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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Important notice on downloadable documents

As all readers are aware, there are many documents and files on the blog that are downloadable. Such documents have been placed on the blog for the benefit of regular visitors and the general service community.

It seems that www.scribd.com which is the site on which most of the documents are uploaded, has started charging for its services for each download.

Since all the documents and files uploaded by me are for free usage and distribution, I would urge readers NOT TO PAY for any document uploaded on the blog. In case any such material is required, readers may email my office (lawoffice.ns [at] gmail.com) with a request and efforts would be made to mail back the same through an attachment.

I would henceforth shift to some other website for uploading / downloading purposes. Suggestions to the effect are welcome.


Prem Sharma said...

You can register at mediafire.com free of cost and create folders there accordingly and upload your files organised into folders.

Links then can be given in your blog to individual files or even to folders. It is pretty easy and share files free there. There are plenty of other free file hosting services. Any type of files can be shared here. a single file should not be more than 200 mb, and overall is 10 GB, which is more than enough.

Prem Sharma

Anonymous said...

yes Major, i had the same experience with scrid.com.
i agree to your suggestion on switching over to other sites, who doesn't charge.


Dear Navdeep
You need not pay for the services you render to Defence Fraternity,As it is you are doing enough by cutting down your professional engagements. please devise a method that a nominal charge is levied for a Download where required and it should not pinch anybody since the info you provide is invaluable and authentic.Regards

Anonymous said...

Really touched by your efforts.

kct said...

Its really great to take so much pains for general good. May god bless you
Captain KC Tewari
Indian Navy

Col Venkatesh VT (Retd) said...

If you want you can upload documents to my server NDATigers.com or AkriTir.com for free .I can provide you password protected FTP access to a folder where you will be able to upload documents.People can then download the documents (for free) simply by typing the url in the format NDATigers.com/Downloads/Filename or AkriTir.com/Downloads/Filename

Anonymous said...

www.docstoc.com seems a good place !

Aryzul said...

The suggestion @ first step is far more suitable. uploading to others servers, you will, infact concede page ranks to them, which is not advisable for any webmaster ot host. Secondly speed to upload/download to such individual servers will be very slow.

Apart from mediafire, there are rapidshare, hotfile and host of other file sharing sites.

I have been running few sites. Though all my sites are on paid and unlimited hosting packages but I still use mediafire to host files & sharing with users. Simply becuase uploading /downloading is much quicker than uploading / downloading from individual host servers.

Finaly Wordpress is much better option than Blogger.

Aryzul said...

Oh! I forgot there is way to bypass that payment system from scrib. Whenver you want to download something, keep a some .pdg file (it may be blank file or just with one line or so) ready upload it and then you can download for that particular day.

Nextime, again upload that file and download. Thereby collect your stuff from scrib and then swich over to other free file hosting service.

I hope, this can help someone to retrieve documents from scrib to boycot it completely.

Aryzul said...

@ Anonymous

docstoc.com is exactly same modus oprendi as that of scrib. That helps no way.

Anonymous said...

I am really grateful to Navdeep for being so caring for Defence Fraternity.And so touched by so many Defence brotherswho are willing to help. It is great to be part of such a society , inspite of what the wolrd is passing through. GOD blesseveryone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Our sincere thanks for clearing maximum doubts of defence personnel.

My following doubt may please be reviewed once.

I have a small doubt about Disability pension. One of our relative expired in 1994 due to suspected AIDS while serving in Army(Sepoy) He just served less than 10 years while he expired. The widow is just getting family pension of Rs. 3500+DA as pension. Do you expect any change in her pension due to recent change of policy(Disability Pension) announced in Nov 2010.

Thanks and Regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
I have been using mediafire. It is good and hassle free. At the moment it is free, but who knows when it'd suddenly plan to go paid!
As someone suggested, a dedicated server space is always safe, as long as you have your accessibility options in place.
You may take a call. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
I have been using mediafire. It is good and hassle free. At the moment it is free, but who knows when it'd suddenly plan to go paid!
As someone suggested, a dedicated server space is always safe, as long as you have your accessibility options in place.
You may take a call. All the best.

Prem Sharma said...

Let me make it clear that file hosting sites like mediafire, hotfile & rapidshare etc do not work on the pricipal that it is free now and might become paid later.

They are already both free as well as paid. The difference is that if you are free user it will take a little while (few seconds depending upon size of the file)for download to start (because 1-2 ads will run in the background) and also download speed i.e. bandwidth will be little bit throttled for free users. But even their throttled speed is faster than any other servers in the world.

The paid users, however will be allowed extra like scheduling, download managers, resuming options etc and ofcourse full bandwidth.

Therefore, there is no danger of these going paid in future because they are already combination of paid & free membership.

Idea of indivisual server is insignificant because blog itself is hosted on free google blogger.

sl said...

Google Docs could be considered. The documents intended to be shared could be uploaded under the 'share with link' option, care being taken these are not added to a 'collection' on google docs, in which case the sharing preference setting changes to that of the collection and a log in may be required.

Indian Military said...

Hello sir,
You are welcome to host the documents/articles for free on our site at http://www.indian-military.org

Please contact me using the contact us form on the site for any details.
Indian Military

sl said...

Its very generous of other websites to make an offer. A platform such as Google docs has the additional advantage as it is offered by the same service provider which provides the Blogger service, so Maj Navdeep really has plenty of options.

Prem Sharma said...

google doc is not an option, I believe as it is something similar to scribe and only doc can be shared. Moreover you will come accross lot of bloat on the way.

Other file hosting will have option to share sevarl type of files and more so, files can copressed using winrar and can also be password protected if need be.

Even I can offer hosting space on my server to the tune of 50 GB for Maj Navdeep but no webmaster would like to host on someone's server.

You have plenty of options to consider ....

sl said...

@Prem Sharma
"....you will come accross lot of bloat on the way...."
You believe erroneously.
What is this bloat being hypothesised? And which on the way? :-)
Any one who has used Google Docs would have a more rational and informed view on the matter.
As the documents can be shared only with a link, where's the need to have a compressed and encrypted file?
Anyhow, its for Maj Navdeep to decide. He requires the service to meet his requirements. Others can offer suggestions and opinions for what they are worth.

Prem Sharma said...

@ sunlit

What if he wants to share anything other than doc??

I have used and exhausted both scrib and google doc with host of others before switching over to rapidshare,hotfile,mediafire,depositefile etc.

It was only a suggestion to Maj Navdeep and let him take the call. I am no way suggesting that you stop using docs. In any case I hope we don't make it as marketing stint in support of either.

My contention is that I have graduated to these file hostings through scrib and the likes of docs. Everyone knows these file hosting like RS, HT, DF etc are mecca of sharing & downloading. Individuals having reached to the extent of using these services free are presumed to be have graduated in working of cyberspace. This is for knowledge and not to influence Maj Navdeep in taking decision.

corona8 said...

@Prem Sharma: I have tried Google Docs as well. One can share anything, spreadsheets, pictures, pdf's, docs, you name it. What else is required to be shared?