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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clarification on seniority of released ECOs and SSCOs re-employed in the civil services

The DoPT has again brought to the notice of all cadre controlling authorities and departments that the protection of seniority of ECOs and SSCOs granted earlier was only applicable till the year 1974 and not thereafter.

It may be recalled that such officers who joined the civil services after their release from the forces were granted proper seniority by taking into account their military service, a system which was later discontinued.

The clarification can be accessed by clicking here.

A restoration of the system would be much desirable to restore the sheen of SS Commission, but in the present scheme of things, it seems unlikely.

Also, the extension of the initial term from 5 years to 10 years as per the current policy is proving to be a bane rather than a blessing for youngsters wanting to join SS since after release they have to re-start in the civil street with people 10 years their junior which is not only difficult in the age bracket of mid-30s but also demoralizing since one has to start from scratch with people fresh out of college becoming your peers when you have been an officer of a fairly senior rank in the Army after serving for 10 years.


ninihala said...

What is the rule position regarding protection of seniority for officers joining govt service after superannuation? Please somebody educate me. I am intending to join faculty of a UGC recognised state university after retirement.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is the killing instinct to extinguish entry and competetion. I presume it is a matter of time, maybe retrospectively applicable, to bar entry of PC officers for absorption into other govt departments.
I wondor what is it that we can advertise to attract Male SSCOs entry into the Armed Forces.
We need to SOS atleast now.

Anonymous said...

If a young man is joining army just by watching National Geographic serial on army then he should be ready to feel the heat once he leaves army after 10 years why should he be given any seniority protection what so ever

Anonymous said...

What about NFFU? A very good article on orop by Rear Admiral Alan O'Leary at http://exairwarriorsgroup.blogspot.com/2011/04/one-rank-one-pension-approach.html. All please read

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymusApril 27

NFFU for Defence officer can come and Govt may be willing to grant it.I suspect the road block is our rank conscious mind set.Moment we clear this road block , delink pay progression from rank upradation and put up our case the govy can not say no.Where will then need for OROP remain?

Col P B