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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ex-Gratia awards to Central Govt employees : Cap removed

There was a stipulation in the Govt of India policy relating to ex-gratia awards for central government employees that when apart from ex-gratia, relief was provided from other sources such as PM’s Relief Funds to families of deceased personnel, then the total compensation paid from all different sources could not exceed Rs 20 lacs. This amount was Rs 10 lacs during the 5th CPC.

Now this prohibitory stipulation has been removed by the Govt of India vide an OM issued yesterday and there would be no cap on the amount of relief with effect from 01 January 2006.

A welcome step indeed in wake of tough current circumstances in which our forces, including CPOs, are functioning.


ABC said...

Hi Navdeep how does Govt cont the IT evaders via relief channel. Is Gratia receivable taxable?

Dev said...

Dear Maj Navdeep & all brother officers,

Dear sir,

Vide Ministry of Defence Letter Number 17(4)-2008(2)/D (pen/policy) dated 30 Oct 2009 (this letter is not availble on any PCDA/Defence Ministry web sight as it was a quite order) PCDAs Pension were asked to recover supposedly over paid Gratuity amount to defence forces officers and jawans in light of the Govt decision to allow all post Jan 2006 retirees to get full pension on completion of 20 yers of service (previously these orders were only applicable to the post Sep2008 Retirees) but took away the Rank weightage along with these orders ,there by rendering many oFFicers and Jcos liable to a lesser amount of Gratuity amount.As these orders were issued in restroeffect and many cases had already been settled, PCDAs moved into top gear and issued enmass Corrigandum PPOs and directed the Banks to recover these so called over paid amount immediately.I suppose these orders were issued in a hurry and damage was done.Now Ministry of Personnel and Pensioner welfare vide their letter no 38/37 (pw&A) dated 10 Dec 2009 Vide para $ of this letter has passed direction to All PCDAs that "NO RECOVERY ON ACCOUNT OF GRATUITY IN ALREADY SETTELE CASES WILL BE AFFECTED".Those who are aware of this letyter have sent individual reprensentations to their PCDAs to pay back the recovered amount with interest (me included) but many of us are not aware of these development and hence have forgotton our hard earned money.PCDA Alahbad says that the orders issued by the Ministry of Personnel are the orders for civilian employes only and that Min of Defence has not issued any such order HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN KINDLY BY ME as all these orders are applicable to the employees of Min of Defence also (though Min of Defence takes months to reproduce these orders)

Please Educate the environment and get this hard earned money paid back to the affected EX-Serviceman on priority.

Dev said...

I have already sent a mail to Min of personnel which has been marked for Min of defence,dept of ex servicemen welfare on 09 july 2010.Also a mail has been directly sent to Ministry of Defence,Dept of exservicemen welfare on the same date.

Raxas said...

@ Dev
It was really sad to read your post. On one hand the Govt removes restrictions on the Ex-Gratia payment for civilians and on the other hand, it romps on the priviledges of ex-servicemen. Made for some depressing reading. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
I think it was actually only the Defence Personnel who should have got Grade Pay wef 01 Jan 2006 since it was in lieu of Rank Pay. How did someone manage to stop our Rank Pay wef 01 Jan 06, and not pay us Military Service Pay also till Sep 08? The argument given was that Military service Pay being a new pay was not admissable. If MSP was a new pay, so was Grade Pay for Civilians. Hence Grade Pay for Civilians should also have been paid wef 01 Sep 08.
On the other hand, since Grade Pay was in lieu of Rank Pay of Service personnel only service personnel should havbe got Grade Pay from 01 Jan 2006 to 01 Sep 09. BTW, what is a silent order. Can any idiot at PCDA raise a silent order.
I am being an "Indian Crab" but so be it.

Raxas said...

Navdeep, I think you should do a "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" article. On one hand, if any fool dies in an accident, the Govt provides 5 Lac-10 Lac in compensation. On the other hand, Service Personnel get only their own insurance for going in harm's way. BTW, what is the ex-gratia payment if an Air Force pilot dies in a aircrash, what compensation does he get from Govt for flying the deathtraps that Govt provides (lowest bidder-maintained / manufactured by HAL)? 24 years in service and I never cared. Now I do, since it seems that if we don't wake up, no one will help.