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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Important Announcement on my facebook page

There is an importance announcement on my facebook page concerning defence personnel, veterans, their families as well as defence civilians.

Thank You for all your support.



Unknown said...

well done.

Unknown said...

Another Great Work Done by You & the Team/Committee Sir... Certainly A change will follow with the Tremendous Work you all have put in.....We all veterans are Proud of You & The Team......

Abe said...

A good beginning. Thank you all

Beniwal said...

Dear Navdeep, you are doing great help to Faujis particularely to disable soldiers. hope you /team has recommended- SAME BENEFITS FOR SAME YEARS OF SERVICE for SSC and PC officers equally. Because fundamentally post service benefits are based on years of service. otherwise you will do injustice to suffering PC officers despite doing more service than SSC officers, despite being "permitted to retire". except for disciplinary discharge. Hope you will get this condition included if its not already in the recommendations. Thanks.

Unknown said...

great efforts sir..hats of to you sir ...hope it will immplement soon ...

sir in this context i want to ask that what all benifits a ssco's used to get after service in air force ... and does a ssco's also carry his rank with him ...ie will he/she be a got ex status. and will he/she will be called as retd wing commander?
sir request through some light on it also sir...

PBOR said...

Major Navdeep sir, One can notice the sincere efforts of members in the light of the fact that members were working in honorary capacity after squeezing out time from their respective professions. Also the fairness of the work, wherein the committee has recognized the good work of defence civilians.

Salutes :-)

Rajeev said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I went through the link and thanks for this major effort you and other s in the team did. I hope Govt accepts the report and we see changes on the ground.

Best Regards
Col Rajeev Dobhal (Retd)

Anonymous said...

8.17.108 It is further recommended that the provision of free rations and the grant of
Ration Money Allowance to officers of Defence forces posted in peace areas should be
withdrawn....Has anyone represented against it ?

Unknown said...

Dear All Veterans!

As per recent comment had raised by Mr Naveedp singh ji regarding declined the Disability of Officer Rank of ARMED forces in recommendation of 7th pay commission. In this connection Disability of officer Rank already hiked 10 times up to Rs 27000 than 6th pay commission. Secondly i have seen figures of other central government servant Moreover than to our officers.

In same view the disability amount in connection PBOR'S had hike Rs 1550 to Rs 3510 only light more of two times in 7th pay commission.

In my view the questions have raised'Why it had not been objected by our officers at a time
of 6th pay commission in favor of our Pbor'Why not faradized' when only two time hiked Disability of Jawan than ten times of Officer's. Now Other equivalent rank of civilian counterpart have hiked more than our officer just like a between Jawan & officers of army.

Jyada marate aur karate jawan hai' Lekin khate pite officers hai. Same wahi kahani jo hamare sath hua tha Wahi abhi officer ke sath ho raha hai. Kisi ki jan jati hai' kisi ko mouj aati hai ! Koi ansu bahata hai ! Koi muskarta hai.

Kal koi kuskrya! Aaj wahi ro raha hai. Yehi to duniya hai. Sabase pahale jawan ke bare me socho. Jab tak jawn aur kisan khus nahi rahega desh age nahi badhega. Thora is bat per gaur kiay jai ! kahan two times' waha ten times. please rethink over please.

Regard all of you
Ghanshyam Upadhyay
Allahabad UP