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Saturday, December 4, 2010

To clear your confusion !

Comments on this earlier blog-post reflect that it has not been adequately clarified that the said letter does not deal with the pension difference between senior and junior ranks retiring on different sides of the cut-off date of 01-01-2006. It is hence made clear that the letter referred to in the blog-post of 27 Nov 2010 only deals with pre-2006 retirees.

The pension anomaly characterised by reverse discrimination which was reported on this blog earlier on 19 Oct 2010 already stands removed and it has been now provided that the pension of a post-2006 retiree shall not be lower than a similarly placed pre-2006 retiree getting enhanced pension as a result of the CoS report implementation.

The ibid letter dated 18 August 2010 referred to in the ‘reverse discrimination’ blog-post can be accessed by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

This is only applicable till 30/06/2009.Still the pension of Gp "A" sepoy will be more than that of a Gp'A' naik wef 1/7/09 as per cir 430.

Anonymous said...

LATE entrant pension in territorial army--Does this mean any TA offr serving for 15 yr emb service is eligible for late entrant pension or this is only for those TA offr who by virtue of their age are unabl to complete 20 yr but have rendered 15 yr physical emb service
please clarify

s.Kanthiah said...

Dear Major Sahib,

Again the Anomaly of Post 2006 is getting less than a Pre-2006 exists:
For example,
A Subedar, Group'Y', 30 yrs of service, Retired on 1-4-2008 is getting a Basic of 10230, whereas a NB.Sub, Gp'Y', 28 yrs of service of Pre=2006 is getting a basic pension of Rs-10675/- as per Table-32 of CDA cir.430/-- Hence there is a confusion and anomaly.
This may be looked in to:
Sgt.S.Kanthiah, Exweltrust, Tirunelveli-Dist, Tamil Nadu.

ganapathy ramesh said...

maj navdeep sir,

i am a ex sgt retd fm IAF on 30 apr 2006 presently getting a basic pension of inr 6815 after putting up 20yrs of service, to my surprise i could find a air warrior[same rank,trade/group] with 18 yrs of service discharged,less two years than me,has been fixed with higher basic pension,of INR 7000/- pse explain or where this anamoly is to be addressed by me.

Justin N Christian said...

maj navdeep sir thanks for the clarification but right now for pre-2006 pensioners after implementation of cir 430 and due to applicable weightage factor to junior ranks,a junior rank is geeting more pension then senior rank. IN SUCH CASES PL ADVISE WHAT IS TO BE DONE.

Sumithra Chidananda said...

I have tried to clarify the confusion on the MOD letters in my recent blog 'http://blog-captncpoojary.blogspot.com/'. I look forward to have a look at it by all my fellow friends.