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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Own graves !!!

Have you heard of the idiom aa bael mujhe maar ?

Good !

In the recent past, the Intelligence Bureau was looking for staff for manning some of its Group-B (Class-II) Non-Gazetted posts. For some of these appointments, they sought ex-servicemen and also resultantly the IB initiated a tie up with the Navy, and for others they floated a vacancy circular all over.

Consequently, the Navy rightly asked for released Chief Petty Officers (CPOs) who are equivalent in pay to Naib Subedars of the Army for the said IB posts whereas the Army internally floated the IB vacancy circular for posts of almost the same level wherein it was mentioned that serving/released officers of the rank of Major could apply. And even civilians could apply for the same appointment, of which level you may ask !, well, from the civil side, employees of the level of UDC/Assistant were eligible.

Yes you saw it right in the foregoing. A circular was indeed circulated by our own staff seeking Majors for Group-B Non-Gazetted appointments which are junior in rank and status to even Naib Subedars. Things were set right (or were they ?) only after one of our branches released a strongly worded protest note on the circulation of such a circular.

I would urge all our uniformed friends to please apply due mind before issuing letters concerning re-employment and deputation. In fact there should be a proper 'equivalence cell' in Delhi which should be manned by experienced uniformed officers exclusively and which should deal with all deputation and status issues. I think it is difficult for the MS Branch to effectively handle this. Most of the actual work is being done by civilian staff on this subject while we continue implanting our initials on minute & noting sheets prepared by them without an iota of mind or passion. Not going deep into such issues is like placing ourselves virtually on a time bomb which shall explode six years down the line when after the 7th CPC Section Officers start demanding the salary of Majors.


digvijay said...

Absolutely on the head Navdeep , There is a problem in the Army ,This does not exist in the Air Force anymore .The oficers posted there have worked hard & have always briefed the officer taking over of the malaise .I am thankful for pointing out such things ,for the longrun they do wonders .

Anonymous said...

it is painful to read such literature. officers expect privileges , rank, equivalence and god knows what all but exhibit such abominable standards of professionalism. the person affixing his signature must be forwarded on the deputation because he has aptitude for that rank itself. i hope somebody watching the blog at the right place takes cognisance.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Sometime I wonder how will the Indian Army ever pay back Navdeep. Officers on the roll of the Army who are being payed to look atfer the interest of the Army commit blunders and this fellow corrects the mistakes. Without sounding hyperbolic I feel if someone goes through his work of last two years he deserves to be officially honoured

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Major Navdeep, Kudos to you for taking so much of interest in the subject affecting defence personnel. Your services can not be measured in terms of monetary value. You are superb!!!

Anonymous said...

Astonishing. Who are the Colonel Blimps who have produced such rubbish? The army being the largest service, is unable to handle its own affairs, and give its officers dignity.

The air force and the navy do not have these sorts of problems. And their officers lose out, despite their professionalism, because of being equated with the army. Noone thinks that a Wing Commander should be below the rank of Director, or a Commander even. Because in the Air Force and Navy, WingCos and Cdrs actually COMMAND something. While in the Army, the once great rank of LtCol has been reduced to commanding coy sized formations.

I am afraid that the caliber of people entering the army needs to be given a severe dekko, and background should be given due consideration.

Perhaps the SSB psychological evaluations have over time been so structured, that only those who will blindly and wihtout application of mind obey all commands, are selected. This is what the bureaucrats want anyway, and our generals who have little time for such org matters pay no attention.

B P Singh Maidh said...

This letter will be of great help to few brother lady officers



Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions

(Department of Personnel and Training)


New Delhi, dated the 3rd March, 2010


Subject: Implernentation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission-Child Care Leave Waiving of age restriction of 18 years for Government servant having mentally challenged/disabled children…

The undersigned is directed to refer to DOP&T OM No.13018/2/2008-Estt.(L), dated 11.9.2008 on the subject mentioned above and to say that this Department has been receiving various references regarding waiving of the age restriction of 18 years in respect of disabled/mentally challenged children for grant of Child Care Leave to women employees. The matter has been considered in consultation with Ministry of Finance and it has been decided to permit Child Care Leave to women employees with disabled children upto the age of 22 years for a maximum period of 2 years (i.e 730 days) subject to the other conditions stipulated by the Government in this regard from time to time. However, it is stressed that CCL cannot be demanded as a matter of right and under no circumstances can any employee proceed on CCL without prior approval of the Leave sanctioning authority. Disabled Child having a minimum disability of 40% is elaborated in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Notification 16-18/97-NI.I, dated 1.6.2001 (copy enclosed). Documents relating to the handicap as specified in the Notification, as well as a certificate from the Government Servant regarding dependency of the child on the Govt. servant would have to be submitted by the employee. The Child Care Leave would be permitted only if the child is dependent on the Government servant.

2. Hindi version will follow.

(Simmi R.Nakra)
Director (P&A)


Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep tank you so much for helping one of my fauzi junior who sought your legal advice.Regarding DACP and other AMC matters lot of info on chatroll (not from me, as is evident from IP address with you), any refutal or comments by you, because we trust only you and nobody else, even if it sound authentic or too sweet to hear, from the AMC wishlist on chatroll.

Unknown said...

Sena madel awarded on 26 jan1999 and thereafter are being paid Rs250/-per month
(where awarded is for Gallantry)vide GOI,min of def letter no:-3(8)/98/D(ceremonials)dated18.3.1999.There leter even number dated 12 oct 2000 on the same subject says"Monetary allowance is payable to all the existing awardees.Could please clarify that this is applicable to Sena madel awardees prior to 1999?Can M S Branch order in yr 2000 a Board to decategorise them into Gallantry/Distiguish Service as they were not categorised as such,where Gazette Notification has been signed by the president?IC-18791 then Major Rajendra pal jairath(Engineers)was awarded sena medal on 26 jan 1997 vide letter no:-31226/20/MS(X) dated 27 jan 1997,now MSBranch MS(X) aboard has decategorised my sena medal awrde to Distinguish service.Please advise.Lt col Brij Thapa joins me to convey our good wishes.

Anonymous said...

I swear Navdeep, these people will ruin the forces one day. if they are not take care about our status at least don't spoil it. We dont require anybody from outside to degrade ourselves. our stalemates will do it perfectly.

Anonymous said...


Will you please quote the link for these posts, so that MWOs of IAF can apply.

Because these posts are neither posted in IAF Placement cell notices nor informed to the eligible people of IAF.

Thank you for the information provided.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major, I have gone through your blog for the first time and I should confess that I was quite impressed. I being a serving offr, would like to add to what you imply, that our staff offrs, right from the highest level of decision making to file pushers, pay very little attention to implications of a noting/rule framed, with a large majority of decisions taken purely on personal competence, which is questionable. Time is ripe for specialists in the ARMY, where accts,logistics,adm matters are handled by experts who are competent, and not by jack of all trades, who make fools of themselves, while dealing with civs in MoD or CGDA. Rather than blaming the babudom for our follies, let us look inward and improve our competence levels. Regards

Anonymous said...

sir, i yet to get an answer regarding child care leave for lady officers of Indian army. are they authorized to get CCL? kindly answer my question

Anonymous said...

With due respect to Mr BP Singh
thank you sir for giving information on CCL. but the said memorandum is from DOPT and not from MOD ARMY. how the lady officers of Indian Army (tri services)will be benefited?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
Why whole time NCC officer are granted child care leave and our lady officers are devoid of such Facility.
Kindly quote the authority for grant of CCL for lady officers of indian army.