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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Punjab announces slew of benefits to faujis

The Finance Minister of Punjab, the London educated Bar-at-Law, Doon School & St Stephan’s alumnus Manpreet Singh Badal, has magnanimously announced many benefits for the defence community in Punjab.

The annuity and award amounts have been increased by 40% across the board.

Every Punjabi getting through any military academy would be granted a cash award of Rs One lac.

Rs One crore has been announced for setting up an academy to provide training to Punjabi youth both for the UPSC written part and the SSB.

Rs Two crores have been allotted to the defence services welfare department for upgradation of Sainik rest houses.

A popular and proactive officer of the Sikh Regiment, Brig I S (Injo) Gakhal heads the defence welfare establishment in Punjab


BC said...

Other people and States should take an example from this. This is called the true sprit and actual pat Patriotism.

Anonymous said...

Ive read previously an interview by PVC Sub Bana Singh, saying that though he is a native of Jammu and Kashmir, he has received nothing from the state government for his achievement. Not even so much as a thank you. But on the other hand, the Punjab government has offered him several acres of land, and large cash awards to change his domicile to Punjab. Still, he is a son of the soil, and has not changed. But that is his nature.

Kaps said...

Punjab has always been a great contributor to the AF. These measures show how Govt can make it lucrative for the youth.

doc_atlarge said...

One exercise in Punjab...one realizes the true and big hearts of these men and women. When will the rest of the country ever learn.

Anil bali said...

Really credible, for Panjab state Govt.I hope others take lesson. We have only lip service by politicians. remembered only during terrorits attacks/wars/insurgency.really sad exservicemen had to returns their medals for asking their rights. SHAME FOR CENTRAL GOVT.come on Indians, show little respect for soldiers.

Gurkirat Singh Dhillon said...


The announcement of 5lakh in lieu

of plot for widows of martyrs is

not reflective of the true picture.

This does not include pre 1999

battle casualty cases .

And this benefit is as it is

available to post 01Jan 1999 cases.

So the 4cr announcement is only a

budget allocation for an existing

benefit and will not bring any new

cases within the ambit of the

existing policy .

That is the point of contention !!!

Ramani said...

Kudos to the Punjab govt.
I wish I was a Punjabi?
Other states should also announce some similar token awards.

Vasundhra said...

@Navdeep I vaguely recollect that a couple of days ago Sh. Badal CM of Punjab had announced that any decorated soldier irrespective of his Domicile Status if his services are not recognised by his home state Punjab Government will honour him and compensate him.Can this be verified please? Thanks

Harry said...

@ All

1. Kudos to Punjab Govt ! Others may kindly note. Stuffing 1000-rupee notes and garlanding deplorable netas to earn notoriety is certainly NOT the best use of state funds!

2. Rank Pay Issue : Pls read this economictimes news item here:-

Harry said...

@ All

In my humble opinion, case for refixation of pay post 5th and 6th pay commission will have to be taken up separately (but that will just be a formality as the basis of pay fixation was incorrect so pay, consequent to 5th and 6th PC , would need to be revised upwards) as the present SC judgement deals with only 4th PC anamoly.

Also Grade Pay anamoly would need separate case to be taken up. So folks its a fair distance away but seemingly there is, after all, a light at the end of very dark and very looong tunnel! Plenty of patience required!

Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal said...

Dear Veterans, It is, in fact, an examplary gesture by the Punjab Govt. to award Rs. One Lac to every Punjabi getting through any military academy. Let the Hon,ble Finance Minister, S. Manpreet Singh Badal make a 'Shubh Mahurat' (an initial start) by awarding the Punjabi Gentlemen Cadets passing out of IMA in the month of June,2010.
I,on behalf of Ex Soldiers , Sailors and Airmen Association (Regd.), announce that our organization will honour the parents of all those Punjabi cadets in Patiala Hq.and pursuade the other State Units of this pioneer organization of veterans to follow suit and honour the parents of the cadets of their state.This will go a long way to attract the youth to Armed Forces.
Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.
President,Ex Soldiers,Sailors and Airmen Association (Regd.)
Mob. 098554-09128,Tele-fax 0175-5000896

Anonymous said...

@Harry: "Bonanza" is the media code word for "Crumbs" these days.

Anytime anyone gets the scraps instead of his actual dues, it is called a "Bonanza".

The media is useless.

Pramod said...

@ Chhatwal sir,

The decision to honour the Parents is something which we usually dont think of.. though it is them who are actually making the biggest sacrifice...

I really envy not being born in Punjab.

Anonymous said...

He is a CM of punjub instead of doing all this political gimmicks he should try to influence the PM RM and FM so that soldiers get their due.
case of 70% pension is still pending.
why one should become an army officers if out side he can sure shot gets grade pay of 10000 in just 15 years
why one should become OR in fauj if he has to remain in PB1 for 24 years

Anonymous said...

Maj navdeep,

This is the extract of news published in Hindu on 16 March 2010

"NEW DELHI: Some 30,000-40,000 armed forces officers who were commissioned or retired between 1986 and 1996 are in for a pay arrears and pension
bonanza with the Supreme Court upholding a high court ruling that the amounts had been erroneously calculated.

The judgment will not apply to officers who were commissioned or retired post-1996 as they are covered under the Fifth and Sixth Pay Commissions."

May I request u to pl clarify the following:-

(a) Correctness of its applicability, whether it is affecting all officers commissioned/retired between 01 jan 86 and 01 jan 96 as brought out above Or is it only applicable to officers holding rank of Capt to Brig as on 01 jan 86 as given by u in the chat roll?

(b)How will the same anamoly be sorted out for 5 cpc and 6cpc if judgement is only applicable for 4th pay commission affected cases?

(c) Why it automatically does not become applicable for 5cpc and 6cpc affected cases?

Rajababu said...

well well,

something good coming out of punjab of late other than amrinder and badal battle saga. I must say after the Dera fallout there has to be an image makeover for punjab. Here is fin min who has done two good things:

(a). announce sops for faujis.
(b). Give excess food grains rotting at the ty warehouses to the centre to feed the needy.

Keep up the good work punjab and are other CMs listening??

Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep

Sir, sometime back u had started giving references of latest comments by bloggers to ur blogposts. This was particularly relevant for older blogs which get pushed down as newer ones are posted on top by u (on similar lines as Praggy's blog), however sadly this has been discontinued now. Any complication in restarting it Sir? It was quite helpful to navigate to newer comments. E.g Rank Pay case is so hot but it has got pushed down and one needs to scroll down to find any new comments posted on this case.
U may like to reconsider providing this facility pls.

Lt Col(Retd) R S Dasila said...

Sincere thanks to GoP in general and Fin Min of Punjab in particular for this true spirit of patriotism and encouraging youths of Punj for joining the AF. Miss Mayawati, CM UP should learn from this and be advised to spend the Rs FIVE Cr MALA for welfare of AF personnel of UP.

S Prakash said...

Well... It is understandable that the Punjab Govt has announced this. A first in Indian history. After all the only martial race which dominates the Indian armed forces is our fearless Sikhs... That apart... this does help us faujis of other cast and creed to hold our head higher and feel loved by the State.... Wish others also did something on these lines other than turning a blind eye to the faujis and the Veterans....

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

The Government of Karnataka, in its Budget for 2010-2011, has granted a rebate/concession of 50% on property tax to defence personnel from this year onwards. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Pailke (BBMP), Bangalore's Municipal organisation, has not yet issued the necessary orders. I will give more details as and when I receive them.

Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit