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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Q & A (12)

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My sister is in receipt of special family pension on account of the death of her husband. Now unfortunately her unmarried son has also died but she is being refused special family pension by the Records Office on account of the death of her son on the pretext that Regulation 222 (a) of the Pension Regulations allows only one pension to a person. Is this correct ? (Ex-Havladar Raj Nath)

This is absolutely a wrong interpretation of Regulation 222 by the Records. The said Regulation prohibits two family pensions in respect of the same person. Meaning thereby that if an ex-serviceman had two spells of service and was earning two service pensions, then on his death, his widow shall only be entitled to one family pension as per her choice since only one family pension can be claimed for one person. However, there is no bar on grant of two family pensions to the same claimant in respect of two separate casualties and this has been clarified time and again by the govt also. It is learnt that despite this fact having been clarified, some officials at the PCDA(P) and also some Record Offices are creating confusion on the issue which is not in the right spirit.

The special family pension, till the 5th CPC, was based on 60% of emoluments or 60% of minimum of scale for pre-5th CPC retirees. However no such orders have been issued after the 6th CPC and widows have only been grnated revised pension based on the normal revision / fitment formula of "old special pension X 2.26" subject to a minimum of Rs 7000 per month. Why this discrimination after the 6th CPC ? (Mrs Anu Singh)

The Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare is already working on a revised pension protection formula for such cases and the same would be endorsed to the MoD for implementation once the master OM is issued by the DoP&PW.

I am a doctor in the central govt and have been placed in PB-4 with GP of Rs 10,000 under the Dynamic Assured Progression Scheme (DACP) but my department is refusing to provide me my entitlements in accordance with GP of Rs 10,000. Is there no change in status under DACP ? (Dr Anil Shrivastava)

All facilities and entitlements of a higher GP are supposed to be extended under the DACP. Your department is wrong in not extending the same to you. In fact there was a controversy in the Railways on the grant of Silver Card to doctors granted a higher GP under DACP and it was ordained that the said card has to be issued on promotion to a higher GP under the DACP. On the other hand, upgradation to a higher GP under the Non-Functional Financial Upgradation (NFFU) scheme, or under Modified ACP (MACP) does not result in higher status, facilities or entitlements.

What is the status of Assistant Engineers (AEs) who are Group-B officers ? They claim that they are placed in between Subedar Majors and Lieutenants. (Ex-Sub Maj Jai Narayan)

AEs are actually equivalent to Subedars. Even in pay, they enjoy the same scale and Grade Pay as Subedars. In the MES however, they (AEs) are posted as AGEs too which is a post which can also be held by a Group-A officer of the rank of Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE). Similarly, even JCOs were, till some years back, posted as AGEs.

A course-mate of mine was killed in a fratricide incident a few years ago in an operational area but his death has been classified as a physical casualty. What is the actual rule position ? (ABC)

It is definitely a Battle Casualty in accordance with Para 1(r) of Appendix A of Army Order 01 of 2003. His family should take up a case with the MP directorate for rectification of the error.


Anonymous said...


An AFMCite wins javelin medal after watching youtube videos!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

DACP for docs remember dear navdeep my comment dt dec 24 2008 ,08:09AM. i had asked why you are advocating only acp for the fauji docs. unfortunately the amc docs have been denied both acp/dacp till date. one wonders if it will ever be given to them. any way congrats to docs of other depts. any comment/update on dacp for the amc chaps mr navdeep.(old doc)

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeepji, any update on the delay in implementation of DACP for Armed Forces Doctors?

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep.
Any orders for improvement on-
1. Disability pension for pre 1-1-06 retirees.
2. Pay for reemployed officers (pre 1-1-06 retirees)...
Many of us will wonder how it is possible,but it is true.Reemployed officers ( pre and post 1-1-06 retirees) are placed at different basic pay for reemployment boyond 1-1-06. This peculiar situation is only for officers retired before 1-1-06.

Anonymous said...

DACP for Doctors latest:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Dynamic ACP Scheme for the officers of the Indian Railway Medical Service


RBE No.96 /2010
New Delhi, dated 7.7.2010

The General Manager/OSDs/CAO(R)
All Indian Railways & PUs
(Sub:- Dynamic ACP Scheme for the officers of the Indian Railway Medical Service
With reference to Board’s letter of even number dated 7.1.2009 on the above subject, and pursuant to several references received from IRMS officers seeking clarification regarding the admissibility of benefits associated with the higher grade allotted to them under the DACP Scheme, such as issue of Silver Pass, etc.,the matter has been examined and it is clarified that since an upgradation earned by the IRMS officers under the Dynamic ACP Scheme has all the attributes of a regular promotion, all benefits (including Silver Pass) which are available to IRMS officers on regular promotion, may also be allowed to them on grant of higher Grade Pay earned under the DACP Scheme.
2.This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
Dy. Director/ Pay Commission-V
Railway Board

All adm Job said...

Respected Major Navdeep,

Good Morning,

Can you clarify that 5th CPC of Punjab State also covers the teachers and other staff of punjab govt. added schools too or not including pre 2006 pensioners of Punjab govt. added schools.

In case no, any other orders are issued by the Govt of punjab or not.

I shal be higly thankful in case you calrify.


Rajeev Behal

All adm Job said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

Can you or nay body clarify that in case a lady is getting family pension and also another pension for self, is she entitled for DA on both the pensions or on only one.


Rajeev behal
93571 72728