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Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Star officers to join the re-employed gang !

Doors have been opened for Brigadiers to opt for re-employment after superannuation.

The officers would serve till the age of 58 and would not be posted to any formation below Corps level, and to selected training institutions.

Re-employed Brigadiers would be granted only one tenure and would have the option of attending office in civil clothes like other re-employed officers.


Anonymous said...

is this a good step ? shortage of officers has been cited as the reason. This is another retrograde step, the brigadiers retiring should be absorbed in PSUs or other governmnet departments such as DRDO and not be offered re employment. Will any DRDO Scientist H who keep getting extensions beyond 60 years accept such degradion ?

Raghubir said...

Better way to overcome the shortage of officers at required levels would be to make two years tenure in field area mandatory for all IAS/IPS officers during their first five years of service. This would enable them good understanding of military matters which would matter a lot in coming years.

Reemployment of one star people is good at age 54 when it is difficult to idle at home. It is lot better than working at construction sites?

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The re-employment of all officers in IAF has been stopped since 2001. Why discriminate when in IAF also 80% of the officers retire at 54 like Navy and Army.

I hope our Chief is listening and re-employment is restored. Current Chief appers to be considerate and practical commander.

Congrats to Army and three cheers to its leadership.

Anonymous said...

better to be among your own people.
in fact reemployment should be made more decent /respectfull by offerring work on same position rather than at lower levels.

Harry said...

@ Raghubir


You think anybody (read Sarkar or Babu) is interested in overcoming shortages. Who wants to be a cannon fodder when power and pelf abound outside the Military domain and even SC had to remind Govt of not treating Soldiers like beggers? No one wants to be a begger when he can pillage at will outside. Pls Get Real Sir! Incidently, brigs retire at 56 years of age and not 54 as mentioned.

@ Maj Navdeep


Hope you don't wanna hear just 'AAL IZZ WELL' type of comments? That will be an ostrich like approach and so much UNLIKE you! Let Afsaran-e-Hind know what is their worth and how they are be mistreated.

IMHO Getting re-employed two grades down should NOT be a cause of jubiliation for anybody anyway, let alone one star officer!

PS: Sorry if I sound too scathing, its definitely INTENTIONAL!

Anonymous said...

Navdeep: You got the heading wrong. You should have posted it as a sequel to 'How Majors became Minors
& Brigadiers become Majors"


Anonymous said...

Better to be re-employed than without employment.

JB Singh said...

A good step. We must look after our own, especially if they require to be helped.

Anonymous said...

Have we ever wondered that inadequate pay outside in the civvie street could be the reason that the superannuating stars are seeking re-employment within.
How do we address that?
wonder what the answers could be!!

chamyal said...

re-emp for brigs? they will employed in place of lt col.(2 ranks down)offr shortage has been cited as the main reason.

but someone tell me that is there any shortage of lt col ?. I always thought shortage is of capt and major rank offrs.

maybe i was wrong..


I feel, overall the re-employment business within the active forces must be done away with. It should be considered more of a charity for these many years of hardships. I don't see anything wrong with that either, however, the position offered must have inherent driving force for the individual as such he should continue with the same motivation and initiative. Ego clash must not come in the way of performing duties. The problem in most of the re-employment positions is the structure wherein one's position is degraded and at many places re-employed officers are made to feel inferior in a dignified way.

Today, the shortage in junior ranks cannot be compensated by re-employment. Instead, we must create a parallel force which is exclusively meant for welfare of ESM. For eg; have an airlines managed by ESM. Even a complete Metro type organisation can be managed by ESM. All CSD's can be managed ESMs. Of course proper induction is possible followed by adequate monetary compensation which is respectable one. Somehow, DGR has not been able to do justice in the placement.

Anonymous said...

I pity the boss of such reemployed Brigs as it is they dont work beyond Lt Col, they would have to create another senior YOs Course for such reemployed Brigs to be able to put up even a one pg draft mess bill.

Anonymous said...

Re-employment is a good idea. Probably armed forces would do very well if retirement age per say for all is increased to 60 Yrs. The balance will always be maintained by Pre- release. The biggest gainer will be Govt of India only.