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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reverse discrimination finally addressed

After the report of the Committee of Secretaries for improvement in pensionary benefits of pre-2006 defence personnel was implemented, a unique form of reverse discrimination came into play – the pension of some categories of pre-2006 personnel was now greater than similarly placed retirees who retired after 01-01-2006.

The issue has now been resolved by the Ministry of Defence and a letter correcting this grave anomaly has already been issued.

The pension of post-2006 retirees shall now not be less than 50% of the notional pay in the post-2006 pay structure corresponding to the maximum of 5th CPC scales including classification allowance. The amount so deduced would be for 33 years’ service and weightage shall be admissible in such calculation as was applicable before the implementation of 6th CPC. The notional maximum of scale would be determined as per tables appended with SAI 1/S/2008 and pension would be calculated by taking into consideration the pay in the pay band, Grade Pay, MSP and X Group pay as well wherever applicable. The pay under Assured Career Progression Scheme (ACP) would be considered for pension purposes wherever a higher scale has been granted under the said scheme. For example, if a Naik has been granted the higher scale of Havildar under ACP, then he shall be paid the pension of a Havildar.

The revision shall be undertaken suo-moto by the concerned agencies.


PBOR said...

Navdeep Sir,

may i request u to upload the said letter of MOD


Anonymous said...

RANK PAY anomaly. I think the hearing is deferred for 08 Nov 2010,as seen in one blog, though veracity not known, may be Maj Navdeep can verify:

bye and all the best to all fauzis.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Please refer the comments at http://www.indianmilitary.info/2010/10/more-action-in-supreme-court.html?showComment=1287406662899#c920147549353150804

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep.
1. You have so many firsts to your name for which I congratulate you. I think only you can fight for the sports persons who have done the Nation and the Army proud and now find being disowned by their respective states for the cash awards/awards. Do consider taking up their cause even through courts if need be. Wish you all the best.

Col RJ Singh (Retd)

ramdas said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
can you please commend what is the result of AFT verdict of LT.Cdr.Avatar singh and UOI which will be helpful to many veterens of yesteryears not completed maximum years of service for pension both Officers, Jcos and Ors by wrong interpretaion of VI CPC report which states that revised pension in no case shall be lower than 50% of sum of the minium of the pay in the payband and the grade pay there on corresponding to the prerevised scale from which the pensioner had retired.Requested to comment

s.Kanthiah said...

vERY ENCOURAGING NEWS. Please publish the order/ letter no.of MOD for detail. We sincerely thank you sir.
Exwel Trust, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

Penmil said...

Hope MOD is trending towards OROP and not cycling back to old system of pensions.
Will the, weight age to be added to the total service for computation of pension, then be of a Havildar rank or that of a Naik?
The new assured minimum pension, for post 2006 retirees among the armed forces, may not be more than the pension at 50% of the reckonable emoluments at retirement, save for those who had put in a long service so as to equal or surpass the gross qualifying service of 33 years.
The ghosts of old, separate pay scales for each rank, full qualifying service of 33 years and the weight ages that go with each rank etc are still not exorcise able to the MOD, despite the simplification of rules, post 6th CPC !

Anonymous said...

It is very good that, off late, the notional pay fixed as per govermetn order dated 08 March 2010 has been made applicable to post 2006 retirees. But This has been made effective from 01 Jan 2006. But the pre 2006 retirees has been benifited from Jul 2009 only. This is a serious discrimination. The goverment should immedieatly consider to change the effecting date to 01 Jan 2006 for pre 2006 retirees also.
Jose Mathew

Unknown said...

Respected Navdeep Sir,
I have read the MOD letter dated 18/8/2010 on Post-2006 retirees.Para 3(v) of the letter says service pension determined under "these orders" will be determined as per the rank last held. I have a doubt, Some of my Pre-2006 friends,who were benefited by Cir-397( Modified parity) are not getting the pension for the rank last held after implementation of Cir-430(OROP?). They have held the last rank for 6 months only.On clarification AFRO informed that they are not eligible for it as per Cir-430.
What would be the correct interpretation of Para 3(v)of this letter?Kindly throw some light, Sir.

Ex-JWO Mohan Kumar
Coimbatore. 9442439382

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Singh,Thank you very much for giving lot of information to service/ex-service personnel.May i know the latest state of disability pension to pre-2006 pensioners.With regards.Commander M Sethu (Retd)

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep Sir,
In my opinion before settling the pension of pre 2006 retirees, the committee would have definitely thought of 70% pension for post 2006 retirees. The letter, as you mentioned, has been issued by GOI is not available in any of dealing departments. For real problems of post 2006 retirees pl read the posts on 'dy cda af new delhi' in google search, link - dy cda af non reciept of corr PPO..........

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Where is the mod letter on reverse discrimination.Are the concerned agencies sleeping over it.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Sir,

"Justice delayed justice denied". It is nice of you to have informed the environment that discrimination has been addressed by the GOI, MOD. I am afraid if this letter has reached at PCDA or not? If reached, are nine months not enought for them to issue suo moto PPO or else we are the victims of another discrimination. Whom should we approach? Please advise.

With Regards,

Ex JC-642872F
Sub Ramesh Singh

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, The first anneversary of mod letter dated 18 Aug 2010 on reverse discrimination in pension of defence personnel,is fast approaching. Pl convey our gratitude to concerned authorities for befooling Ex servicemen.

shekhar joshi said...

Previously Maj Navdeep used to upload the relevant letter issued such as REVERSE DISCRIMINATION FINALLY ADDRESSED. We have to read it to know more.

Sharon C Johnson

Pokar Ram said...

Dear veterns,
1. A lot of queries have been found on the site. Since quite some time has elapsed, hope situation must have got changed by resolution of the grievances. However if still pending, they may kindly contact IESM pension cell or Cdr Pokar Ram email pokarram@gmail.com or mobile 09414056782

L T Nair said...

Maj Navdeep Singh Sir,

Since the MOD has issued the letter on 18 Aug 2010, PCDA has not been taken any action for suo moto issue of corr PPO. Sir under RTI act we approached PCDA for intimation of the progress for which PCDA replied that the case is under exam with operative sec which is not understood. we are the victims of another descrimination. To whom we should approach. Sir Kindly do something on the matter at your end.

With regards

Ex Sub L T Nair

SUBHASH KB said...

Sir, please intimate about the present status of this letter. There is no response from the PCDA Allahabad so far.

Pokar Ram said...

Ex Sub L T Nair
August 11, 2011
Dear vetern,
I have seen PPO of a Subedar retired on 31 Mar 2011 whose pension has bee fixed taking into account the provisions of MOD letter data 18 Aug 2010.But the problem is for the past cases.
I would urge you to register your complaint on PCDA(P), Allahabad website as well as the "pgportal.gov.in" which goes to MOD