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Monday, March 15, 2010

Compliance of new pensionary benefits to be time-bound

Notwithstanding the lethargy shown by our Record Offices, PAOs, PDAs and PCDA(P) in revising pensionary awards whenever announced, the Govt has made it clear in no uncertain terms that the new pension tables would be implemented within a period of 3 months from date of issuance.

It may not be out of context to point out that some post-2006 retirees are till date waiting for revised pension in accordance with 6th CPC implementation letters. In fact, many of our post-2006 retirees are still drawing pension in accordance with 5th CPC scales which speaks volumes of the inertia on part of the authorities involved in the process. The delay is inexcusable in this time and age of computerisation.

Pre-2006 retirees may also send in a complaint to the concerned PDA with a copy to the Records Office and PCDA(P) if the pension is not revised by 10-06-2010.

Also be very careful in perusing the tables since there are 135 in all. I would request officers and other lettered personnel to kindly facilitate the circulation of these modalities amongst the masses especially in areas where the passage of information is not very smooth.


Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal said...

Dear Maj.Navdeep,Regards and thanks for suggesting officers and other lettered personnel to help the masses but, I am afraid,wether the officers, who have been opposing CoS report tooth and nail,would be mentally prepared to render any help to the veterans who badly need it.At the same time,I deem it my pleasure to convey you and through your blog to all concerned veterans that Ex Soldiers, sailors and Airmen Association (Regd.),which took lead to disseminate the news of issuance of the said notification regarding the Modified Parity in Pension for JCOs and below, has started holding the seminars from the Day one to enlighten the veterans about this with a sincere hope that the other ex-servicemen bodies will follow suit .

Anil bali said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Veteran PS Chhatwalji,
Regards and thanks for the trouble you have taken so far for getting something to veteran soldiers who were in dire need of this dole. However, I would like to suggest you that two bring about some changes in implementing the GOI orders in time, please visit all the bank branches through your representatives and see that while implementing the new scale of pension there may not be any irregularity/mistakes. I hope banks branches will be grateful for benevolent service from our various associations in particulars of yours.
Once again to thank you.

Unknown said...

A soldier's emotional journey

NDTV Correspondent, Saturday March 13, 2010, Lpabram (Manipur)

In the Northeast, soldiers of the Army have often been accused of indiscriminately attacking innocent people in the battle against militancy. But there are clear exceptions. An Indian Army officer who nearly died saving the life of a young girl in a Manipur village, returned to her village for a reunion.

The lady was eagerly waiting to receive the officer who had saved her life 16 years ago. NDTV followed the journey of the officer travelling to the village where he says he was reborn.

On January 25, 1994, Captain DPK Pillay was on out a patrol. That night when he reached Lpabram, four militants were waiting for him. A fierce gunbattle followed, in which one militant died and Pillay was grievously injured.

But a wounded Pillay saw a young girl also injured in the crossfire. When the helicopter arrived to evacuate him, he insisted that the girl be saved first and as a dying wish he convinced his men and his officers not to launch any attack on the village sheltering the militants. Neither did he allow any action against the two cadres apprehended in action.

Pillay recovered and recently established contact with Lpabram and journeyed back to the village. The reunion was touching. The mother of the girl cried inconsolably after meeting the officer who had saved her daughter and grandson's life almost sacrificing his own.

"It's something anyone would do I think. She did not know why she was shot, I knew what I was doing there, they knew what they were fighting for. So we owed it to her. It's amazing coming back here," said Lt Col DPK Pillay.

Village Chairman Mr Atanbo remembers every moment of that night. "Mr Pillay forgave us. Without him, we couldn't have survived."

The girl, Maseliu, who was caught in the crossfire, is now a mother; Dingamang, the six-year-old nephew of Maseliu, was also injured in that gunfight. "I am happy and sad at the same time."

But Pillay wasn't prepared for another encounter - to come face to face with the man who had shot him.

"I just can't believe it! I came to see to see the village, I didn't know I'd meet him," Pillay said.

The Army officer hugged a former militant .They both came close to killing each other 16 years ago in the same attack.

Pillay's colleague, Col Chonker, who commands a battalion near the same village, says this story is like a soldier's dream "It's a dream of every soldier to be known as a saviour rather than a killer."

It's rare for a soldier to return to a village 16 years after he led an attack against militants and almost died in that attack. It is even more rare for a village to invite a soldier who had saved the life of a girl as well the village, particularly in a state fighting intensely against the armed forces act.

Maj Gurpal Singh said...

Maj Navdeep Singh Sir,I have been watching that some adverse comments have been given in the past about Record Offices.  I would like to inform you that you must visit any record office and see what a volumous work has been increased now.  Still record officers are putting their best to address maximum issues.Records offices are basically depend on CDA/PCDA(P).  The environment does not know what is the role of record office and what is the roll of CDA.  Please educate people on this.

PiedPiper said...

@ Maj Gurpal

Sir, since you seem to know the Record Office functioning pretty well will it not be fair for you yourself to educate us.

What are the road blocks? What is stopping record Offices to do better? No one expects the Record Offices to do what is in the domain of CDA/PCDA.

It is for the Record office to make itself efficient. If you have lack of manpower - automate. If exsting automation is no good - upgrade. Finding a solution and getting it implemented is the baby of Record Offices. Is anything being done to overcome the problems?

At the end of the day, what an individual expects is timely and correct payment of his dues and is not interested in any reasons for delay.

Mohan said...

Well said, I appriciate the comments of 'The Pied Pipper'!!!

RSS said...

Dear ESMs,
If I understand correctly, majority of ex PBOR do not have access to net and out of approximately 23 lac, 22.5 lac defence pensioners (including families) are unaware and accept whatever is thrown to them. The excruciating pain is born by only a few who have the reach and the access through one or other means.

All above refers to the letter No PC10 (1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol) dated 08 March, 2010; addressed to the three military chiefs which, as always & as ever, imposes the applicability of:
i. 10 months` regular service in same rank & group, and
ii. 33 years` service for full pension.
I respect the efforts and sacrifices made by ex-servicemen for OROP and, particularly, thank veteran PJS and Major Navdeep, but the letter of thanks by PJS to the PM will always laugh on our face.

Secondly, the brains of our Honorable Defence Minister and Defence Secretary have developed the highest degree of immunity against the plight of ESMs and their poor widows. The widows do not gain anything and shall starve and wipe their tears themselves as ever.

Thirdly, unity has always proved better. The idea of conglomeration of all ESM organization under one umbrella is the need of time. A good officer has better approaches and will always lead faster.

Anyway, I congratulate you all.


RS Sahni
Junior Warrant Officer (ex)


Anonymous said...

Could anyone please tell us what would be the benefits possible for a 1988 commissioned officer...

V S John said...

Sir; while implementing the COS report in some pages of the chart there is a mention about the assured carrier progression ACP. But what is the relevance, who is all eligible what are the criteria’s, which is the government order .please throw some light.

Unknown said...

My Father Is a Sepoy Retired on 30-09-1996 and he had done a service of 16 years 1 month and 15 days His Pension as on Retirement is Rs 1275 Can I Know If he is eligible for new difference in pension