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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Introducing ‘The Alpha Stories’, a stellar effort by a military spouse

While most of military publications tend to focus on the strategic and operational aspects of the military, what was lacking in India was a magazine on the day to day life led by the men and women in uniform and their families. 'The Alpha Stories’ bridges that gap. Following is a reproduction of a write-up received from Nishtha Gautam, a fauji wife and the Managing Editor of the magazine. I’m sure the readers of this blog would contribute material to the magazine, subscribe to it, enhance its reach and also ensure its success. The first anniversary issue of the magazine is going to be out soon. The maiden issue was released in June last year. 

The Alpha Stories is a contributory bi-monthly magazine through which defence personnel and their families present the military perspective to the world. 

Every uniform, be it of the Army, Navy or Air Force, has a story behind it, and ‘The Alpha Stories’ wishes to share these with our readers. In spite of having earned laurels in various wars and operations worldwide, and also having carved out an exclusive niche as one of the most professional Armed Forces in the world, our men and women remain under-represented. The human aspect of the armed forces is rarely a part of public discourse in our country and many stories of valour sacrifice and professional commitment remain untold. While most defence-related publications focus the technological and strategic aspect of military, The Alpha Stories attempts to bring the focus back on the man behind the machine. A lot more needs to be told to discerning readers who have been deprived of wholesome stories related to the armed forces. 

 ‘The Alpha Stories’ is making an attempt to highlight the lesser known positive aspects of life in uniform, with a view to restore the glory of the armed forces and share them with our readers. The altruistic spirit of the Indian armed forces must be brought to the forefront once again. Each organization has maladies and the best way forward is diagnosis. And that can only happen when there is a discourse. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between the armed forces and the civil society. 

Through its multiple sections, The Alpha Stories encompasses all the nuances of life in armed forces. Focusing equally on all vital aspects of life in uniform, the magazine contains news reports, opinions, profiles and history among other things. The Alpha Stories also projects lifestyles, ambitions and expectations of the different generations of defence personnel. What makes it stand out as a unique publication is the fact that all the published material is contributed by the forces fraternity. Thus, the magazine also serves as a platform for the creatively oriented defence personnel and their families. As and when a serving officer wishes to contribute an article, s/he is free to do it after obtaining a simple clearance. The Alpha Stories is meant to be a collective dream. You are welcome to be a part of the Alpha family.

If you wish to subscribe to the magazine, all you need to do is send your postal address to thealphastories@gmail.com 

Subscription fees can be paid through cash/cheque/DD or an online transfer to the publisher's account. A/C number will be communicated to you after you e-mail your details.

Cheques/DDs are to be drawn in the favour of New Era Publication. These may be sent to the registered office:

New Era, Near New Tehsil, Gautam Market, Jalesar Distt. (Etah) UP 207302

I am sanguine that you will enjoy reading this unique bouquet of expressions from the barracks,’ something which I have always cherished to bring out, especially as a proud wife of an equally proud Army officer. This a novel maiden venture, and its long term popularity and sustainability will require your magnanimous support and impetus, and I am hopeful that you will give us the encouragement that we need.

Nishtha Gautam
Managing Editor
The Alpha Stories


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I retired in 30/09/1990. I want revised p.p.o. My old ppo no. is s/025539/1990. Ex/Hav. Thete Punja Bhimaji. Army no. 1547032 M. please help me. thank you for you kind.