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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enhancement of pension of pre-06 retirees : Case closed from Govt’s side

This comes as a dampener.

Despite the fact that elements in the Govt were having a re-look at the enhancement of pensions of pre-2006 pensioners, the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare, Govt of India, has finally closed the chapter and stated that the orders issued by the Govt earlier are in consonance with the recommendations of the 6th CPC. The letter has hence dispensed with all representations received by the govt in this regard, and has also drawn the curtains, from govt’s side that is.

It also seems that the decision has been taken in consultation with the Ministry of Finance. It may also not be out of context to point out that various departments and ministries had in fact favoured an upward revision since it was felt by many that the OM issued for pre-06 pensioners was not in the correct spirit as recommended by the Pay Commission, but it seems that Finance Ministry had a different opinion on the issue.

The letter can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.


Harry said...

@ Maj Navdeep


This is hardly a surprise. It takes years of struggle and loads of preseverence to get your rightful dues from 'Bharat Sarkar' and her 'Sarkari Babus' even in cases which are upheld by the highest Court of the land. So this letter is only proving a well-known point.

Anonymous said...

As Mr Harry said- yes - it is the sign of pressing the "panic" button- as a no. of legal conflicts are on the anvil as everyone knows. I can count five in PR CAT in early April 2010,two certianly/ possibly three in Lucknow and Punjab & Haryana Courts- in March/ April 2010, One in CAT, Hyd, possibly some more in CATs at other locales, Rtd Maj Gens Contempt at the Apex Court ( Aug 2010), AFT Chandigarh's Democles Sword decisions ( 3-4 months time), Lt Cdr/Majors' case in AFT , DELHI(?)ln May 2010- possibly some more Civil/ Miltary pensioners' cases in the offing (Sqd Leaders etc).
This "frustrated" OM is to dissuade pensioners going for court redressals- and I personally think it is too delayed! IT IS NO SURPRISE!. Moreover some progress has to be shown before the Second NAC which has to meet by 27th March 2010. Best way of disposing off the Agenda Items is by issue of a Common Cause DISPOSAL OM- which wipes off all items with or without any reason or rationale!

Anonymous said...


AS said...

Dear Navdeep,
Does it also includes the Disability Pension rates revision(to %age basis) issue of Pre2006 veterns which was on the verge of being notified recently?

Anonymous said...

Does it mean - NO hopes for disability pension on percentage basis and also broadbanding of disability pension for pre 1-1-06 pensioners ?

Anonymous said...

All knowing this "NATIONAL" controversy may be surprised to know that even the highest CONSTITUTIONAL office dealing with auditing/ accounting matters of the country appears to have pointed out the fallacy and the absurdity of the pension orders dt 3rd Oct 2010 that the benefit of Revised Pension accrues only to those whose MINIMUM of the erstwhile pay scale is equated with the MINIMUM OF THE PAY BAND in which the scale is placed - and NOT THE REST OF THE PENSIONERS WHOSE ERSTWHILE pay scales were HIGHER but placed in the same PAY BAND as that of the former!
The sane and just opinion of such a high, equally "judicious" authority appears to have found favour with even PMO and the highest EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT authorities but is lost somewhere in the corridors of ......... after reaching the destination?????. NEEDS A THROUGH SCRUTINY!

RSS said...

The Diploma & The Diploma Holders:
After declaration of 5th CPC, lot of dissatisfaction and unrest grew in some cadres of officers and airmen of technical trades of Gp1 in IAF. Following this a separate Group X (Diploma Holders) with pay scale starting at Rs. 5000.00 was carved for the rank of Sergeants which had conveyed a bright ray of hope. But the Junior Warrant Officers and above were content with the Gp X scales and this has proved disastrous for the airmen of technical trades. Today, there is neither the Diploma nor are the Diploma Holders in the 6CPC Report.The civilians employed with armed forces have been enjoying the ACP for a long time. A civilian, initially employed as a clerk, becomes a Section Officer; an ITI certificate holder becomes an Assistant Engineer and dines with Officers; the Diploma Engineers reach at least to the post of Executive Engineers and are seen enjoying their light talks with our Commanders.
But, the person who obtains three years` Diploma/10 +2 in Science and subsequently takes a “three years” rigorous training in Armed Forces always remains a Jawan. There is no assurance of reaching even the Pay Grade-3. There is no assurance of getting a respectable job after leaving the forces. Over and above, there is no Diploma with a look of Diploma obtained from an institute.
The entrants in ranks join at an young age and all the thinking is done by the Officers. There are rules for everything and limits to discussions.
Who is responsible?
Best regards.
RS Sahni

Godfather said...


Retired Officers are receiving new Corregendums with revised Gratuity,which is less than the amount they have already recieved.

The PCDA is therefore recovering the addl amount that has been paid.

This is incorrect according to the letter/blog posted by you on Dec 12, 2009.

Please advise as many Officers are affected.


Lt Col R S Malik

Ramani said...

So the Goose has been cooked.
But ,what is to prevent a new Govt reopening the cases.
Going by this yardstick, the Govt can declare all pending court cases closed as being time barred??
So where do we stand. what is the legal position.can some legal luminary elucidate?

sl said...

The case that has been closed by the Government would, one presumes, relate to civilian pensioners who retire at 58 years of age and do not face the truncated careers and special conditions that military personnel encounter. Recent rulings by courts/tribunals do hold out the promise of some form of parity for defence pensioners within the ambit of the issue loosely referred to as "OROP"

Hony F o I G ravindran said...

The hight of the anomaly is the way the Improved pension orders are issued for P B O R s . An Mwo(air force) of pre 06 wii get more pension than Hony offrs, Premoted from M w os

Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal said...

Dear Veterans,The letter in question i.e. F No. 38/37/08-P&PW(A) dt.19 March,2010 is not (R) not applicable to Pre-2006 veterans as presumed by some of them.It is, in fact,in response to various representations submitted by Civilan Organisations regarding improvement in Basic Pension for Pre-2006 Civilian Pensioners. At the same time, it is for the information of all the concerned veterans that letter regarding revision of Disability Rate on % basis for Pre-2006 Veterans is on anvil in concerned quaters and will see the light soon as per my information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Prabhjot Chatwal Sir,
for some ray of hope.
Hope & pray for pre 1-1-06 retirees-
1. One rank one
pension...irrespective of date of retirement.Rank should be decided based on length of service rendered vis a vis the latest time scale promotion rules.
2. Disability pension @ 60% of service pension for 100% disability
irrespective of date of retirement.
3. Broadbanding of disability pension for pre 1-1-06 pensioners
4. Enhanced rate of family pension to be at par with service pension .
5.Full salary upto the age on which civil counterparts are retired.

Anonymous said...

The issue relates to modified parity between pre2006 and post20006 retiree in pension at minimum level.this parity was given by fifth cpc and recommended by sixth cpc.Based on this recommendation Punjab Govt has already accepted this and has issued orders on 22.02
.10 but cetral govt is denying it without any speaking order.As for services only officers upto Maj gen are affected as they have not been covered by one rank one pension rule.The loss in basic pension at Maj Gen level amounts to Rs 3650.
S N GUPTA M 9891463600

Anonymous said...

...."Govt employees can travel first class from April 1,PTI, Mar 24, 2010, 04.50pm IST..."

..." with effect from April 1, 2010travel on government account by air,both domestic and international may take place by the entitled class,"...


Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep.

As per IHQ of MoD (Army) letter from PGC has given reply to the representations made by Majors that matter for fixing minimum pension based on formulae of V CPC has been taken up at appropriate level. Do you see any ray of hope?

Maj MR Penghal

sl said...

"Govt employees can travel first class....."

Interesting! But how is that relevant to this Blog post and comments which are about pension for retirees?

Venky said...

Dear Maj Navdeep

Does the term Family Pension also include Special Family Pension ?

My father, a selection grade Lt Col, died in harness in 1985. My mother has since then been receiving Special Family Pension as death was attributable to service.

Earlier, my mother received more pension than Ordinary Family Pensioners, but the amount has been equalized since implementation of 6th Pay Commission.

Her DPDO has stated that no orders have been received for Special Family Pensioners, and higher scales are only for those who died in action.

Can you throw some light on this?