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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Military pay charts from 1949 till 2008 : US Army

I have often received requests for a comparative analysis of Indian Pay Charts vis-à-vis American and British ones.

I found this interesting information on a site wherein one can see all US military pay charts from 1949 to 2008.

The Congressional proposed pay for military members in 2011 can also be accessed by clicking here. It is at variance to the one proposed by the White House.

A direct comparison using the purchase-power index could be interesting !


swamy said...

Wow... great informative data.. sir..

Anonymous said...

perhaps they dont discriminate on the basis of officers and nursing officers.

Maj Aarti Sharma said...

It is wrong to use the term' nursing officer' when making a generalised statement. Use it only when referring to officers from different corps, like medical officers,dental officer, arty officer etc.

In US Army, Officers from Army Nurse Corps (nurses) routinely becomes commanding officers of hospitals and even mediacl commands. All officers irrespective of thier job draws the same salary i,e. commissioned nurses are not discriminated due to their profession.

US army medical corps selects only PG doctors, that that too as direct Major. The doctors deserve the accelarated promostions and higher pay no doubt.

Here too they are well paid, will reach grade pay 10000 @ 20 yrs after DACP. where is the command control issue? Then what is the problem about granting the same grade as applicable to the 'rest of the cadres' to MNS cadre aswell?

Maj Navdeep, Please support our cause