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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inputs from the ‘bottom’ create chaos at the ‘top’

The toxicity of file notings & minute sheets in the Indian context has been discussed on this blog umpteen number of times. A flashback can be viewed




here, and


Now comes the clincher. In a scathing order, the Principal Bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal has come down heavily upon reports presented by lower staff to the PM resulting in an incorrect decision. The Hon’ble CAT was dealing with a case of a RAW officer who was removed from service after her ‘identity’ became ‘public’. The CAT also commented that the anonymity of RAW personnel was more myth than reality.

My friends, again, beware of the note maker. One may be lurking in your very own office.


Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


I'm in total agreement with you but my dear Sir what good is an officer if he can't apply his mind and act accordingly. Machinations of lower beaucracy are well known but top hierarchy cannot just escape blame by pointing fingers at his subordinate staff.

An unrelated point, Sir it would be highly appreciative of you if you could put things in perspective by giving you legal opinion on SC Rank Pay judgement issue. There is utter confusion amongst serving and veteran lot on this and everybody has his/her own interpretaion. I'm sure it would be a very popular post! Do consider pls.

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Does this imply that the IAS comprises of such imcompetent administrators who can be led by the posterior rather than the Head.????????????????????????

Kapil said...

This really is serious. How do we know that the next malicious letter originating from the steel frame "I have been directed to inform" is not the handiwork of some lower official without the required cognizance. If these leeches can dare to blind side the PMO, other offices just don't stand a chance. One can only hope that the people responsible wake up from their slumber and institutionalize checks and balances to prevent any such future occurrences.

saran said...

hey navdeep,
i mostly agree to all ur comments and views and opinions, coz they seem to be far sighted and unbiased. in this case, i beg to differ, coz, putting the blame on some lower level staff, on a matter as serious as termination of service of an officer seems to be slightly far fetched. the ones in the chain of the noting would have understood the seriousness of the case and would have forwarded it, upto no less than the PM. i guess, the officers in the chain, without prejudice to whichever group/class A service they r from, need to penalised for a lackadaisical attitude to work or for malafide intent. Letz not brush away glaring episodes of wrong, by blaming it on the faceless lower staff. someone needs to be made accountable.

Anonymous said...

Maj navdeep,

it is a well known fact. But what is to be done to set it right?

Pl clarify applicability of rank pay judgement in view of the report in economic times on 16 march 2010.

Sumeet said...

It is common practice that when you want to fix someone even when the no crime has been commited (it could be seriously annoying - someone openly expressing his disaggrement to an opinion expressed by a very senior officer)the person is booked on charges knowing fully well that he would finally be aquitted by a civil court. It is the intervening harrasment which is being used as a punishment. In this case too it appears that there were 'other' reasons.

Rajababu said...

Thumb rule , look before u affix ur priceless signature. sometimes it helps to look back and march forward like in fauj. aint it???

Anonymous said...


what is this can Maj Navdeep help us


No.AB.14017/61/2008-Estt. (RR)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
New Delhi

Dated, the 12th March, 2010.


Subject:- Sixth Central Pay Commission's recommendations - revision of pay scales - amendment of Service Rules / Recruitment Rules


The undersigned is directed to invite reference to this Department's OM of even number dated 24th March, 2009 on the above subject.

2. In the Annexure to the said OM, the entries pertaining to the following grades may be revised as under:-

Sl. No. From To Minimum qualifying service
1. 1800 1900 3 Years
25. 10000 HAG 3 Years
26. HAG HAG + Scale 1 Year
27. HAG Apex Scale 2 years

3. Hindi version will follow.

(J.A. Vaidyanathan)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

Harry said...

@ Anonymous at 3:34 pm

It simply means that a Govt employee has to spend that many years in his current pay scale in order to be eligible to get upgraded to next scale. For example a person has to spend min One year in HAG scale in order to be eligible for promotion to HAG+.

Well at times even simple things confound us !

Anonymous said...

Navdeep - if this is the case in the Babu set up I think it is the opposite in the Fauji camp.
Our Gens seem to become the poverbial "Head-in-the-sand-Ostrich" once they reach that level.
If the Babus are incompetant and cannot overule their bench squatters then our couldn't-care-less Gens are also to blame. To cite examples:
a) The Supreme court gave a faourable verdit regarding rank pay and the incorrect fixation. By now the MS branch should have started crying hoarse to get the pay and status rectfiied but they feel it is safer to sit on their rectums rather than rectify. Better to have testimonials rather than testicles?
b) A serving Army officer Lt Col Purohit was arrested on charges of sedition. What is the Army doing to ensure that he is tried. And, if guilty punished to uhphold the honour of the Indian Army and if NOT GUILTY ensure that he is reinstated with full honours. Army officers are tought not to leave even their dead behind in the battle field but here we are abandoning a living comrade. What are the Gens doing to ensure the safety honour and welfare of the men they command.
OR are they busy making a spectacle of themselves to get to the top over some land case which is too trivial for the armrd forces but has enough string value to get them to the top?

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Navdeep that the notings are coloured by the lower staff to suit their whims and fancies. Officers are rotated in their appointments every 2-3 yrs and before they get a hang of the nitty - gritty and understand their staff its time to move on. The lower staff have become experts at manipulating the notings by being in these appointments for years on end.Well, but what is the solution..........

Harry said...

@ Anonymous at 10:14 pm


A slight correction, Pay and Services terms and conditions are dealt by AG's branch which majorly consist of civ staff at lower and middle level. So that explains the delay. But your spirit behind the comment is spot-on!