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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another clarification on LTC-80 fares

Though I had placed this on the chat-box, many people seemed to have missed it.

The Finance Ministry has issued another clarification on the LTC-80 fares which can be accessed by clicking here.

It has been clarified that one can claim reimbursement of air fare on Air India even if it happens to be lower than LTC-80. Some departments had been objecting to reimbursement of AI fares which were lower than the ones notified under AI's LTC-80 scheme.


Kaps said...

Actually the main glitch has been removed. It is funny that this glitch is even there. Let me explain. While flying from place A to B the national Carrier has stopped issuing tickets mentioning LTC80. The nomenclature used depends upon the route flown. It could be LTC Q/M or whatever the route.

To overcome this, MoF came out with reimbursement on 'fare basis' nomenclature which could be XGEIP or XGEIS (I could be wrong for exact nomenclature here).

This was fine as the 'fare basis' fare was pretty close to the min refundable fare. Problem is, National Carrier has a mind of its own and when booking from internet, selecting fare basis is not possible. You have to be happy with what you get.

It actually has a very simple solution that for CG employees the min refundable fare can be admissible. Why give it different nomenclatures and then complicate the issue. babugiri at work, wonder why MoF can't talk to MoCA and iron out this glitch.

Rajax said...

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
Albert Einstein

Govt Departmental Stupidity > Human Stupidity

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why the government employees are being made scapegod for Indian Airlines. Have anyone seen the luxourious facilities govt airline staff is getting. why they can not compete with private airlines.

Indian airline/airindia must learn to manage at their own and should involve govt servant into it.

Rajax said...

Anonymous @ 7:45 PM on Mar 13,
Believe me, there are a lot of reasons why Govt is required to have a stake in airlines. Also believe me when I say that the guys who run the Govt are not fools as we seemingly tend to believe (there are always some fools in all deptts). If you allow only pvt players, they will take you for a ride (literally). Also, consequentially govt will have to privatise Airports (Prime Land Scams anyone?)as a precursor to privatisation of Railways, Ports and Roads. Railways are pvt in USA and so expensive, people travel by cars (lower petrol prices help). Numerous reasons, all of which cannot be discussed. And believe me, common man is not being made a scapegoat. Had it been so, you would not have been allowed to travel by Air. And the Taxpayer would have to bailout the Airlines anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think govt should just mention the amount by which it should restrict the claim, Also one can travel by any airline he/she wants to travel. There are so many cases where LTC 80 is higher than the airlines other than Indian but govt insists that one must travel by indian airlines. By doing this actually state is in a loss by paying more to Indian airlines

Col AD, SM said...

do we really need a national carrier?

Anonymous said...

dear Rajax
I am fully in agreement with you. My point is that govt employee should be allowed to travel in any airline and Air India/Indian Airline should compete with pvt airlines.

neeraj said...

The current rates offered by Air India booking office for tickets Delhi to Srinagar are Rs 6500 to 9500,no separate LTC 80 tickets are being offered. On being asked about reimbursement the Air India srinagar office is giving a cert stating the above rates as LTC 80 rates. CDA however only reimburses Rs 4075 on the basis of jan 2009 NACIL rates letter posted on their web site. Kindly advise as to what can be done to get full reimbursement from CDA.

Anonymous said...

dear navdeep,

i am posted at srinagar, and would like to avail LTC from srinagar to port blair in nov/dec 2011. my home town is banglore. kindly guide me on this.

Anonymous said...

hi.......... can u buy ltc 80 tickets online..

subhendu said...

Sir, as per the OM dated 4 Mar 2011, it was clarified that reimbursement of air fare lower than LTC 80 air fare of Air India will also be admissible for journeys performed by Air India under LTC. Please clarify if the Air India ticket purchased on line which is lower than LTC 80 is also reimbursable from CDA.

Anonymous said...

Yes... but u should have booked it from the official website of Air India, M/S Balmen Laurie, M/S Ashok TT

Anonymous said...

This is for the information for all those who are not aware.

Online booking of LTC 80 tickets is now available from Balmer Lawrie website (http://www.balmerlawrietravel.com/Blibe).

Anonymous said...

Having purchased Air India Tkts online from Yatra.com, CDA has rejected that these are not from auth agents.
Point noted for future, but how to get the earlier claims passed ?
Incidentally, the airfare was lower then LTC 80 fares.

Raj Shekhar said...

For booking LTC 80 fare in india, You can visit to www.balmerlawrietravel.com site. It is the authorized site by Govt PSU Balmer Lawrie Tour & Travel.

Bye R
aj Shekhar

surjeet said...

can someone enlighten me
whether we can claim the travelling expense while travelling using own car during AL/CL, if yes what is the rate admissible and procedure.