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Friday, October 5, 2012

Proactive action by the Department of Personnel & Training : Definition of ‘Ex-Serviceman’ revised, ambiguities ironed out, categories expanded, proactive decisions taken

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) functioning under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, has again proved its pro-public and proactive approach.

All ambiguities emanating from the last revision of the definition of ‘Ex-Serviceman’ (as provided in the rules of 1979 last majorly amended in 1987) have been attempted to be rectified.

On a first glance, the following are the apparent changes:

(a)The new notification covers aspects of all level of posts, that is, Group A, B, C and D.

(b)Those released on reduction of establishment are also now covered.

(c)Territorial Army pensioners of both categories, that is, those who earn pension after continuous service or in broken spells, would be covered.

(d)All gallantry awardees covered.

(e)Boarded out recruits in receipt of disability pension covered.

(f)Adjustment and modalities of reservation vis-à-vis other reserved categories fully explained and specified.

(g)Age relaxation for all levels of posts specified unambiguously including for Competitive Examinations.

Though one major apparent slip-up that appears visible from the notification is that while personnel released with ‘attributable’ disabilities have been mentioned in the notification, those released with ‘aggravated’ disabilities have not been mentioned. Although in the case of personnel of the Army Postal Service (APS), both attributable and aggravated categories have been specifically mentioned. Perhaps the Services and the Ministry of Defence need to take this up immediately with the DoPT.

An earlier post on this blog on the definition of ‘Ex-Serviceman’ through the ages can be accessed by clicking here. 


arumugam545 said...

At last the disabled Recruits are included in the list E S M list, two years long struggle comes to end
Thanks and our gratitude towards the official and staffs of Ministry of personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, With regards,

( Ex Sgt M Arumugam)
Pension cell,TNESL.

prakashthakrar said...

Thanks a lot Sir..


Anonymous said...

No word 2 express hapiness. Hope the privelege 2 enter in competition with the creamies will bring great satisfaction and happiness after fulfilling the bond that i signed at 17 yrs of age at became a jawan of the armed forces 2 give 20 yrs compulsory service without asking 4 anything. Really grateful 2 those who have taken steps 2 make it happen...

Anonymous said...

Major Navdeep sir, It's a great news for numerous past/present/future faujis having their stake in the matter!

Is it not for the nodal ministry or dept to call for a well vetted draft of such an important order from AFHQs and MOD prior to finally stamping it? Who else can be expected to provide richer inputs than AFHQs on the issue?

PBOR said...

Yeh toh hona hi tha. remember, weaker the govt better for poor, soldiers here in that case.

PBOR said...

Ek chota sa 'shak'. notification talks about Ex-serviceMEN what about Ex-Officers? ;-)

VARUN said...

Dear Sir,
As per the notification, a SSC officer who got released after completion of 5 years of service is covered under the new definition of Ex Serviceman or not?

Anonymous said...

sir can you elaborate para 4 b,does this mean exserviceman can now apply for all group a and b post also.

PBOR said...

To me, inclusion of more and more Ex servicemen in the definition is more important issue even above of better pay and pension. However,only 5 comments on this issue here, compel me to rethink. kuch toh baat hai jo tahreer. mein taseer nahi, fankaar nahi toh kalam johoote hai

Tukaram V Manerajurikar said...

Thank you Sir. It is really good news to exservicemen. Specially PBORs. Now they should try for Gp A/B services only after gettingt education while in AFS.

Anonymous said...

Sir, is the notification on modification of definition of Ex-Servicemen already published in "The Gazette of India"? If not, how much will we have to wait to try to get the fruits?

Anonymous said...

A Hawaldar said: Sir, it is good news that the scope of jobs will increase with this revised definition. In the larger interest, still it is half achieved. PBORs are the personnel serving in lower ranks through out their youth time. our country is thinking so much to offer them Group A job. Even in present context, the age relaxation for Group A post is 5 years. That is, if maximum age for any post is 30 years for general candidate, an ex-serviceman can apply only up to 35 years of age. hardly any one becomes ex by 35. what is the use of this provision of 5 years relaxation. while I am not seeking any reservation in Group A and Group B post or services, age relaxation should be three years in addition to the military service for all posts where recruitment is based on open competition. The revised definition, gives age relaxation for only group A and group B post that are to be filled by direct recruitment not by open competition. Generally Direct recruitment posts seek some experience. Sir, through your Blog I would like draw attention of readers, Our government should formulate such rules those should motivate serving defence personnel especially PBOR and our country citizens should brace defence service with smile with a hope that they will be getting fair chance to become group A officer in this country even after completion of their initial engagement period. Jai hind.

My email: ghr4india@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Sir, recently the notification for SBI PO has been issued but the exservicemen are granted only five years of age relaxation. Sir why it is so whether a Bank PO is group A or B post. If no why only five years age relaxation. thanking you sir.