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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Message from President Disabled War Veterans (India)

Message from Col HN Handa, President, DIWAVE :-

A few years ago, when we, representing the Disabled War Veterans, requested for certain measures both in regards Pay & Allowances and the initiating of welfare measures for such categories of personnel, to the Parliamentary Committee, we were rather surprised at MoD & Services HQ indicating to them that they were totally unaware of the number of Battle / War Casualties since no such records were maintained.

You are aware that proper statistics and data would help greatly, especially in calculating the expense to the exchequer to enable any measures getting past the MoD (Finance) and the decision making process.

With the assistance of the Adjutant General Lt Gen Mukesh Sabharwal and Lt Gen B V Nair, DG DCW, we undertook this gigantic task of obtaining and collating data of such personnel. We are thankful to all the Colonels of Regiments, Centre Commandants and Record Officers to have delved into their past records and produced the desired data. This Data, duly compiled in 4 Volumes has been handed over to the DG DCW, MD ECHS and Secretary (ESW) for future planning purposes.

However, our task does not end here. The Data of officers is not fully available especially of those serving, those voluntarily retired from service and others.

This is an appeal to all officers who are known to you or who see this mail that they should send me the data regarding themselves to diwave1@gmail.com


Anonymous said...


regarding data of battle causality and war causality, is it limited to disabilities received during war or does it also include those received during peace and/or attributed towards battle inoculation training?

Anonymous said...

The data being collected is only for
war casualties ??
Those retired with disabilities are
not included in the above data ?

S,Kanthiah said...

Dear Majo Sir,

It is good to read that efforts are being made to gather particulars regarding War injured invalided/ released officers . I feel sorry to note that psrticulars are called for from officers community only. Why not from other Ranks also sir. Even after retirement the ecoism still persists. Veterans after retirement should be considered as one community , the ESM/ Veterans. The war injured are from all the Ranks. My feelings may be taken as a right spirit and considered.

Sgt.S.Kanthiah, Chief Liaison Offcier, Exwel Trust, Tirunelvlei-Dist, Tamil Nadu.

Anonymous said...


I dont think the data is being asked only from officers .The letter is very clear stating thanks to record offices , colonel commandants etc for assissting in collecting the information. However incase of officers the info is not av.I can understand that the word regarding Air Force or Navy is not mentioned. But record office also perhaps means AFRO . I think we should not create a class even in our discussions when actually it does not exists.I am an injured fighter pilot, not a member of this association. But I am sending my data so that maximum info is av to them although there is no mention of Air Force. So irrespective of who you are the information should be forwarded in anycase.

Soldierpreneur said...

I am at Pune and come across paraplegic soldiers at PRC Kirkee.
On inquiring I was told that they have to travel by train to and fro and is a great effort for them with trains not being disabled friendly!!
Can't the Army just get free air passes for all of them?? All Netas have unlimited travel facilities but not disabled warriors!!

vikram said...

As u know our Hon able chief declared 2011-12 to be celebrated as disabled yr. AG’s br collecting data from unit concerned, I think unit will be kept data till pension out of indl. I suggest u kindly liaise with all records office/state/dist sainik board can provide such type of data. If u can advertise with local paper and paste hoarding in cantonment area. It will be best option