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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

“We the People” on NDTV, Kargil, OROP, Military litigation and more....

On Kargil Vijay Diwas, Barkha Dutt conducted a special episode of “We the People” on NDTV where I too participated in the panel discussion. 

The stories and the narratives can bring a tear to the strongest eye. 



Dear Sir, Thanks very much for bringing this Kargil Day on NDTV. I also served Kargil from Apr 1968 to March 1970 and missed my interview for SSB., which got my commissioning to 25 Jul 1983 (clear 13 years delayed), I would have also retired Brig or Maj GenMajor NS Gill with 39 yearsand 55 days (Ranks 19 years 228 days and commissioned 19 years and 187 days) service but todate getting pension of Rs.18205 i.e. 50% of 6 years commissioned major service.No pension or benefit for ranks service. What a pity in Indian Defence forces?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeepbhai,
I have a basic query.
All armed forces personnel are insured under schemes called AGIF, NGIF etc.
These are life insurance policies, the premium for which is paid by the individual.
What does the Govt contribute in this ?
Shud the Service person's insurance not be borne by the State ?
If a soldier dies in action, is the Govt not reqd to compensate other than gratuity etc, which even a Safaiwala dying of drink would get ?

Unknown said...

Excellent coverage. I appreciate your forth right views and acknowledgement of the damage done due to Babu mentality in Uniformed people as well. Keep excellent work going. God Bless.

Col. S. Srikantha said...

I also appreciate your forth right view of babugiri by people in uniform. My view is most of theses babus in uniform go by books rather than applying their heart & mind till they become ESM. Some may not realise even after retirement.