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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Q & A (11)

Readers may send in their Questions through email for a Q & A session with ‘Q&A’ as the subject. For rules, please read this post.

Are widows entitled to two family pensions for two spells of services rendered by the serviceman ? (Ex-Sub Maj Gurcharan Singh)

Widows are entitled to two family pensions only if one of the family pensions is under a contributory scheme. Two proper family pensions from the government under non-contributory schemes are not admissible.

I sustained an injury in a battle inoculation training exercise in the year 1999 but have not been classified a battle casualty despite several requests. What is the actual rule position ? (Capt SS Davar)

Such injuries are battle casualties for financial purposes and physical casualties for statistical purposes in accordance with corrigendum to SAO 8/S/85 issued on 15 May 1991.

I sustained an injury in an MT accident which was declared as attributable to service but I was not granted disability pension since I was partly blamed for negligence in the accident. Is it correct on the part of CDA authorities to do so ? (Ex-Sub Rajan Kashyap)

Totally incorrect. When there is negligence on part of an individual, the disability element can be reduced but not refused. Please refer to Regulation 175 of the Pension Regulations.

I sustained injury while containing an unruly mob while deployed in aid to civil power. I have been granted normal disability pension but I feel that I should have been granted a higher rate of disability pension. What is my correct entitlement ? (ABC)

You are authorised War-Injury Pension and not regular Disability Pension. Please refer to Para 10.1 of MoD letter dated 31 Jan 2001 on the subject.

My service rendered as a ‘boy’ has not been counted for pension, what steps should I take to get it counted ? (Ex-Reservist Surya Kant)

‘Boy’ service has to be counted towards pension vide MoD letter No 1034/C/02-D (Pen/Sers) dated 10 Oct 2003. Even the Hon’ble Supreme Court has ruled the same. Kindly quote the ibid letter to your Records Office and they shall do the needful. Endorse a copy of your representation to the office of PCDA(P) Allahabad also.


Sadhu said...

You are becoming more and more indispensable to net savvy service personnel. My compliments to you on your yeomen service to the armed forces.
Can you provide a way by which you can be accessible to not-so-well-educated JCOs/jawans provided your already tight schedule permits?

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Anonymous said...

can it be explained in better form to know by a layman what is the meaning of if one of the family pensions is under a contributory scheme.

Anonymous said...

Sir, my father served Army from Aug 1950 to Aug 1965 and were getting pension at ordinary rates i.e Rs. 3500/- pm now he left us on 29 Jul 09. will my mother will get the pension of revised rate of one rank one pension like others or not. second, my mother has not yet received the 60% arrears of 6CPC since all the formalities of pension claim has been completed and submitted to DPDO. But since a year is about to over but they is no speedy action. pse advise. Is there any regulation by which i can claim the interest on my mother's pension arrears. sir I have no ID to send it through.
Rampal S/o Late Ex Sep 4139207 Rampat