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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Release of retiral benefits at 6th CPC rates for Post-2006 retirees commences

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As published on this blog earlier, while the pension of pre-06 retirees had been fixed at the new 6th CPC rates in pursuance of govt orders, post-06 retirees were still being paid pensions at 5th CPC rates which technically stand abolished.

It seems that the notice issued in this regard by the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court has had its effect since the PCDA(P) has started releasing revised benefits for post-06 pensioners.

It may be recalled that the delay in release of retiral benefits to post-06 pensioners had led to an incongruous situation wherein personnel who retired during 5th CPC had started receiving pension at 6th CPC rates while personnel retiring during the currency of 6th CPC are receiving pensions at 5th CPC rates.

The govt had issued orders for revision of pre-06 pensioners on 11 Nov 2008 and the same orders for post-06 pensioners were issued a day later on 12 Nov 2008.


Anonymous said...

There are many offrs who have taken loans on various accounts. In view of delay in payment by pcda offrs have been paying heavy interest on it. Pcda could have been directed to pay inerest if there is any further delay in implementation of these orders to compesate the loss to the affected offrs.

In addition to sending a fresh PPO, there is a requirement to forward statement of these arrears by Pcda to monitor and counter check for correctness check for correctness

Anonymous said...

I am also a retired JAG from Rlys. I shall be highly obliged if the copy of rep.decision, and appeal are sent to me on sbedekar@hotmail.com. Thanks to all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Probably it has started for all barring Lt Col retirees. Papers are still shuttling between CDA(O) and PCDA.

One Col commented in the chatbox saying his addl Gratuity amtg 6.5 lakh have been recieved. Can some one please authenticate these figures...

RANVIR said...

Is there anyone who has retired after 01 Dec 08, and has got his pension? I took PMR and retired in Jan 09, but even after six months my pension has still not been decided. So, obviously I can forget about getting my desired amount due to commutation of pension. As per my calculations, it would be more than 15 lacs. Would the CDA/PCDA be kind enough to give me likely interest which I could have earned on it during this period? Atleast they could have released the gratuity as per the old scales (as far as I know authorised gratuity should be credited within 30 days of leaving a job). How do they get penalised on this account? Lucky for me that I have some arrears and DSOP balance to sustain me, otherwise without pension reaching my bank account how could I have survived respectfully?

Anonymous said...

we havent heard from you about revision of min pension for Lt Cols post PB-4--guess revised pension and min pension letter has been issued by the govt.This will--i am sure-- be of interest to a no. of pensioners

Anonymous said...

In the original Annexure-11 issued vide MOD letter No.17[4]2008[1]D/pen/pol dated 11/11/2008,Lt Col[Ts] and Lt Col [S] were given the same basic pay after 26 years of service onwards.
In the latest Annexure issued on
21st May 2009,same basic pay of Rs.25700/-is given to Lt Col [S] and
Lt Col {TS] from 28 years of service only.Lt Col [TS] having less than 28 years are getting less pension.
The pay commission has already fixed 26 years for the same basic pay of Lt Col {s] and Lt Col [TS]and published the earlier Annexure.The babus can not change this service limit to 28 for Lt Col {TS] at their will.
Even the 5th pay commission had fixed the same basic pay for both Lt Col [S] and Lt Col [TS].
Can anyone suggest how to get this anmally rectified ?
It looks like a babu's error as in the case of Maj Gens and Lt Gens which were rectified later on.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,You are doing an excellent job in helping the Officers.
I would like you to study the points given in the comment 'June 27,2009 11:11 P.M.and guide us for correcting the anomally.
The minimum Protective pension given by the Pay Commission for both Lt Col [S] and Lt Col [TS] as per the earlier orders is the same from 26 years of service.
This is to be worked out by adding
Minimum of Basic Pay+Grade Pay+Military Service Pay and dividing by 2.This works out to Rs.25700/-from 26 years of service.
In the ammended Annuxure they have changed this to 28 years of service
for Lt Col [TS].
How can they do this once the Pay Commission has already given the norms earlier very clearly ?
Will you please give us the guidance for correcting this anomally ?
Many officers will be benefited by this and your efforts will be highly appreciated !!
Thank you,Maj Navdeep.

Anonymous said...

The fixation of pay post 6SPC in respect of offrs retd pre Jan 06 and re-emp has been apparently forgotten completely. These offrs though small in numbers,have retd even after competing re-emp tenure but still awaiting their dues. Koi Hai?

Anonymous said...

Why the confusion between PCDA & CDAO ? Have they forgotten those who have retired post 01-01-2006?
Lot of time is wasted to give our dues ! Please wake up!

jayanti@ satya said...

i am a family pesioner drawing family pension since april 2005 after death of my husband. My huusband retired in Oct,1997 and expired on 27-03-2005.I wan to know what benefit are there for me as in accordance of 6th pay commission