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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monetary allowance for gallantry awardees enhanced

The Ministry of Defence has enhanced the rates of monthly allowance for gallantry awardees.

The new rates shall be applicable with effect from 30 March 2011.

Following are the enhanced monthly amounts :

PVC : Rs 10,000

AC : Rs 6,000

MVC : Rs 5,000

KC : Rs 4,500

VrC : Rs 3,500

SC : Rs 3,000

SM / NM / VM (G) : Rs 1,000

The MoD has already forwarded the letter to Services HQrs.


exweltrust said...

Dear Sir,
This is Very important and useful latet information.

Kindly accept our sincere thanks from Ex-Servicemen and social Welfare Trust, Tirunelveli-Dist, Tamil Nadu.

Chief Liaison Officer, Exwel Trust.


OH what a recognition???.If anybody hits a 50 or 100 in any cricket match he is flodded with crores of rupees, MIND YOU NOT FROM CIVS BUT FROM ALL GOVTS, STATE/CENTRAL.




Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


1. Firstly,thanks for the info. Though everyone agrees it is insufficient but nevertheless some increase it is.

2. Secondly, sorry for nit-picking, but abbreviation for Headquarters is HQ and NOT HQrs (that's rather 'IDAS-eqe':-p ).

Anonymous said...

Orders for broadbanding/rounding off disbaility pension @ 50%,75% and 100% for pre 1-1-06 superannuated / retired defence personnel are still NOT seen .
Any one any knowledge on this issue?

Anonymous said...

This is monetary allowance officially given. In addition to this various state Govts bestow benefits like land. In any case, its not for that money that any soldier lays down his life, and its not a commercial activity we do on the border. we need not compare ourselves with stupid cricketers or big fat corporate honchos.

Anonymous said...

Please note that these are monthly allowance and not a one time payment.
We need to appreciate the positive change.

Anonymous said...

Latest on rank Pay ?

Unknown said...

The Police and CPOs personnel get PPMG and PMG awards besides the Chakra Series and PPMG and PMG too get Monetary allowance. As per Order of predence the PPMG is junior to SC and PMG is junior to SM, but their monetary allowance was more tha SC and SM. I had taken up case with Army HQ for removal of this disparity. Only hope that now MHA doesnt enhance Allowances of PPMG and PMG, which I am very much certain. If that happens then it should be represented to remove the anomaly

Anonymous said...

It is high time that we should abolish the awards. Any one having enough field experience knows that awards many a times give miss to the deserving brave hearts but goes to the manipulators . Moreover the monetary effect of awards have encouraged falsification of facts. Let us take every soldier is brave given an opportunity and if someone still feels thers is the requirement of awards make it with out any monetary attachments.

Anony said...

@ Anonymous

Bingo! You are on target. These awards coupled with monetary gives birth to corruption and falsification. They are good as manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Any news regarding rectification of pensions of pre-2006 pensioners in the rank of Major and below post judgement by AFT?


Anonymous said...

You said:

'" It is high time that we should abolish the awards.....but goes to the manipulators . Let us take every soldier is brave given an opportunity...make it with out any monetary ..... ".

Strange logic and democratisation of incentive and morale boosters to make those happy who would never do soldiering ever in their lives. So throw out the tub with the Baby !!!

One should know the idea and philosophy behind such measures and not condemn awards knowing fully well that many of you would never get that opportunity.. his reflects an attitude of if not for me why for others and that it is all manipulated..

I am OK all others are not OK.. !!!

Anonymous said...

Compairing Cricketers to soldiers is not Possible, b'coz Soldier doesn't have a Face ( he is UNKNOWN SOLDIER)wheras these so called celebrities are known individual faces.

Anonymous said...

Awards with monetary benefits need to be abolished.
All citizens-employees and soldiers are duty bound to perform and give their best to the nation.
such monetary benefits are likely to breed manipulations and cause more harm to the organisation than advantages.

Anonymous said...

Rail and air travel concessions need to be extended to all ESM .
Could be simply 50% concession on all domestic travels for pensioners ESM , spouse and children ( who are entitled for family pension).

HawaHawai said...

I Agree with Satty's corner. It is definatly peanuts. But Guess we are to be blamed for this kind of ordeal falling on us as a community we are equally responsible for lowering our own standard when we stopped having cashew nuts and started preferring peanuts. instead of enjoying a good scotch whiskey opted for Rum to get drunk coz it was cheap and I remember officers asking the waiter at dinner time oye! mere breakfast walle ande ka bujia bana Ke lay aoyo.it was so pathetic and we are our selves to blame.

rsarawat said...

My father,KC, 97 yrs old, gets Rs 4500 per month. The State Govt gives him Rs 1 Lakh annually. I agree with Maj Navdeep in his views negating the revised Gallantry Awards as "peanuts".
Pl note that that his pension is free from IT.
Sadly our Begging Bowl is bottomless!

Anonymous said...

It is a good news.The Govt has done this considering today's money value.The Govt should also increase the Platinum Grant of Rs 50,000/-at least three times,considering today's money value.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep.

Is the monetary amount applicable to family pension?

Unknown said...

I was awarded SM for OP VIJAY but never received the gallantry allowance despite writing to Army HQ many a times. Have retired in 2004,any idea how to get those allowances now, thought of giving it one more shot! =Lt Col Mukhia(Retd)

sunny said...

Someone who commented about abolishing the award system seems to be a disgrunteled person. "If i get it, its OK. If i dont have it, its bad". Gallantry award is not given to manipulators. There are checks and balances right from the unit level to AHQ. Its not so easy. How many people can you lure. The award speaks of a person it self. Please dont comment on a dignity of a gallentry person

Arun said...

This monetory allowance of Rs 1000/- for VM, SM,NM gallantary. Is it to be paid monthly. I have been getting Rs 500/- pm alomng wiyth my pension.



sids said...

Sir, is there any progress as far as complimentary rail passes to the awardees of SM, VM gallantry are concerned.

Gp captain RS Mehta said...

The rates of monetary allowance attached to gallantry awards were revised by government in March 2011. Now it is 2017. Can any one tell what is the periodicity for its revision ? Is it also ten years after which it will be automatically reviewed or is it only as and when the Mod or the government feel like ? Is it laid down or left open ? If left open, services HQ must take the initiative and ask for the revision now that all other allowances of the central government employees stands revised under 7th pay commission. Some one has to take the lead. Pay commission only said that it will not intervene and the government can decide the revision at any time they wish without consultation or referring it to the pay commissions instituted every ten years.