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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Committee of Experts constituted on the orders of the Raksha Mantri

You may read more about this historic decision through the following links:


Raghubir said...

Inclusion of Maj Navdeep Singh augurs well for the long neglected and forgotten fauji communit. You have been espousing the cause of servicemen harassed by those who are supposed to look after their welfare.For God's sake let Deptt of Ex-Servicemen Welfare be disbanded for what it has been doing so far.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to make a fool of you all.

Brig Opinder Singh said...

welldone Maj Navdeep, your presence gives us assurance that just recommendations will be projected, but we are not sure if anything will change except some minor issues. Havn't so many committees submitted reports including Parliamentary Committee of Mr Koshiary on OROP Subramanium on CDS etc. We have to be satisfied with crumbs thrown by the bureaucracy. Mr Parrikar may be rightly motivated for the change but he is helpless as evident the way he has handled OROP. At least four times he has given his word with a likely date to ESM reps and journalist but failed to deliver.Even COAS has been made to eat his words for announcement of OROP by 30 Apr 15 before the Haryana elections, we hope this set up can achieve some substantial changes way this government works against its own Jawans even filing flimsy appeals upto Supreme Court of India. Bash on regardless.

Unknown said...




Anonymous said...

Keep it up.
Lets hope the litigation for the disabled stops at AFT.
WE LIVE IN hope .

Satish Raj said...

Great News. May the committee do a fair job and clear the accumulated legal cobwebs which have developed into a stranglehold into all matters defence.

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,
This is one of the tribute Central Govt. Could award you...Many Mores to come...God Bless you...we all are with you.
Major Lalit Baghel

Abe said...

I am only happy to see Major Navdeep is part of the committee. Well done and thanks for your selfless service to veterans

Abe said...

Thanks for your selfless service to veterans

Retired Hurt said...

Dear Navdeep,
Congratulations to you and the rest of the team. You (and Rajeev Chandrashekhar) have been a true champion of the veteran’s cause(s). I wish you all success in your endeavours. While the composition of the team is “army heavy”, I hope due cognizance will be given to the problems of the Navy and Air Force veterans. I hope that one of your recommendations will be scrapping of the Department of Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare or having it manned totally by servicemen (serving and retired), OR placed directly under the PMO or the HRD Ministry, like the other welfare ministries.
Cdr CH Gomes IN (Retd)

Anonymous said...

I do not think it will serve much purpose as it will only be an advisory body and with no Babu included in it the recommendations will eventually be accepted or rejected on the whims and fancies of the civil servants. We need not be too happy about it.

S K Jain said...

Reasons of numerous court cases filed by ex-servicemen
1. AFTs do not accept court cases unless all available statutory channels are exhausted by the aggrieved ex-serviceman. Filing of numerous court cases by ESM suggests that their appeals to Authorities are not examined in right spirit. In most of the cases, ESM do not receive any reply of their appeals from the authorities.

2. Once a point of law has been decided by the Judiciary, the same should automatically be implemented for all similarly placed retired soldiers. This is not done. Judgments are being implemented only in respect of the petitioners. As a result, retired soldiers are compelled to file numerous court cases on the same subject.

3. New policies are introduced from a specific cut-off date. To cite an example, thousands of cases were filed by disabled ex-servicemen because revised policy of broad-banding of disability pension was made applicable only for soldiers who were invalided out on medical ground post-1996 which has not been approved by the judiciary. This policy should now be made applicable to all disabled soldiers irrespective to their dates of retirement.

4. At times, faulty policies are introduced. To cite an example, disability pension was not made applicable for those soldiers who retired prematurely due to compelling domestic problems. This policy has been overruled by judiciary. There are judgments where courts have held that disability pension cannot be denied to the retired soldiers simply because such soldiers retired prematurely. Such situation leads to filing of numerous court cases by the affected ESM. Obviously, all the disabled soldiers should be granted disability pension even if such soldiers have retired pre-maturely.

5. Judgments of AFTs are not implemented but appeals are filed in Supreme Court. To cite an example of appeals on broad-banding of disability pension, in Dec 2014 Supreme Court had en-mass dismissed 800 appeals filed by officials of MoD. If AFTs had passed 800 judgments on the same subject on the same lines, correctness of the disputed subject could have been well understood and these appeals could have been avoided.

6. The concept of welfare and humanity is totally absent. In one case, a soldier was denied disability pension because he got hurt in the bath room and he was not considered on duty by the authorities. This soldier was granted disability pension only with the intervention of court. In another case, a soldier was denied disability pension because he got hurt while he was on leave. This soldier was also granted disability pension with the intervention of court.

Lt Col G K Mohan Rao said...

There could have been a retd IAS officer with MOD background for broader views rather than only defence background

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

Finally there is ray of hope seems emerging with a bright and sensible spark included in the so called committee . Kindly , do not be just a member rather act like chairman , as after the cheating of decades only faith can be reposed in the current setup with you as a messenger of destitute and this being a god given opportunity. Request kindly take views from all corners and shoot them with an unprecedented precision ,as usual to settle them forever.i will forward my points on the issues,in fact some more issues , may god bless u sir.

Unknown said...

Sir....please also include the medical benefits to EMERGENCY COMMISSIONED OFFICERS.....ONLY A HANDFUL ARE LEFT

Anonymous said...

sir congrats, implementation of broad banding disability pension for disabled veterans for all cases maybe rolled out as soon as possible and also orop

corona8 said...

As this is a committee with Major Navdeep as a member, we can all be reasonably assured that the concerns we have voiced from time to time would be looked at positively.

This blog, the twitter account of @SinghNavdeep and the new Facebook page would be ideal forums for Maj Navdeep to keep everyone updated and also to, as his time may allow, guide readers and stake-holders on issues that are of relevance to veterans and serving personnel.

Openness and receptivity can go a long way in allaying apprehensions and in re-enforcing confidence. https://goo.gl/cjvRVX

Anonymous said...

great news from this committee lots of problems may clear for defence vets. But sir please do fair work for disabled veterans. kindly issue broad banding disability pension for all cases and orop implementation letter as soon as possible.