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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rates of ECHS Contribution revised

The Government has revised the rates of one-time ECHS contribution on 29-09-2010 with effect from 01-06-2009.

The new rates for ECHS contribution shall be as follows :-

All ranks upto Havildar & equivalent : Rs 15,000

Naib Subedar : Rs 27,000

Subedar till Major : Rs 39,000

Lt Col and above : Rs 60,000


ninihala said...

It is odd that subscription rates are different based on rank while benefits are same. This is an oddity as it appears to be case of cross subsidizing junior ranks by taxing senor ranks. This is a throwback to pre 1991 days. Days of free lunch are over. It is high time that everybody pays for his own post retirement health care. Does the govt, our employer, contributes to the kitty? To my knowledge, No. Why should seniors bear govt's burden. By the way, junior ranks retire earlier and thus avail ECHS facilities the longest. Should they not be paying more? Food for thought.

S.Kanthiah said...

A very useful message sir. But the rates are very high. May be reconsidered.
Exweltrust, Tirunelveli, TN

medical specialist said...

dear navdeep

refer your comment regarding medical standards that how can it be different for army and civil jobs.

the work environment is different for both post.

for your reference i have taken out the medical standards for US army. they are differnt from what the criteria for obesity are as per medical profession. moreover if u see indian guidelines for metabolic syndrome the criteria levels are much lower even then the western norms.



it is a unclassified document available on net

medical specialist said...

dear ninihala

The ECHS contribution we are giving is peanuts in return we get enormous benefits. On an average i see a ECHS member taking medical treatment for approx 5-10 lac after retirement.

Usually without govt backing and funding this scheme would have been a failure. Do u think the 60000rs offr hav to pay is enough for complete medical benefits we enjoy,.. GOVT DOES HELP US OUT THERE TO KEEP the system of ECHS going..

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Medical Specialist @6.46

Nobody disputes the difference in standards between civil and military jobs, but doctors ought to know the difference between objectivity and subjectivity.

Let me give you a crude example. A person is myopic to the degree of -3.5 D, now in this case, he may be unfit for the Air Force but fit for the Army or the IPS, however you cannot have a situation wherein a military doctor says that the degree is -4.5 D while a board of civil doctors holds it at -3.5D. It is totally objective and does not involve rocket science. He may be unfit for certain military appointments and fit for some others but his myopia cannot be attributed a different value. Similarly, you cannot have a situation wherein a person's height is measured as 180 cms by one doctor and 185 by the other - and this is happening at various places in the civil as well as military.

Hence, please take these Court decisions in the right spirit to correct the system rather than lamenting the intervention of outside agencies. Take it as an opportunity to improve upon yourself and your peers in your own little ways by being careful the next time you examine a candidate or conduct a Release Medical Board and not have a mental block of self righteousness which is already stifling us to a great extent.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Could you please post the govt/MoD notification for this.

Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal said...

Dear Veteran Ninihala,
Reference your comments regarding the new subscription rates for ECHS. I,in person,fully agree with you as far as reates are concerned and sugest it should be Rs. 17,000/-for every soldier ranking from Sepoy to General but at the same time I shall press for same category of accommodation for all. Pvt or General Ward. You decide this. No preferntial treatment of waiting room nor checking in first in the doctor,s room.There should be only one line for registering the patient, only thing emergency patient should be treated first irrespective of the rank.And this should not, only, be restricted to ECHS but in canteen also.Hope you agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Emergencies are always treated first!Rank/sex/race/personality....have no place during triage.The fact that seniors think that their rank can get them immediate attention(it happens sometimes)when there is a patient being resuscitated in the next room by the only doctor on duty is disgusting!

Anonymous said...


A very genuine doubt. why higher rank has to pay more for the same treatment. I strongly agree all should pay the contribution equally for EQUAL TREATMENT. Please remember the treatment for any problem is same for all humans, only people pay more for value added service. that is for separate room, priority consultation etc. If all this things remain same for all then the contribution also to be same for all. Govt should consider for making contribution equal to all ranks and make facilities also equal to all ranks.

Ex. Sgt
16 Nov 2010.

Anonymous said...

Am an ex Sgt, retired on 31/08/1998. Now i want to become the member of ECHS.

How much amount i need to pay through MRO for one time ECHS subscription / contribution?


Ombir Singh

Col NR Kurup (Retd) said...

Treatment in the empannelled hospitals is not same for all . For Eg when I fall sick I will be accommodated in a De-lux AC Room whereas my brotheren held lower rank will have to contend with general ward. If I need descriminatory treatment I have to pay descriminately. Govt is right for a change.

In fact I am of the view that the veterans are not required to pay anything. First it is a contractual obligation of government to provide free medical facilities for life to all veterans and their family. It is their terms of appointment. Secondly veterans availling ECHS facilities are deprived of the medical allowance. The younger pensioners avail hardly any ECHS facilties. If one work out the total medical allowance benefitted from ECHS contributors should be sufficiently higher to meet bulk of the day to day expenses of ECHS. This coupled with the contracual obligation of government make it obligatory on government not to charge any amount from us.

Bala said...

rates seem ok except that the offr class should have been kept separate from that of JCO's, OR. with the increased pay and allces post 6th pay commission, the amount laid down isnt exorbitant. the only rider is that the services promised shld be delivered.