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Monday, March 28, 2011

Detailed implementation instructions issued for revised casualty / disability / war-injury awards for pre-2006 retirees based on post-2006 scales

This has reference to the Govt of India letter referred in this post dated 24 February 2011.

The PCDA(P) has now issued detailed instructions for the implementation of the revised awards. The said circular has already been mailed to all concerned including banks.

The circular can be downloaded and accessed by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for providing the information. It is really great that you are doing such a great service to the ESM. We are sure to get the arrearrs soon .
Once again thanks


Thank you very much for the information. Very encouraging.
We should pursue our remaining Goals
without blame game. Slow and steady wins the race. Had our Senior officers woken up earlier this state of affairs would not have been there.
The credit now goes to the NGOs like you and other welfare organisations and the veterans who have participated. God bless also those who have contributed SFA. Jai Hind

s.kanthiah said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the information-release of the circular 456 by CDA. this will clear lot of doubts in the air.
With lot of praise,for you Sir.

Exwle Trust, Tirunelveli-Dist, Tamil Nadu.

BV Rao said...

ISSUES INVOLVED - Arrears Calculation

I. Broad -banding of %age of disability . This already exists for all the Invalided Veterans since 01 - 07 - 09. This must have already been implemented and arrears have been paid to relevant cases. For superannuated cases, this has not yet been sanctioned.

II. There is no revision of policy on service element of pension in terms of fixed percentage of reckonable emoluments and length of service since what was initially sanctioned. Even the latest revision for ORs & JCOs (vide MOD letter dated 08 Mar 10 / PCDA circular No. 430 ) is effective since 01 - 07 - 09 and must have already implemented & arrears paid.

III. War Injury Element has been fixed at Rs 7020/-, 8600/- & 11760/- for ORs, JCOs and Officers respectively.This has now been made %age of reckonable emoluments being 100% for Invalided cases & 60% for superannuated cases. Also Disability Element of pension has been made 30% of reckonable emoluments. These rates are 100% disability & proportionately less for others. These have now been sanctioned retrospectively with effect from 01 Jan 06. However , there has been a cap on the total war injury pension OR disability pension to be equal to reckonable emoluments till 30 Jun 09. Therefore, arrears are due on this account along with applicable DRs for diffirent periods.

Note: There are certain cases like Invalided pensioners with more than 60% disability whose total pension is protected to be not less than 60% of emoluments and also those whose fixed disability element of pension had been more advantageous - such cases will not be benefited by the latest order.

Simple steps / tips to calculate arrears (subject to minor errors due to rounding off ) since 01 Jan 06 to 31 Dec 10.

From the above, I infer that all the effected personnel would be able to calculate the exact monthly arrears due during the 2 periods before & after 01 Jul 09.

If 'A' is the additional monthly pension for the period 01 Jan 06 to 30 Jun 09 and 'B' is that for 01 Jul 09 to 31 Dec10, the total arrears would be :-

46.02 X 'A' + 24.42 X 'B'

Anonymous said...

we are all disappointed.defence ministry should remember one thing you are giving disability pension revised benefits to only officers.they are very few in numbers.it will badly affected in upcomong electin and we will support only those who are infavourof OROP.

Lt Col(Retd) AN Ramachandran said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
One can not be more fast or quick on the draw.You have posted the copy of the govt ordes in real quick time.Thank you multiplied by factor 'n'.
Lt Col (Retd) AN Ramachandran.

Anonymous said...

There is a need to compensate the families of disabled soldiers .
Any disability is likely to shorten the life of the disabled soldier; hence their families do suffer; such families do not get any pension on account of disability of the soldiers.
I think,families should also be given some compensation for the disability of their spouse soldiers.
It could be at least 50% of the disability pension of their spouse in addition to normal family pension .

Penmil said...

@BV Rao,March 28, 2011 11:39 PM,
Sir, Thanks for summarizing the pending isuues on Service Element and Disability Element components of Retiring Pension.
You wrote:-
I. Broad -banding of %age of disability:For superannuated cases, this has not yet been sanctioned.
II.There is no revision of policy on service element of pension in terms of fixed percentage of reckonable emoluments and length of service, for officers.
III. War Injury Element. and Disability Element.Fixed on %age basis for all,including invalided and superannuated pensioners, with a cap on total War Injured and Disability Pension.

But what about War Injured and Disabled Pensioners who had sought Voluntary and/or Premature Retirements?
Do they( both cases), get,
(a) Broad Banding of Injury/Disability on %age basis? (b)War Injury /Disability Element at 100% and 30% respectively?

Anonymous said...

Though not connected with casualty awards;yet some points that could draw attention of concerned authorities-
1. Enhanced rate of family pension -
(a) rate should be at par with
last pension drawn by the
deceased soldier and include
all elements like disability.
(b) should be related with the
age of family pensioner.
2. All family pensions should be
free of income tax

Penmil said...

@ B.V.Rao,March 28, 2011 11:39 PM
Dear Sir,
Thanks for summarizing everything on his subject.
With the implementaion of the SC Judgement, what Maj.Navdeep has posted on 01 Apr 2011, the arrears may have to be calculated with effect from 01/01/1996 and not 01/07/2009.
Am I right? Will be grateful for a clarification.
Also a point that is still not very clear is the applicability or not, of the the Broad Banding and %age Basis of Disability Element for Disaled Officers who had sought and obtained pre mature retirement.
Can you please clarify if the PMR Officers are also granted the above two benefits, with effect from 01/01/1996?

Anonymous said...

Inspite of PCDA(P) circular No.456 having been issued on 18 March 11;
to my knowledge no one has been actually paid so far by the PDAs.
Any one who got the payment ?
My PDA is SBI; who are yet to release the payment.

sameer said...

Dear Sir, I am a battle casualty and got invalided from service in 2005. Can you please throw some light on how to approach the PDA regarding the above circular. When I went to the PDA (in my case its PNB Bank), the officer there could make no sense despite me trying to make him understand the circular. I had taken the copy of the circular along with the referred MOD letter and other supported documents. Is there any authority to whom I can write/meet so that it can sort the matter.

Capt Sameer (retd.)

Anonymous said...

For families of deceased pre 1-1-06 retired disability pensioners (ESM); there is a provision of " Special Family Pension" @ 60% of minimum pay in pay band+ MSP+ GP...which is double of Ordinary family Pension...However the death of disability pensioner should have been caused / agravated by the disability for which disability pension was granted and subject to approval by service HQ.
It appears that the widow has to get post- mortem done on the body of the deceased ESM or medical board has to be got done in nearest MH to establish the cause / aggravation of death and then the widow has to apply to service HQ for SFP.
It sounds to be a procedure full of hassles , subjectivity and time consuming.
If some one is in full knowledge of correct procedure for claiming SFP, I request for sharing the knowledge on this blog for the benefit of disabilty pensioners.
Also , I suggest , that SFP terms and conditions be made absolutely simple and hassle free to automatically grant SFP to all widows on demise of disability pensioners ; as any disability is bound to definitely affect the life span ,may be as a result of physical disability directly or due to mental worries due to the disability to some extent.
Lt Col A K Jain (Retd)