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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Consolidated reports and reviews on my new book “Maimed by the System”

Thanks to everyone, my latest book “Maimed by the System” has been well received.

Needless to state, I would like all of you to read and own the book since the aim of authoring it was to enlighten the populace on the travails, problems and issues facing military veterans and their families.

The book can be procured through an easy process at a discount and free home delivery, including through Cash on Delivery option, from Amazon India by clicking here. It is a non-commercial project and part of its proceeds shall be used for the welfare of disabled soldiers and military widows.

If you are not comfortable in using the online process, or if you have an Army Postal Office or Post Box/Post Bag address, then you can follow the traditional process the details of which are available by clicking here.

More information on the book is available on its exclusive website www.Maimed.Info

Consolidated reports on the book are as follows:


Lt Col A N Ramachandran (Retd) said...

My dear Maj Navdeep,
I am extremely glad to learn that your book has been well received and is a success.I doubt if the babus of MoD will have the same opinion! Nonetheless,if I may venture to suggest, a few complimentary copies may be sent to them, even if only for their enlightenment, for they are too obtuse and obdurate to change their meanness towards the soldier.Decision makers in the Service Headquarters also need to read, nay, study this book.
Above all, my compliments to you for deciding to utilise the proceeds from the book for the welfare of disabled soldiers and military widows.Just shows, once again, that you have your heart in the right place.How I wish the babus could have it in the same place too!

Rajesh said...

I have just recd the book thru the AMAZON.IN ...and finished already 50pages...Its a wonderfully written book and is quite revealing to note that the sadistic streak is not a prerogative of MoD babus but our own higher echelons as well.Must gift a copy to CDA(P)Allahabad and CGDA.I will sponsor that gifts,pls.