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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On popular demand, main recommendations of the 6th CPC : The good, bad and ugly

Some of the recommendations and new features introduced by this pay commission dealing with employees / former employees, both defence and civilian, are :-

(a) Introduction of new pay scales with effect from 01-1-2006 (Allowances however would be admissible from date of acceptance of recommendations).

(b) Introduction of Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS).

(c) Removal of 33 years’ qualifying service condition for earning a full pension. Employees would now be entitled to full pension on completion of minimum qualifying service required for earning a pension.

(d) Higher rates of pension for pensioners and family pensioners attaining the age of 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 years.

(e) Enhanced rate of ordinary family pension increased to 10 years from the earlier 7.

(f) Death cum Retirement Gratuity (DCRG) limit increased to Rs 10 lacs.

(g) Employees seeking voluntary retirement after 15 years of service (but with less than 20 years of service) to be entitled to a lumpsum retirement benefit equivalent to 80 months’ salary last drawn or average salary whichever is beneficial.

(h) Staggered working hours, special child care leave and enhanced maternity leave recommended for woman employees.

(i) Shifting of all Group D Employees to Group C.

(j) Minimum Pay of Rs 6660/- and Maximum pay of Rs 90,000/-.

(k) Percentage based annual increments. Date of increments to be 01st of July every year

(l) Increase in all allowances.

(m) Allowances to be protected against inflation.

Recommendations dealing with the defence services :-

(a) Parity with civil pay-scales recommended.

(b) Recommendation for lateral shift of defence personnel (including officers) into the Central Paramilitary Forces (CPMFs/CPOs).

(c) Recommendation of a fixed Military Service Pay (MSP) @ Rs 1000/- for PBOR and Rs 6000/- for officers till the rank of Brigadier. No MSP recommended for officers of the rank of Major General and above.

(d) Removal of edge enjoyed by defence personnel in their pay-scales vis-à-vis civil employees including the IAS. Now pay-scales of defence officers have been recommended to be at par with other Group A Services and lower than the IAS at certain levels.

(e) Higher starting pay to officers of the Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps and Remount and Veterinary Corps.

(f) Military Nursing Service (MNS) Officers to be granted same pay as other Commissioned Officers. MSP for MNS offices however placed at Rs 4200/-.

(g) Merger of ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ groups of PBOR.

(h) Additional pay of Rs 1400 to be granted to PBOR of ‘X’ Group.

(i) Honorary officers to be granted pay-scales of regular officers with MSP of Rs 6000.

(j) Time bound promotions recommended for PBOR.

(k) Maximum available commutation of pension in case of Commissioned Officers and PBOR recommended to be increased to 50%.

(l) Military Service Pay to count towards pension.

(m) Pension for Honorary Naib Subedars to be calculated by treating it as a regular promotion as opposed to the Rs 100/- additional being granted as on date.

(n) Widowed daughters, unmarried and divorced daughters to be sanctioned family pension for life without any age restriction.

(o) It has been recommended that liberalized family pension should also be paid to the families of military personnel dying during trials of indigenously developed weapon system and ammunition.

(p) Disability element to be computed on the basis of pay as in the case of civil employees. For 100% disability, disability element to be computed @ 30% of pay. For lesser percentage of disability, the rates to be proportionately decreased. Flat rate system for disability element to be abolished.

(q) Constant Attendant Allowance (CAA) to be increased to Rs 3000/- per month from the existing Rs 600/-.

(r) Bar of Disability Pension on voluntary retirement removed. Voluntary retirees also recommended to be granted disability pension.

(s) Amounts of ex-gratia awards recommended to be doubled.

The above however, are only recommendations. Let's wait and watch what is implemented and what's not !!


Anonymous said...

Implimentation? Yes all these recommendations can be implimented if we have guts.


Dear Sir,

My wife is a serving lady officer with 05 months of my residual service. She is on the family way with due date in Nov 10. Can I apply for the maternity leave right now as I am left with more leave then the service?

As Per the maternity act 1961 a lady employee can only apply for maternity leave 6 weeks prior and 6 weeks after the delivery. what are the present conditions in wake of the enhanced quantum of leave?

Your guidance shall be of immense value to us and also other lady officers.


Maj Mayank

Pls guide me suitably.

Anonymous said...

i am a serving lady Army officer.i wish to avail child care leave.Are the terms and conditions same as for any central Govt. employee? earlier the orders were issued for civilian cent govt. employees only.

COL LAMBA said...