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Saturday, July 10, 2010

6th CPC anomalies : Story not yet over

The Govt of India had set up a National Anomaly Committee to look into and iron out various anomalies arising out of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

Keeping in view the fact that many anomalies have not been settled to the satisfaction of central govt employees and pensioners, the govt has extended the term of the NAC till 31st of March 2011.

The committee would hence continue examining anomalies of the 6th CPC till the said date.

The letter issued by the Govt in this regard can be accessed by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

dear sir,

what is the mandate for such committee, any list of issues being looked into, please elaborate ?

Anonymous said...

All details regarding Civilian Govt Employees and day to day policy decisions/important letters issued by govt. could be seen at website www.90paisa.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

This includes various issues being considered by the Anomalies Committee

SINGHAL said...

This committee has been set up to resolve anomalies arising out of implementation of the 6th CPC. It has reps of official side and staff side. On official side, there is a rep of MOD (fin). However, on the staff side, there is no rep from the 3 services. I wonder how are our interests looked after. Or, is this committee mandated to look into civil side anomalies only. If that be the case, there must be some mechanism for armed forces, but it is not well known. Can someone throw some light on this.

Anonymous said...

The VIth CPC recommendation says about the modified parity: The minimum pension of pre 2006 retires should be 50% of the basic pay+grade pay+ MSP. of the rank in which an individual retired. The recommendation never say anything about linking this amount to 33 years.

Unforutnatily our Babus while issueing the implementaion order, has linked this amount arrived to 33 years of service. a wonderfull calucluation even CPC chairman also never thought off. For eg. if a NK subaidar reitires after 15 years of service on 01 JAN 2006 Jan will get basic pension of Rs 7750. (9300+4200+2000=15500. so 50% is 7750)where as if NK Subidar reiters on 31 Dec 2005 will get only 4900 as his basic pension as per the modified parity issued by goverment in implemention order. (ie 7750x(15=5)/33-4696).

If government could have implemented the CPC recommendation the NK Subder should have got Rs 7750 as his basic pension. This even should have been more or less a OROP.

This recomendation has been made by the CPC while rejecting the demand of OROP only. It is inthe same para of the cpc recommndationl. Some body has to go to the court for removing this misinerpertation by baboos. If the linking to 33 years has been removed, even a NKSUBDR retired in 1960 also will get Rs 7750 as his basic pension. It is more or less an OROP.

I request the IESM/IESL and all government employees to bring this to the notice of government and the courts of India.

Jai Hind

ninihala said...

An anomaly has arisen on account of Outfit Allce. Earlier, it was admissible @ Rs 6000/- every 7 years, starting from date of commission. On implementation of 6th CPC, it has been made Rs 3000/- every 3 years. That this amount is paltry for officers' who are required to maintain large number of dresses, e.g OG uniforms, Blue Patrol, White Patrol, Service Dress Winter, PT Kit, Combat Dress (pattern changing often), is besides the point.
6th CPC has been made applicable from 01 Sep 08. Offrs who had last claimed Outfit Allce in say Jun 2004, were otherwise entitled to draw this allce in Jun 2011. Since 6th CPC became applicable on 01 Sep 08, and revised allce being Rs 3000/- every 3 years, they are entitled to draw Rs 3000/- on expiry of 3 years from date of last drawal, in this case Jun 2007 and then in Jun 2010. However, PCDA(O) has misinterpreted this provision as first drawal on 01 Sep 08 and then once every 3 years. This misinterpretation has resulted in offrs being allowed this allce after more than 4 years of last drawal. This was not the intent or content of the Govt when it accepted 6th CPC recommendations. It seems PCDA(O) is treating this allce as a new allce whereas it is merely restructuring of an existing allce.
I feel this is a case fit for attention of the Anomalies Committee. Can somebody, maybe the moderator, throw light on how cases are to be brought upto this committee?

BV Rao said...

The outfit allowance is paid for the future period; The next instalment becomes due only on completion of this period.

Anonymous said...

all allowances have doubled except outfit allowance that is because ias does not get this allowance

Anonymous said...

Maj Nabdeep this a genuine issue, if CDAO is actually returning Outfit allces claims like this, although frankly speaking I am not aware of this as of now.However, if its true then its really really difficult for a service officer to raise this issue thru higher channels for sauch a paltry sum, but as a matter of issue it exist. Can you suggest a remedial measure Maj Navdeep?

Unknown said...

Scheme of dynamic Assured Career Progression(DACP)is recommende to extended to all doctors of central govt. on completion of 20 years of service.All doctors under this scheme given Gp of Rs 10000/(SAG)scale in central govt like doctors in CHS,Railways,GREF,and paramilitary forces. But same is not extended to doctors in armed forces.Con any Ministry/Deptt.overrule grant of financial benefit given by 6th CPC and accepted by the Govt.Pl give your comments on this issue and if not given what is option available with the employees?

Anonymous said...

DACP 4 AMC-Reply to kailash Chandra......"There is no reason why DACP for AMC/ADC should not be implemented on a non-functional basis (pay progression without rank progression) in the AMC/ADC too since the DACP Govt of India letter in Para1 and Para 3 clearly states that it shall be extended to all Medical and Dental Doctors under the Central Govt not just in organised services but also including isolated posts "(http://www.indianmilitary.info/2008/12/while-some-wait-doctors-can-rejoice.HTML)..."
PLEASE MAJ NAVDEEP's ARTICLE IN DEC 2008 regarding this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous AUG 02 : We have read what Maj Navdeep has written long back , but nothing has been implimented so far and by the way why RVC is not been included . Hope they too get DACP along with other doctors.