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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Classification of Posts after the 6th CPC

Consistently there are queries on this blog pertaining to the classification of civil posts after the 6th CPC.

Posts carrying a Grade Pay of Rs 5400 have added to the confusion since certain such appointments are in Group-A while others are in Group-B.

Though I’ve covered the topic before, I would like to clarify again that posts in Pay Band-2 with a Grade Pay of Rs 5400 are classified as Group-B posts while those in Pay Band-3 with the same Grade Pay are listed as Group-A.

All posts in Pay Band-3 and above irrespective of Grade pay are in Group-A.

It may also be added that it is the actual functional scale that is to be seen for classification and status and not the scale granted under any kind of non-functional upgradation under various schemes such as NFFU, ACP or MACP. Non-functional increase in scale or grade has no bearing on status or authority.

The Gazette notification regarding the current classification of posts can be accessed by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Check this out


Anonymous said...

i was also trying to post a same thread. anyway.. here's the link


Hfo ig ravindran said...

Sir,kindly advice what action I should take 2 redress the anomaly of MWOs placed above Hony flg offrs 4 pension as per govt letter on modified pension 4 pbors. I got hony fg offr rank from Mwo (gp-1).Getting premotion has in effect reduced my pension.Also it is shown as per table 133 of the govt letter that hony offrs r Pbors only.Because Old hony offrs r effected 4 improvement in pension. Almost a difference of Rs 2000 in basic. Sir I request u on behalf of a gp of Hony offrs. We plan 2 move forward . Thank u . PL help us.

Anonymous said...

dear navdeep,
i am following tis site for long.
what surprises me is your total silence on DACP for AMC inspite of many request from various quarters!!!is it deliberate..if then so plz post that you are not interested in the welfare of amc..its really rediculous on your part. at one end you are reporting all the minutest thing but keepin silence on the DACP for so long..COMEON HAVE A HEART...!!!

Anonymous said...

navdeep sir...just a suggestion. dont post comments like this DACP crib. people in our community keep cribbing forever without taking any action at their own end. what do they expect from you, i dont know but they think that you have taken a 'theka' for defending the rights of others like you owe them something. please ban such negative comments. thks, j.k

Pied Piper said...

Anonymous @ May 27, 2010 11:22 PM

Why don't you seek information through RTI? Any problems with that?

Anonymous said...

DACP although a just demand for Armed Forces Doctors, regarding parity with civilian doctors in all other Central Govt services ans as approved by President, but in all likelyhood will remain a MIRAGE.

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Ravindran @ May 27 10:2 PM
The scales at Table 133 of MOD letter dt 08 Mar 10 are not applicable to Honorary commissioned pensioners as clarified at para 5 itself.
They are eligible for pension calculating pay scales with PB 3 +GP in PB 3+MSP 6000
From Cdr Pokar Ram 09435056782