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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Extension in retirement age : this time it may be real !!!

Though the rumours have been flying left, right and centre since the past few months, it seems that there may be some grain of truth in the buzz this time round.

Active deliberations are in the works on extending the retirement age of central govt servants by 2 years.

If implemented, as per precedent, even the defence services would be granted the benefit of the enhanced retirement age.


Anonymous said...

Good news.
It must apply for all ..even NCOs &
In fact retirement age for all defence personnel must be brought at par with central civilian employees; To keep forces young,the defence personnel may be transferred laterally to civil departments at a certain age and continue to serve till normal age of retirement.
Any news on issue of orders bt MOD on broadbanding / rounding off disability pension in r/o pre 1-1-06 retired / superannuated defence personnel ?
Latest on Rank Pay ?
Any one ,any knowledge about the procedure to claim " Special family Pension" ?

Anonymous said...

Good. But we should get 04 yrs and reemployment be done away with.Makes difference in Pensions - You have to live with / on it for 20 yrs more at an average. Think of the extra 06 increments from 54 - 60.

Sgt.Kanthiah said...

Very good news sir. As the life span is increased, the extention is appreciated. At the same time the employment oppurtunities for our children will be reduced by Two year,for that the age limit for employment also may raised by Two years.
Thank you Sir.
Exwel Trust, Tirunelveli-Dist, Tamil nadu

rajawat said...

it seems to be a rumour only

Anonymous said...

that would be truly wonderful.
but how true is the news Maj Navdeep

Anonymous said...

it is for regulatory bodies only, not across the board. these are listed at http://india.gov.in/govt/studies/annex/8.1.1.pdf

Anonymous said...

thought provoking dear Kanthiah Sir. I fully endorse your thinking. I add it like this. At this stage personnel should automatically trnsferred to civil services at par and given the benefit of 62 years. In that our youngs those physically and mentally fit could join the armed forces and serve to reduce the burden of employment problem. Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

financial times covered it 3 days back..

Anonymous said...

If 'keeping the army young' implies having the fighting component of the army physically fit, then how does lower retirement age help? The senior lot are part of planning and do not require the physical fitness as required of young fighters.

So what is the rationale of lower retirement age in the Armed Forces?

Offrs and Men in BSF, CRPF, Assam Rifles, ITBP also require similar (actually more) physical fitness. They serve for 60 yrs.

Any answers?


There is shortage of Offrs in the Armed Forces. The re-employed offrs, Low Med Cat and superseded offrs eat into the peace/career postings of aspiring offrs.This creates discontentment and hardship in the deserving cadre.The increase in age of service is a very noble idea. Their adjustment should be done in the manner of sending them on deputations to civil/paramil side or offered a handsome package to proceed on VRS with pensionary benefits. To play with the aspirations of deserving/fit cadre is playing with their
morale/loyalty/integrity. They may accept their fate due to Army Act/Rules but is it advisable to play with the sentiments of Combatised Fit Force is a Million Dollar question. Please dont sacrice the Long term effect for short term adjustments. This is applicable to all Ranks of the Armed Forces. Jai Hind

Synapse said...

@ Col Dham, May 5, 2011 9:08 PM

“re-employed offrs, Low Med Cat and superseded offrs eat into the peace/career postings of aspiring offrs. This creates discontentment and hardship in the deserving cadre.”

The comment smacks of a diseased attitude towards “re-employed offrs, Low Med Cat and superseded offrs”. The comment portrays such offrs as inferior to those who “made it!”

Only 50% of offrs get promoted to the rank of Col. Since the first promotion board is at 15 yrs of service, and assuming that an average service span of an officer is 33 yrs – 55% of Indian Army comprises of officers who are OBCs (Officers below Col).
Career growth should not be viewed only as a promotion. Promotion translates into bigger challenges and it is this bigger challenge that is real growth in career. That is the reason a person should truly desire a promotion. It is the ‘challenges’ in our life that motivates and not the promotion – unless if you are motivated by unlawful privileges, delusions of grandeur and money!

But should the challenges come only by way of promotions? Is it not wrong to deny an officer career growth opportunities (higher challenges) just because he has not been promoted, as being the case as of now? By denying OBC officers challenging appointments Army has not only failed to meaningfully employ 55% of army officers. Senior officers with nearly 2-3 decades of experience are employed in appointments which can be easily taken care of by a JCO (appointments such as MCO, Camp Commandant, NCC etc). Will an All India Service Officer or any other Group A service utilize an officer with such an experience for similar jobs? Did these officers not have far greater challenges as company commanders with 4-5 years of service? Where is the growth? Today army has shortage of Law qualified officers, Psychologists, IT specialists, HR specialists etc. There can be many many places which officers can be utilized more meaningfully. Army can well consider training such officers in specialist fields and employ them in appointments for remaining 18 years of their service.

That would also negate your opening statement that Indian army is short of officers. I really do not think so. We have simply failed to take intelligent employment decisions.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the topic of increase in retirement age.
Having seen some comments on chat roll by some AMC officer..
I am of the view that any one in any service must NOT be compelled to continue in service and like any other citizen must be free on one's own choice.
Resignation need to be accepted without any hassles, it should be as easy as in any civil services.
It should be a very simple procedure, a notice of 3 months should be good enough.
Only restriction in national interest ,no resignations to be allowed once national emergency is declared.

corona8 said...

"....This creates discontentment and hardship in the deserving cadre...."
That is typical of a blinkered, ignorant and superficial view point quite prevalent amongst the intellectually challenged in the armed forces. A subjective, non-transparent appraisal and promotion system is hardly the appropriate yardstick for determining who is deserving or otherwise.


Dear Friend Synapse
You have got me wrong. I am myself a Low Med Cat, Superseded and affected during my 30 years of Commissioned service. I am neither a sadist, un-touchable or disgruntled and have a GREAT regards for Armed Forces brethern. The fact remains that my category of officers should be side stepped to other avenues so that the combatised Forces remain un-affected. If I am loyal to my country and true to my profession
I would neither like to be treated as trash nor would like to sit on a appointment meant for a combatised fit and more deserving candidate. This I will only relish if my interest and future is well catered for.My category of Rank and File are neither inferior or a burden. What is needed is a better employability and side stepping. I think this way because of obvious reasons. Kindly stop entertaining inferiority complex whis is a weak state of morale and self ego.I am sorry any way if I have hurt someones feelings. Jai Hind

p.vinay said...

I do not agrre with the comments of LTCol HS Dham(retd).The army is an exclusive org where u successively keep on excluding people in promotions in the civil set up every clerk retires getting the pay of an Office supdt and every IPS offr becomes at least IG it is we only who label a chap superseded deny him the use of facilities personalise vehicles for those who 'made it' by any means.I have seen Colonels and Brigadiers who can not write two paragraphs straight.If you marginalise more than 70% of your officers and keep calling them superseded then their children won't join the army.that is also why there is a shortage.we need a serious change of attitude,I am telling you see what happens after 30 years.

Anonymous said...

""There is shortage of Offrs in the Armed Forces. The re-employed offrs, Low Med Cat and superseded offrs eat into the peace/career postings of aspiring offrs.This creates discontentment and hardship in the deserving cadre.""

Excellent. So throw all of them in bay of bengal/hind mahasagar.
Then why do you attract them to join army by advertising
OR by showing army on Geographic channel or in other shows.
why do you waste the life of so many young men. JUST TO SUPERCEDE 55% of them at the age of 37 years.

To Mr navdeep only
Please show some courage and let this get published

Anonymous said...

On 16 Dec 2004 AVSingh commette report was implemented, service of all offrs and JCOs and OR was increased for 2 years,however only Regimental Commissioned Officers were left out, this discrimination should not be there, all RCOs were also performing duties assigned to them but they were not liked by few sr offrs hence their service was not increased,

Anonymous said...

If we are to have fighting (for our Nation) Armed Forces, I think old codgers (guys like me) should NOT be given an extension beyond the age of 58 years - unless we are able to run one mile in 10 minutes, do not have medication for hypertension, blood sugar problems and above all can line outside the air-conditioned offices and residences.

If we can't then we are as good as the CPOs and the IAS/IPS/IRS/IA& AS/IDES who are a drain on the Nations due to misgovernance and inability to endure physical activity (Shri K.Vijaykumar, IPS, DG of CRPF excluded)

Anonymous said...

why not have first promotion board at 13 yrs for lt col/col as earlier, those who do not make it should be given the option to quit like ssc officers. they should be offered training at premiere instts for post retirement rehabilitation. the calibre and suitability of officers for the armed forces can be fairly judged by 13 yrs.

Anonymous said...

For once Maj Navdeep jumped the gun and he faltered. See this:
However no increase in retirement age is an intelligent n good decision.

Anonymous said...

Many city pensioners’ associations awaiting a decision on extension of retirement age of central government employees were disappointed on Monday when the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) decided to keep it at 60 instead of 62. A senior member from the establishment department of the DoPT told Newsline, “It has not been discussed and we have not issued any orders or have taken any ‘in-principle decision’ on the same.’’“Though there was no official announcement, the news of the extension of retirement age was widely circulated among the departments,’’ said M Naik, associated with the central government.B J Piwal, a member of the central government employees for national confederation, said he was disappointed with no extension in the age. “Though we had no news or order from the seniors in the department, news which appeared on the Net about the extension gave us some hope. Two more years would have good,’’ he said


Anonymous said...

Any NEWS on arrears of AOCEF which supposedly was closed from March 2011 and arrears supposed to have been paid from Apr2011?

Anonymous said...

col Dham !earlier the superseded life used to start after 20 -22 years of army service and now it starts after 15 - 16 years of service. It means more years to listen the beautiful words which you have used ie eating the vac of deserving / fit offrs. when we joined the FOUZ none of us was LMC. we became LMC while serving in fd/HAA/war like actions/sports etc etc............was it my fault.perhaps you do not know how difficult it is to get even 20% disability..........JALE PAR NAMAK MAT CHHIDKO SIR........ WE ARE ALSO PART OF 55% OFFRS STR OVERLOOKED BY DEFAULT,

Soldierpreneur said...

Dear All
1. We have been venting our hearts out on the blog. Almost everyone will be labelled as superceded mebbe at Brig/Maj Gen Level or even when Lt Gens dont get a Command!! So dont fret about it.

2. I am plg to set up an exclusive company which will be manned by superceded officers only!! Don't forget all have come thru UPSC and have leadership qualities in them . So what if the Army has rubbed the sheen off somewhat but the blade is sharp underneath!!

3. I have worked for about three years on this project and is very modular. All retiring officers can join directly if they sign up for it beforehand.

4. All interested may write back to me so that together we can create a world beating enterprise!!


Col (SS) (Thats newly coined for superceded!!) G J Singh

sl said...

Any extension in the retirement age of civilian employees, as well as armed forces personnel currently in service, would have an impact on OROP related issues.

Anonymous said...

dear all,when one retires (at say 58y age)he gets his dues which becomes 'his',now if that person is to retire at age 60y....all the 'dues' remains in the govt kitty...for 2y more....who gets the interest....govt! imagine if govt were to keep such huge amounts of n number of 'would-have-been-pensioners'...the govt stands to gain...not ...rpt ...not the person retiring at 60y:...!

Lt Col Harinder said...

Dear Sir,
I am totally in favour of extension of service till 58 - 60 yrs of age. Then you stop the reemployment. This will save money to the organisation since now you are giving lumpsum to retiring officers and paying them again on reemployment. Now you are telling that a Lt Col/ Col cannot work after age of 54 yrs but the very next day he is fit to work as reemployed Officer. What a joke and agaony? In fact at 54 yrs of age the requirements of family are the maximum and you tell an officer "Thank You":....

Anonymous said...

1. But there is a news that the Govt has trashed the proposal for increasing the retirement age of central govt employees from 60 to 62.

2. The news is on around 23/24 May 2011. May be true.


It must be realised that today in most of the places the guidance and mature handling of issues/cases which is being rendered by the experienced and well meaning re-employed as well as non- empanelled offrs is infact being used by skilled in service officers to advance their career interests. I fully agree with the anonymous who said that there are number of very senior officers who have no clue how to handle legal, man-management issues, accounts, and may such subjects, but have risen to those heights due to their acuemen of being able to play golf,org personal functions at others cost for their seniors,siphon out funds meant for being devoted to a cause, and embark on such like things. These types only are responsible for others to become non-empanelled. The recent cases, that have become public, are only a drop in the ocean, every honest and well meaning member of this elite organisation will in his heart of heart agree.
So all the non-empanelled offrs by the MS, LMC persons and re-employed offrs MUST hold their head high that they never let down their organisational interests in exchange of empanellment/ plum postings/undue and unwarranted favours.


The re-employed offrs, LMC, Non empanelled offrs are and have been a back bone of this otherwise boneless, self centred, careerist group of offrs in this elite orgranisation. IT'S VERY UNFORTUNATE that their contribution has never been allowed to be recognised, by the same class.
Never underestimate your own contribution when you know that you have given your best to the organisation.

Neeraj said...

Dear Sir, whats the latest on this topic. this topic has been silent for almost a year now.

Please update.

Neeraj Mehta

Anonymous said...

Arey we as usual started fighting amongst ourselves only.true characteristics of indian army officers .enhancement of retirement age forgotton.now we will waste time in showing each other down.staff college non psc,superseded aspiring etc etc .shame on us!!

Anonymous said...

sir This not fare for defence personals. whole life they spend in defence and time of retiring age of 46 and above . in this age very difficulty to get job out side. If he willing to further service why they are not getting. Rules maker is not thinking that in this age where he will be stand, what will be future of his children. Policy should be 15 years or 60 years if they want to serve like a Air force. If individual medical fit ok not get permoted, this is also effect of policy . What are policies . Policy may be corrected total length of service 15 years or 60 years so any body will be no confused and made in mind what he want want to do.

Anonymous said...

Sir, If an individual(Army personnel) is medically fit as deemed fit for civil job, policy for re-employment after retirement age limit should be relaxed upto 50-54 years.

Unknown said...

I (a serving soldier ) and commenting it while standing on duty at 3:53 AM that serving in armed forces at Jawansl is not a childs play as it looks so there should be more flexibilty for retirement so the person who are capable for their resettlement can do something in thei early age. Compulsory extension to Jawan service will be not benificial for him as there will be not as much option as in early age.