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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The release of my next book: Maimed by the System

I am happy to announce that my next book titled Maimed by the System would be released in the very near future.

The book shall be released during the course of this month and would be made available online also.

For information about the book and queries on ordering/pre-ordering the same, you may want to access the dedicated website www.Maimed.Info

Thank you for your eternal support. 


Ankur said...

Congratulation!!!! I am sure the book would do very well.

Unknown said...

Sir, waiting for your book's release.

Rajnams said...

Congrats.. Would look forward to read it..

Lt Col A N Ramachandran (Retd) said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I wish you a very successful release of your book 'Maimed by the System'.With your in-depth knowledge of the 'system', your first-hand experiences and acute insight, I am confident that your book will find wide readership and immense acclaim.
With warm regards and all good wishes.
Lt Col A N Ramachandran(Retd)

Abe said...

A copy of the book must be passed on to Justice Mr. Mathur, Chairman 7 CPC for his understanding of the system.

PBOR said...

Congrats Sir. Cover and back pages suggest it will be an extraordinary book. One is neat and tidy and another one is so expressive. Also, m sure there must be good reasons for not writing rank. wish u all the best :-)

Col N K Mahapatra ( Retd.) said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Congratulations.Looking forward to its release.Wish all the success for the release. GOD with you.
Warm regards
Col N K Mahapatra ( Retd.)

Brig SN Setia (Retd) said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Congratulations !!! Looking forward to the release.

With warm regards and best wishes.

RajInder said...

Congrats. Hope it changes the mindset of babus at MoD

Unknown said...

all the very best for the release. looking forward to it

War Veteran said...

On seeing IA in operation on TV my maid asked my wife,'how much extra will they be paid for the yeoman work'. On being told 'not even a paisa', she exclaimed in wonder, 'ARE THEY INDIANS?'
Tears flowed down my wife's cheeks as she narrated it to me.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj. Navdeep,

Good morning.

Congratulations for your book.

I am approaching you for guidance on the matter related to pension for SS officers in Central govt/PSU or autonomous organisations.

(i) In most of the organisations an SS officer if deposits his terminal gratuity (TG), his military service is counted towards pensionable service in that organisation.

(ii) The organisations were OK with it till time old pension rules (33 years of complete service for pension) were existed however things have changed now with new pension rule of 20 years service with full pension have come.

(iii) The orgnisation have refused to give any benefit to the SS officers stating that since now they are also eligible for full pension (i.e after 20 years) therefore they will not get the benefits as earlier infact they have refused to even return the amount (TG) which was deposited by the individual officer with 6% interest.

(iv) Now a few officers are planning to represent and request organisation to return their terminal gratuity.

(v) However I strongly feel since we had deposited our TG for pension benefits therefore we must still get it under pension benefit as the years spent in military can not be revoked and an officer will be getting less pension in terms of years of service completed in new organisation (a person with 30 years of service will get more pension than that of who has served for 25 years-the person with 25 years of service could not get 30 years pension because his military service for pension benefits is not counted)

Hope you would have understood our delema.

Please guide us in the matter (I am not sure weather an SS officer now serving in Central Govt is getting the pension benefits with addition of past military service)

I will be happy to share details with you.

joshirbi27@gmail.com; joshirbi@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Sir kindly include the intricacies of the New policy for the SSCOs ,to include few:

a no pension after fourteen years
b no protection of seniority
c no echs
d no reservation
e NO lateral induction
f.no substantive ranks
g inclusion in new pension scheme

GH Israni said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
I have just finished reading your book Maimed By The System.
I was not aware of the callousness of the system! I am sorry to learn that sometimes, the malaise is within the service itself.You have done yeomen service by writing this book.I wish it is read by the Civilian population too.

Warm Regards
GH Israni

GH Israni said...

An Eye Opener. Wish the book is read by all Indians
GH Israni