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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ministry of Defence declassifies the Report of the Committee of Experts on litigation and allied issues

In a step towards greater transparency, the Raksha Mantri has ordered the declassification of the Report of the Committee of Experts constituted for reduction of litigation, review of service and pension matters and strengthening the institutional mechanisms of redressal of grievances. The panel had submitted its Report on 24th November 2015.

The Raksha Mantri has already directed all wings of the Ministry of Defence to submit an “Action Taken Report” on the same.

The entire Report has been placed in public domain on directions of the Raksha Mantri and can be downloaded from the official Ministry of Defence website.

The official press release at the time of submission of the report can be accessed here


Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
One important part of any modern system is Excellent documentation standards.
The MOD has very poor documentation standards & is the cause of many wrong interpretations
May i suggest a simple solution which may be recommended to MOD if you find it relevant
Instead of renaming document every time for amendments t he document should be appended with version number & date
For e.g if there are any changes to Circular 555 dated 04 Feb 2016 on 07 Sep 2016, the changes should be made to the relevant paras to the document or added to the document & named as Circular 555 Ver 1.01 (if there are minor changes) Dated 07 Sep 2016 or Circular 555 Ver 1.10 dated 07 Sep 2016 (if there are major changes)
The original document format should never change & every one need to follow only the latest document & life will become easier for every one
This standard is followed in the IT world & makes life easy for every one
with best wishes
Col VT Venkatesh(retd)

karunakaran a ex havildar said...

Dear sirs,

all must pay our due respects and kudos to major, very cleverly with his wide legal knowledge , he has won the object of our soldiers welfare. let us follow his ideals, though he is an ex army officer in his remarks he commits himself to neutrality

ram ram major sahib karuna karan ex havildar

Deepak SG said...

Any time frame given for submission of the ATRs?

Unknown said...

Dear Sir ,

I have carefully studied the splendid report drafted by you in the pivotal role .I feel that you have presented all the facts and the suggestions with the novelist of thoughts and intentions , we the entire Fauji fraternity are indebted to you for your selfless and kind efforts to mitigate the tyranny of the civil raj inflicted by system including by our own brothers in uniform.Most of the relevant issues has been covered in your report , still there are numerous left out.

Unknown said...

OK now the Mod acknowledges the issues. What are we doing to remove them ? Just issues a few circulars and remove them . Is it vet difficult? Can't have different yardstick for efficiency for Defence and it's Ministry.

Col NK J said...

My compliments to the committee and especially to Maj. Navdeep Singh for producing well-researched work. I found the report well-laid out alongwith specific recommendations, making it easy for the MoD. Frankly, I was not aware of many issues that have been taken up. It remains to be seen who calls the shots now- the RM or the bureaucracy.

If the recommendations are indeeed implemented, they will mitigate the miseries of innumerable veterans. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for a positive outcome.

Thanking you all for taking time out from your regular work and producing this excellent report.

Lt Col R S Dasila said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
Yet another feather in your cap. U r doing a selfless yeoman service to the Armed Forces Services and its veterans. May God give strength to continue d noble job. A fresh of Wt of Precedence doing round in social media dt 9 Feb 2016. Wud u like to thro sum lt for its correctness or otherwise.

With best wishes

Lt Col(Retd) R S Dasila

Unknown said...

Hats off to Maj Navdeep for taking Veteren welfare at the right place in well documented order. Hope we all benefits and Maj Navdeeps tireless work pays off desired outcome

Anonymous said...

The appendix to the report is not available to verify the various facts stated in the report. Can u please put up the appendices as well
Wg Cdr Simon john(Retd)

Imayan said...

The appendices to the report are still not available to co-relate the various facts stated in the report. Can you please request MOD to put up the appendices as well.
This Report was submitted to RM on 24th Nov 2015.More than 5 months have passed.
I request you and other members of the experts committee to meet / write to RM to operatiopnalise thse recommendation by issue of a Govt. order immediately.