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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chandigarh administration improves and rationalises one-time lump-sum and monthly grants to awardees of gallantry and distinguished service medals

The Chandigarh Administration has increased and rationalised monthly grants and one time cash awards for both distinguished service and gallantry awardees.

In gallantry awards, the one time amount varies from Rs 25 lacs for PVC awardees to Rs 2.5 lacs for M-in-D. The monthly allowance for PVC shall be Rs 10,000 while for M-in-D it shall be Rs 1,000.

In case of distinguished service awards, the amount varies from Rs 5 lacs for SYSM to Rs 2 lacs for VSM. The monthly allowance for SYSM shall be Rs 2500 while for VSM it shall be Rs 1000.

Still there is disparity amongst various States and UTs on the subject and despite requests by MoD to States and UTs for uniformity in the same, the problem remains unaddressed. To take an example, while Chandigarh offers Rs 3500 per month for Shaurya Chakra awardees, another northern State pays just Rs 400 for the same award.

A scan of the Chandigarh news-report in Hindustan Times can be accessed by clicking here.

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BC said...

Excellent. Three cheers for Chandigarh Administration. Others please take some lessons from it.