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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family Pension to missing personnel / pensioners : fresh proactive instructions

The modalities of grant of family pension to the families of missing personnel, and the issues concerning the same, have been discussed on this blog before.

Till now, the family pension was only granted to the wife of the missing individual and not to other members of the family, even if eligible for family pension. Actually, in my opinion, there was nothing in the rules to bar members other than the wife to receive the pension in case otherwise entitled under the rules, but the Govt had a different take on the interpretation.

The Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) has now explicitly clarified that in cases of missing employees or pensioners, the pension can flow to any of the members who are eligible for the same as per rules, including children.

The clarification has been issued on 02 Jan 2012. 


Anonymous said...

A very very welcome step. This in conjunction with issunce of Pension within 6 months of Missing Report( earlier was 7 years)to the legal dependents will really help the poor and unfortunate legal dependents.Our Other Ranks should be told in all possible gettogether,so that they in turn educate their legal dependents.Thank you Maj Navdeep. Regards Doctor

Anonymous said...

der aaye durust aaye.
need wide publicity for such orders.
in fact, such orders should be published in all possible news papers.
also there could be a dedicated news channel for defence employees and pensioners.

Anonymous said...

while we are busy with Gen VK Singh's DOB, some of the issues that are simmering in the back burner and long pending soolution.

1. No talk of appointing a CDS.

2. Go slow on Army modernization

3. All promotion boards of Brig's & above unusually delayed to accomodate
favourites or as we call them "Jackies"

4..Go slow on OROP for Offr's.

5. Go slow on empanellment of various hospitals for ECHS, 124 applications
pending since Feb 2010.

6. QD from CSD not being paid back to fmns & units as hithertofore.... Deposited
with Consolidated Fund of India for allocation to various NGO's like
ETC ETC, for the last two years.

7. No cars through CSD for service pers unless approved by an application
from QMG. Same facility available to all police pers through Police canteens.

8. All civilian Directors & above in MOD authorized individual DD staff cars with service drivers whereas Maj Gen's & equiv posted in A/N/AFHQ have to requistion & share cars.

9.All civilian Directors & above in MOD authorized treatment in R&R but ESM are turned away.

10.All civilian Directors & above in MOD authorized CSD facilities including Liquor.

Anonymous said...

can you plz upload the copy of dop&t order on ur blog

Anonymous said...

DOB of Gen V K Singh is a issue created by MOD attitude of not accepting logic. This may not be the only such case in the Armed Forces. Cases of lower rank officers do not get the lime light .To seek justice is a right of every citizen.But do we remain citizens as free as a civilian,once we happen to join the forces ?
some issues that are pending for long ,need immediate attention-
1. Broadbanding /rounding of disability percentages for pension in r/o ESM superannuated before 1-1-06.
2. Rank Pay issue
3. One rank one pension for officers
4. Granting pension to pre 1-1-06 retired officers based upon average pay for the rank and not based upon minimum of the pay band.

Rajax said...

I just wish the Govt Babus would go into a huddle and actually sort out the issues listed by Anonymous on 17 Jan 9:42 PM or give them priority that they are giving a non-issue which was never an issue. Raking up the DOB issue is just to prove "superiority of Civilian Services over Armed Forces". Unfortunately, non-issues can backfire and the Govt should sort out its "procedures" lest Fauj Occupies Main Street. Perhaps the time is ripe for the CDS. Mauka bhi hai, Dastur bhi Hai. Inshallah.

Rajax said...

Funny, It occurred to me that the Babus are not able to sort out a problem which was never there (Chief's DOB). What can they be expected to sort out when problems actually exist?

Anonymous said...

NDA/IMA/Service records are prepared based upon matriculation certificate
as far as DOB is concerned.
What benefits any officer can avail based upon DOB ?
DOB comes into play only for the retirement.
Issue of DOB of present COAS is not an issue that should have been allowed to linger upon so long.
it reflects immaturity / lack of will to rectify any errors on the part of those who were at one time or the other involved in decision making on this minor problem.
Govt may once again verify correctness of the matriculation certificate and then accept DOB as per matriculation certificate.
To my mind , there should not have been any need to waste so much time and energy on such a minor error.

Anonymous said...

@ All above on DOB issue....

Look at it this way - In 1966 a when you are underage to appear for NDA, you claim to be a year older and get through....Once you passout of IMA, you revert back to your Actual date which happens to be a year less....

And then at the fag end of Four decades of enjoying a successful career, you blame the Organisation for keeping duplicate records...

Think if it was a lesser mortal ???? They would have got fixed for furnishing wrong information at the time of Joining...