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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update to relax some nerves

Regular readers would bear with me that there are loads of queries on certain pending issues especially ones related to pay and pension of Lt Cols. This much time is usually taken during deliberations on important issues like the instant one. Please disregard rumours and conspiracy theories, our pay cells and elements in the MoD are working overtime for the serving and retired community, please do not read too much into this delay. That said, this is how it is :

Issuance of SAI for Lt Cols : May take about a week or two. Deliberations are continuing at the govt level regarding the lower stage of the start of scale. Should logically start at Rs 38,530 at least.

Pension notification for Lt Cols : Will happen only once the scales of serving Lt Cols are notified. Is bound to take some time because this is to be done by a different department (The Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare) which is not interlinked with the establishment dealing with serving officers.

The status of Time Scale Ranks : Till now, after the implementation of 6th CPC recommendations, Time Scale and Selection Grade Ranks of the Regular Army are at the same footing as far as pay and pension are concerned. Hopefully the same shall continue.

Issues regarding status vis-à-vis civilians : Bound to take some time. Will only be determined after recommendations of the proposed High Power Committee.

Lt Cols already on deputation : Officers already on deputation may get to enjoy a one-time dispensation on Pay Band-4 as suggested on this blog earlier.

Future deputation of Lt Cols to mixed organisations : Status quo likely to continue.

Arrears on upgradation to Pay Band-4 : All arrears shall be payable with effect from 01 Jan 2006.

I would urge readers to have patience since they have nothing to lose. All affected personnel are bound to receive arrears for the lost time hence a few days here or there should not matter much. Enjoy the brew and Have faith !


Anonymous said...

Navdeep thanks for the update.
However if Lt Cols Come to 38500 then where do the Cols start???

Kaps said...

"Enjoy the brew and Have faith !"

One only wishes that it remained instant coffee and not turned into a stale mixture ;). Thanks for the update Navdeep. This should smooth a few ruffled nerves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,
Thanks for clarifying so many doubts.
Sir, how can I contact you, my E-mail is badal_1970@yahoo.com?

Anonymous said...

Have Faith!!

Thanks 4 d update Navdeep

Anonymous said...

dear Navdeep,thanks 4 the up dt.regards kds

Pundir said...

Navdeep we are really grateful to you for your valuable update. It keeps our moral high and we trust our organisation which has stood the test of time


concerned said...

May I suggest that to the author that he keeps some time, say 10% of the blog time, to focus on issues pertaining to firstly the gallantry awards-how these are being devalued most glaringly in 2008 and how the winners have not been given the pride of place even by the armed forces themselves not to talk of by the government, secondly, the neglect of disabled.

Unless the winners of the gallantry awards are given greater recognition and the awards isolated from creeping politicisation and influence- peddling, one is afraid that another institution would fall by the roadside. How good that would be for the nation needs to be pondered and debated publicly.

Perhaps the author can do it-given his felicity with pen, balanced views and ability to articulate issues clearly.

There are other issues as well that need airing but I would not like to make this a long list so as to not to de-focus points raised.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj,

I thought 'logically', Lt Cols should start at 39690 'at least'. Or am I missing something here?

KB said...

thnx 4 the update.
god bless u too...

Anonymous said...

Tamks Maj Navdeep,
It is timely consolation. Tamk you once again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Now here is some information that might require a stronger brew

Arrears (40%) of pay to post 1-1-2006 retired personnel were released in January 2009.

Payment of Arrears of DCRG and Leave Encashment for the post 1-1-2006 retired personnel appears to have run into some snag and there is blissful silence.

Corrigendum PPOs were to be issued based on the Annexure II option. Many have submitted them to the concerned CDA in January but so far there is no intimation from the CDA or issue of Corr PPOs.

Would some one be able to enlighten Veterans?

Anonymous said...

Hope the MoD is working over-time to use their wisdom for fixing pay in 37400-67000 scale doing justice to the following rank structure and not makinf all of them to start at 37400

1. Lt Col (on comepetion of 13 years service)
2. Lt Col (Time scale)
3. Lt Col (Selection)
4. Col (time scale)
5. Col (Selection)
6. Brig
7. Maj Gen

Anonymous said...

Navdeep thanks for the update.
Will the Cols and Brigs be also affected?

Ramani said...

Like I said earlier, you do give the correct information, not relying on hearsay.Hence this is a real morale booster for the concerned pesonnel as they all know that this for real.
Just for my info , can you give the sequence of action.
If i am not wrong, it goes like this,
1.First Ministerial appoval.
2.Next issue of the SAI/eqvt by MOD.
3.Issue of directions by the CGDA to all C'SDA.
4.Issue by the respective CDA of relevent instructions to banks/payment authorities.
. Am I missing somethng.
Anyway Thanks once again Navdeep.

Harpal Saini said...

Great service for community Sir, Only thing I found missing is, no detail about PBOR 70% pension benefits. Kindly clarify, is it 50 % or 70 %, because we are not able to see any notification in this regard, so far.

Thanks again

ravindra said...

this memorandom shows the certain changes accepted by the govt.from the 6th Pay comm. regarding full pension irrespective of period of qualifying service subject to minimum qualifying service . Therefore there will be no pro-rata reduction in pension and also no weightage years given rank wise now to compute retiring pension. This is good news. however the Office memorandum is silent on its applicability to pre or post 2006 retirees. However effective date is 13th feb 2009. How does all this affect the pensions of pre and post 2006 retirees. ?

vellore said...

Regarding pension of Lt Col.
Now Lt Col rank is no longer based on selection as the rank is granted on completion of 13 years of service.Earlier, the same rank was attained on completion of 21 years of service. It is therefore logical to expect the pension of Lt Col (TS) to be fixed at 50% of the starting scale of Lt Col, which is now in PB-4
(37400+8000+6000)/2 for 33 years of service including weightage. PCDA has so far considered a weightage of 7 years for the rank of Lt Col, in the calculations as reflected in the Annexure II of pension calculations.
Regarding selection grade Lt Cols, it is possible that their cases will be treated at par with the present rank of Lt Col

Pokar Ram said...

ravindra 5.13 pm,

Pension for post 01-01-2006(but before 02 Sep 08) retiree is 50 % of last pay drawn or average of last 10 months whichever is more beneficial for 33 years of service as per latest amendment to letter dated 27 Nov 2008.For lesser service it is proportionately reduced.
For post Aug 08 retirees, it is also 50% of last drawn but no weightage is counted.

Ramani said...

If the 13 feb letter (as quoted by Raveendra on 19 feb at 5.30pm) were to be applicable for all retirees ie pre2006 , then the retiring table given in table 1 of the CGDA circular #403
will be reduced to one line as given in table 2 for family pensioners.This will simplify the job of the pension disnbursing authorities.
This will mean all pre 2006 pensioners of a particular rank will get same pension irrespective of number of years of service.
In any case you will hardly find a Brig with less than 27 yeas service.So hopefully no feathers will be ruffled.
since CGDA will have their work cut out,the proper instructions can be expected only by mid march.

Anonymous said...

Why are Officers who retired between 1/1/06 and 1/9/08 being left out of the full benefits of the 6PC?

Why are they not being allowed 50% of last pay drawn as pension? Also the same for gratuity?

Is this not discrimination, despite the fact that they retired after 31/12/05?

Can somebody please clarify?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,

Kindly address one of the very important issue relate to the retirement age anomoly of Gp Capt select and Gp capt TS. In IAF Gp Capt S retires at 57 wherein Gp Capt TS retires at 54(applicable for Wg Cdr rank). I think similar anomaly is not there in Army. I am not sure of Navy.

Since SPC has not differentiated between a select and TS rank therefore Gp Capt TS should also retire at 57 like Gp Capt S. This anomaly needs immediate attention to benefit a large number of officers.

With your influence, efforts and directions I am sure, it would certainly be favourably resolvd.



Anonymous said...

you are doing a great job .i salute u

ak said...

dear sir,
whats the latest on pay fixation of 106,107 reg and the ss offrs who've been promoted during 2006.
our pay has been fixed in the rk of capr wef 1jan2006 and total arrear calc at 69000only whereas had they been calculated from date of promotion i.e 10 jun 2006 we would have recd arrears of 1,77,000, thus a loss of almost 1lakh .

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Anonymous 11:41 Am

Regarding pension to armed forces officers retired after 01-01-2006 kindly have a glance on MOD letter
17(4)2008(2)D(pen/policy)dated 20 January 2009 . It has been clarified that pension of such officers would also be 50% of last pay drawn.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Thanks once again with the update.


Cdr RS Gill said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Thanks for the update. Would be grateful if you could give the following information:-

Refer MOD letter of 11.11.2008 regarding Implemention of 6th PC for Pre 2006 Pensioners.

Para 2.2 states that the provisions of the letter do not apply to Gallantry awardees such as Ashok Chakra etc.

Cdr RS Gill, SC, NM

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
It is a pleasure to read your well presented updates concerning matters military. Especially your fight for the cause of Ex-servicemen.
I had read somewhere that the monthly allowances for Gallantry Awards had been enhanced by the Government to double of what is being given today. Is this true? If so, has any SAI/MOD letter been issued and what is the efective date of these enhancements?

Gopal said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, What's the latest on AVSC -II recommendations?
Is the time period for Col(TS) being brought down from 26yrs to 21yrs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
There are a large chunk of Retired Officers like me who were not aware of the recnt changes like dispensation of Selection Board for promotion to Lt Col (Selection), incorporation of a rank Col (TS), promotion to Lt Col by 13 years etc., till the 6 PC contravercy. Still we wre not awae of following:
1. What is the status of then existing Lt Col (S) from 2004 ?
2. What is the Status of Lt Col (S) Vs Lt Col (TS)
3. During 2004 itself there might be units commanded by Lt Col(S) (at least in officiating capacity) where very senior Lt Col (TS) were placed under them as juniors with lesser pay
4.What happened to those Lt Col (S) who could not make to Col (S) ?

This news were not published by any of the media. Kindly let us know as to from where we can obtain the above information

Anonymous said...

Dear Anony (Tapan)20 Feb 12:41 pm,

Good Point! Rightly brought out. The retirement age of Gp Capt Select and Gp Capt TS should logically be same as there is nothing like TS/Select as per as SPC is concerened.

Its once again our own creation. We should unionimously reject this kind of terminology in all forums.

The case of same retirement age must be taken up at the heighest level.

@ Maj Navdeep

Request guide us. With your help and guidance a large no. of officers would be able to take benefits of enhanced retirement age.

I once again thank you for your selfless service of educating service personnel.

Regards & Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I hope all Time Scale officers will get the same pay based on years of service and there is no anomaly as Commander (TS) of Navy have not been promoted to Capt(TS) after 26 years service whereas Army Lt Col (TS) and IAF Wg Cdr (TS)officers have been promoted to Col (TS) and Gp Capt (TS) after 26 years service. Maybe all in PB-4 may resolve this anomaly.

Anonymous said...


I was talking about the fact that all Lt Cols who retired between 1/1/06 and 1/8/2008 are being governed by pre-6PC laws, ie,their pension is still governed by the no.of yrs of service they have on retirement.

For example, an Officer with 20 years service will still get 27/33 of the full pension, as against anybody who retires on or after 2/8/2008, who wll get 50% of last pay drawn, irrespective of the no. of years he has served.

MOD has made the Office Memorandum as the authority, without considering Officers retiring between 1/1/2006 and 1/8/2008.

This anomaly must be corrected as it makes for a drop of 15% in pension for such officers and corresponding reduction in commutation.

Lt Col(retd) RS Dasila said...

There are querries about status of Lt Col(TS) and Lt Col(S). Logically speaking, both (TS) & (S) are lt col now. Only difference is pre 16 Dec 04 lt col(s) are senior to pre 16 Dec 04 lt col(TS). Lt Col(TS) gets their seniority from the date they got rk pay of 1600/- ie 16 Dec 04. Now all are lt col and no TS/S. While fixing new scales, there will be bunching for every two consecutive stages as per SAI(ref para 7(a)(iii) of SAI2/S/08) . That means 13500+1600=15100 and 13900+1600=15500 will get fixed at same stage what ever fixation is decided. For every two pre-rivised increments one would get one increment at the time of fixation in revised scale.

Anonymous said...

Hope someone is giving a due thought while fixing pay in the Pay band for Lt Cols. There are Lt Cols(Select list), the Lt Col (Time Scale) who got promoted on completion of 21 years of service but seniority fixed as on Dec 04 on implementation of AVS Phase1 and the third category of those who promoted on 13 years of service. While selection to Lt cols rank no more existing, those who attained the rank by selection were not abrogated. Similarly the erstwhile LT Cols(TS) who attained the rank after 21 years cannot be clubbed those promoted through AVS-1. Hope those working on the pay fixation is giving due consideration to this facts. Navdeep is requested highlight this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
read somewhere today that the remaining lot of arrears for Central govt employees will not be before Aug 2009.As long as they give it then, it will be fine. there are a lot of octegenararians who are depending on this.
Also I cant understand the mentality of downgrading army time scale officers. Afterall, all have been selected through the same SSBs and looking down on those who did not make it due to the stringent selection process and shortage of vacancies is ABSURD to say the least.
IAS officers get their Timescale and SuperTimescale promotions on copletion of a cetain numbe of years of service, but no Stigma is attached.
SO I would like advise all the concerned NOT to suffix TS against those unfortunate enough not to make it.It makes no difference.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep, pl guide about option of pay fixation in this changed scenario with SAI ammendment being publised for LtCols. Will we get to exercise the option to choose 6th CPC scales either from 01/01/06 OR from a later date (date of Increment/promotion) again, as it would make a difference to present basic pay. Logically we should get 3 months from the date of new ammendment. What do you say.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dear navdeep, Can U Pl throw some light on status of exercising option once payband ammendment to SAI, for LtCol is issued.
Will we get to exercise option vide Appx A to SAi again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,

The issue raised by Tapan (20 Feb 09 at 1241 pm) is very important for all of us. Pls ensure that it is deliberated and not lost in fog of discussions.

As always pls accept best wishes for you and your family. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdip sir, Pl clear about the 70% pension weightage for PBOR. Is it cleared and any notification has issued in this regard. Pl let the environment to know.

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Would be grateful if you could kindly clear doubts on pay fixation of re-employed officers as to ignorable portion as per MOD letter 1(1)/2001/D(Pay/services)dated 31 Jan 2002 with specific example-
Pay before retirement was 15500 in scale 13500-400-17100.Retired as Cdr and re-employed against Lt Cdr post. Pension before commutation Rs 12795.
What pay should be fixed/deducted/payable???

Anonymous said...

its been a month that u posted abt SAI being published. Whats the delay now?
when are the arrears being distributed?

Anonymous said...

ACP to PBOR is being awarded after 8th, 16th & 24th years of service.  It should be after 8years service in same rank/8th, 15th & 22 years of service whichever is earlier.

Anonymous said...

It is quite a long time since govt instuctions for PB4 for all Lt Cols (Mid Jan). It's over two months now and still there is no news whatsoever for the elusive SAI. I only worry that this has not be a hoax. It doesn't take this long to issue an amended SAI. Let's hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

what has happened to balance of 60% of the arrears going to be paid.first instalment already devoted to the spiral price hike

Sangita said...

Whats the status of MSP while calculating the last pay drawn for the purpose of fixation of pay in a civil Central Govt Deptt? The pay is fixed at the last basic pay drawn. Is the MSP included as a part of the basic pay? Any authority letter on the subject?