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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Steps by the Raksha Mantri to reduce litigation

Some guidelines have been issued by Mr Manohar Parrikar on Government initiated litigation earlier this month.

Some reports on the same are as follows:


mahindra bajad said...

SIR, will u pls clarify , have the D, minister, asked for the Action taken report, on your 75 recommendations given to the D,minister. Sir will the Mod. Withdraw the appeals in Sc. Pls Answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I feel the biggest casualty, in this case also, have been the Officer Cadets who have been invalided out on medical grounds. Its a travesty of justice that the trainee officers to one of the most professional and premier services [Armed Forces] are being ignored after they get disabled and are invalided out of service as a result!!

Hope some efforts are being directed towards this as well!!

Ravindra Kajla

shyam said...

Thank you for your venerable contribution in this. GOD bless

HARDEV said...

Dear Sir,
1st RM deserves appreciation for having initiated this reform to rectify a perpetual wrong doing at the same time congratulations to the committee members as their effort in suggesting to the Govt has started to have some effect.
It remains to be seen how much of it will fructify.Scepticism is based on past experience.
Any way if this become effective will surely save a lot of cost of litigation to the Govt & the individuals as well.The latent effect will be restoration of trust that had been continuously bruised for too long.

Anonymous said...

where can we find the annexures referred in said report of experts.