparts.
Then comes the undue delay in making actual disbursement by the PDAs..
No one is accountable .No time frames are given by issuing authorities for actual implementation /disbursement. No ineterest is paid to the beneficiaries for delayed payments.
Latest example is PCDA(P) circular 456....the MOD letter was issued on 15 -2-11....I wonder , if some one has got the payment...I am yet to get it from SBI,Bhopal..
Hope those working today realise that they too will retire one day and start doing work little faster for those who are already retired.

Anonymous said...

I feel very few viceroy commisioned officers are in existence to receive this enhancement in pension.If somebody is still availablable best of luck
of them

prem nath said...


i retired as mwo on 31stjan 2006 personal of my rank and status retired before me are drawing more pension than me personal contact made with afro subroto park new Delhi didn't yield any tangible result request advised. please can you give me your mail id so that i can tell you the problem in detail

Hfo ravindran said...

Navdeep Sir , Is it with idea 2 deprive the Hony offrs the benefits of AFT, Chandigarh order on 31may that table 133 has been deleted.The land mark judgement 2 refix pension wef jul 2009 was delivered by Sc judge Jhanshyam Prasad(retd) and other Senior members.Pl comment. Thank u sir.sc

Anonymous said...

NOTIONAL PAY OF SUB/MAJ PRE 1-1-2006 HAS BEEN CONSIDERED LESS THAN PAY (LASt END SCALE OF HAV IN 6TH PC Sir, I request that In 5th PC, pension was calculated by taking into account 50% of Pay at top end of the applicable scale of the rank and group would be the pension for 33 years by giving 5 years of weightage. For example Sub/Maj of Group X . his pay at the top end of the scale is 10050/- pension under 5th PC was 5025/-. While calculating pension in 6th PC top end of the scale was ignored and initial pay of the Pay band was considered to calculate the pension for example pension of N/Sub of Group X was calculate as such 9300+4200+2000+1400=1690/2=8450/-similarly for Capt their initial Pay was taken 15600+6100+6000=27700/2=13850.In the parity of pension from initial pay was left out and went on the notional pay which is calculated as for example top end pay of Sub Maj of Group X in 5th PC is 10050X1.86=18693 rounded off and Notional pay was considered Rs 18700/-. Pension in parity= 18700+4800+2000+1400=26900/2=13450. I am sorry to inform you that the top end scale of Hav in 6thpC is 20200/- and it is a great injustifiable to Sub Maj by considering their notional pay in 6th PC less than even a Hav . It is not the case of JCO ,s but also about Capt their Notional pay is considered Rs 15600/- much more less than a Hav It is great disgrace to all of us The method of calculating notional pay is totally wrong as and when there is change pay band in 6th PC it should not be less last end of the previous scale. Therefore I request all to FIGHT FOR RIGHT - ONE RANK ONE PENSION JAI HIND by JC RANAingesses