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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

US Army overhauls its PT system

In a marked departure from the traditional PT system, the US Army is on the verge of introducing the ACRT – The Army Combat Readiness Test, with Yoga too reportedly on the table.

More details (and comments thereon) can be seen by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

It is necessary to keep pace with changing time.
There are many provisions in our army/airforce/naval regulations ,that need review.
One such provision is punishment for
" stealing affection of brother officer's wife"
News regarding punishment under this clause keep appearing every now and then.
It is human nature to get into such relationships for numerous reasons.
Should such provisions at all exist .
No relations get established without mutual consent and any relations between two matured people with mutual consent should not be punishable.
And when two adult individuals are affected ,should punishment be given only to one person ?

Harry said...

@ Anonymous above


You make an interesting point?

Rajax said...

Thou shalt not covet ...
Sixth Commandment. The best of the lot which has stood the test of 2800 + years and was a founding principle for civilisation in West Asia and Europe. Should it be changed because Mr Anonymous feels so? Maybe Mr Anonymous should be out of service in the civvie street and ask the Govt to change its rules so that he can subvert time tested laws which give stability to any society. Ever heard about divorce, Mr Nony. The female should divorce her husband and marry the next chap if she is so "matured". It is also Human Nature to kill, steal, cheat, lie etc and that is why we have laws. BTW, early man had a wolfpack mentality in which only the Alpha Male procreated (human nature!). Would you like it? Laws are to stabilise society. Abide by them or ...fail.

Anonymous said...


Aapke mizaj thode aaashiqana lagte hain. But keep your general within your pants, because stealing the affections of a brother officers wife is an act prejudicial to military discipline, and will lead to discord.

If you are not satisfied with your current situation, there are many ladies outside of the military brotherhood for you to exercise your dubious talents upon.

Anonymous said...

Refer original_harry on chatroll on 10 March 11 at 7:59am
Thanks for generating hope.
No one seems to be interested in the DA increase for central employees ..no leader has raked up the point of DA..
The declaration of increase in DA is unduly delayed this time..though the news on soaring prices of essential commodities have been appearing in newspapers/channels regularly.

Anonymous said...

Refer point raised by anonymous on 10 March 11 at 4:44PM
The point is quite valid.
The present stipulations are gender biased.How come ,No
regulations against " stealing the affection of a sister officer's husband"
Any person ( male or female) found to have developesd such relationship,should be punished.
Those who are not subject to Army Act; should be punished by debarring them from living in cantts, medical, LTC,Canteen facilities etc.
One more provision needing review is of married accn at 25+ while marriage age for boys is 21 and for girls is 18 ?