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Monday, February 2, 2009

(Update : PB-4 orders issued) At last, some more uplifting news for military status

Uplifting News # 1

Pay Band-4 orders for Lt Colonels have been issued. All Lt Cols are now placed in Pay Band-4. Only those officers who are on depuation to organisations such as NHAI, IRCON, Pawan Hans, State Govts etc would not be placed in PB-4 till they revert back to the defence services. Hence, only about 30 Lt Cols in total are expected to be kept outside the purview of PB-4. Orders on PB-4 dated 30 Jan 2009 issued by the MoD to this effect can be viewed by clicking here.

Uplifting News # 2

Again as regular readers would know that after the 6th CPC, certain banks had changed the QR for the post of Chief Security Officer from Colonel / DIG to Brigadier / DIG. Now comes some heartening news from SBI. The SBI has advertised posts for its apex security post and the QR is that the officer should either be a Brigadier from the Army or an Inspector General (IG) of Police from the IPS. The advertisement can be viewed and downloaded here.

Uplifting News # 3

The Ministry of Defence has advertised the post of AGM in the Canteen Services Department which would be held either by an STS officer (erstwhile 10000-15200 scale, now PB-3 with GP 6600) from the civil side or a Captain from the Military side.

Remember what the cabinet approved : Grade Pay shall matter for status only within the cadre and not outside it. Well, there you have it :-) Somebody IS listening


Anonymous said...

Thanks lot, Navdeep, for the valueable information

Anonymous said...

Good early morning news Navdeep

Anonymous said...

Navdeep, You are doing a yeoman service to corps of engrs. Pl post the letter saying SEs will now be posted as GEs

Anonymous said...

Dear Navadeep,
This(#1) appears to be impossible news. However this is what E-in-C would like to be for time being. This proposal was rejected by IDSE fraternity about 3 years back. I find that the proposal does not address any of the current issue. ACE (gp 8900) working under Brig(gp 8900, also SE(gp 8700) working under col (gp 8700) while vice versa not happening will create similar problem in future. What will be structure in higher offices ie CE Zone, Command and E-in-C? Is their any proposal to create additional posts of ACE/Col as section heads in these offices? If, no then problem remains.

ASK said...

Dear Navdeep,
We are eagerly looking for uplifting news on revision of Disability Pension rates!!Is it likely to come through or has it been shelved ? Since you always have authentic advance info,could you give its present status.

Anonymous said...

A step fwd for parity. The main battle for parity has to continue.
Thanks Navdeep

Anonymous said...

Truly uplifting... Maj Navdeep.

Now services must insist that interse seniority between other civil and CPM officers with services should be based on the total pay drawn and not GP as approved by the cabinet.

What do you think of the concept of inter service mobility of govt officers. Why should not our officers be allowed to give IAS exam so that they have a better chance of reaching GP 10000 compared to the pathetic chances that exist in the services.

digvijay said...

Yes you have the analytical mind without the arrogance along with strong legal understanding of matters , absolutely brief to the point - no beating about the bush - keep it up , I love it

OneTopic at a time said...

No aspersions on other "defence" related blogs, but your blog is more informative.

Matters that every soldier/sailor/airman, serving and retired/veteran is vexed about finds it here.

Congratulations, please keep up the good work.

Air Mshl (retd) S Y Savur PVSM AVSM ADC

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep

How are they going to adjust Lt Cols and above in PB4. Does it mean reworking out the pay structure for all ranks from Lt Col and above

Anonymous said...

Some bird says that Lt Col- GP 8700 too is thru? Truth of the same?Thodi si aur lift karado JI!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Maj.Navdeep,
The link to Shiv Aroor's blog 'LIveFist' has disappeared today from this page.
If there is no problem there can you please reinstate that link. It was a useful link.
Thanks and regards.

Anonymous said...

How are they going to fix the pay of Lt Col (13 years), Lt Col (TS), Lt Col (Selection) ? Hope they won't fix the pension of Lt Col (TS) and Lt Col (S) at the same Rs.37,400 + 8000 + 6000

Anonymous said...

Any info on DACP for Defence Doctors? http://www.mohfw.nic.in/DACP(SAG)2.pdf
NAVDEEP please you have access to all the latest info.
Please enlighten us, atleast inform us, if the file is moving or not!

Anonymous said...

Whatever said and done, the grade pay is 8000 and all perks are based on that only. The intra cadre seniority will be in background and inter cadre seniority will come to the forefront after a while. So, defence ministry needs to correct this anomaly immediately. It is foolish to give a scooter but with-hold the stapney to a new buyer by the dealer.

Anonymous said...

i am doing my M-tech from IIT, i hope i am in PB4 since i am not able to find any specific orders for the same...kindly advice

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



1. 15% Horizontal Reservation in group ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No RTS/1079/0/482/XVI dated 03 Jul 80).

2. Relaxation of age for Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts by years of service plus 3 years (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No RTS/1079/0/482/XVI dated 16 Apr 80).

3. Cash grants & cash in lieu of land to the Gallantry/Non Gallantry Award winners (PVC, AC, SYSM, MVC, KC, UYSM, VrC, SC, YSM, SM, NM, VM, Mention-in-Dispatches, PVSM, AVSM, VSM) since independence from Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 1,72,500/-.(Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Shop pur-2000/303/P.K 31 (2000)/28 dated 03 Jul 2000) .

4. Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 2 Lakh to the NOK/dependents of Martyrs killed in action/any operation w.e.f. 01 May 1995 to 30 Apr 1999. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Shankirn-1096/3330//P.K 220/96/28 dated 30 Mar 1999.

5. Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 5 Lakh to the NOK/dependents of Martyrs killed in action/any operation w.e.f. 01 May 1999. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-1099/1661/PK 126/99/28 dated 04 Oct 2000).

6. Financial assistance of Rs. 1 Lakh (20% to 49% disability) and Rs. 3 lakh (50% and above disability) to the disabled soldiers in any operation w.e.f. 01 May 1999. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-1099/1661/PK 126/99/28 dated 04 Oct 2000).

7. World War II veterans are given Rs. 1,275/- p.m. as financial assistance. (Auth: Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-2004/PK 120/2004/28 dated 30 Mar 2005).

8. Rs. 1,000/- p.m. to widow or parents of Posthumously gallantry award winners. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Shop pur-2000/303/P.K 31 (2000)/28 dated 03 Jul 2000).

9. Free education facilities are available for the dependents of killed in action, wounded in action, gallantry awardees and also for the dependents of ESM upto the rank of Major, excl professional colleges or tech instituites.

10. Reservation of 5 percent seats limited to maximum 5 in Govt Medical College, Engg College, Agriculture College, and Polytechnic & ITI. (3% reserved for service personnel) (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-2001/2531/PK/231/2001/28 dated 21 Mar 2002).

11. Exemption from payment of examination/application fee for the MPSC. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No RTS/1079/0/482/XVI dated 03 Jul 80).

12. Rent control Act and Land Tenancy Act have been amended to facilitate resumption of House/land by ESM.

13. 2 and 10 percent reservation in allotment of houses and house sites respectively. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No AGN/1184(2388)/KA-9 dated 14 Jul 1966).

14. Special leave upto 7 days for medical review boards. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No LVE-1482/CR-1422/SER-09 dated 24 May 83.

15. Free legal aid for settlement of disputes. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No DFS-1063/10793-J dated 12 Dec 1963.

16. Maternity benefits for families of ESM – six cots have been reserved in KEM hospital, Pune.


17. The activities under this fund are monitored by the Executive Committee of Rajya Sainik Board, on behalf of RSB, in quarterly meeting held in a financial year under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Minister of Sainik Kalyan. This fund is utilised in giving financial assistance for the welfare of ex-Servicemen, widows/dependents as well as for resettlement of the retiring ex-Servicemen in the form of grants to aid their re-employment and self-employment ventures.

18. Subsidy/Interest subsidy of 10% or max Rs 17,000/- on loan upto Rs. 3 lakhs taken by the ESM for self-employment ventures.

19. Old age Financial grant upto Rs. 700 p.m. or Rs 8000/- one time for the ESM of 65 years/widows having no source of income.

20. One time assistance of Rs. 10,000/- to NOK of personnel killed in action/other operations including physical casualty.

21. Rs. 3,000/- for undergoing training for self-employment.

22. Rs. 3,000/- is given to ESM/widows for denture and hearing aids.

23. Financial assistance of Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 50,000/- to the disabled soldiers having disability from 20% to 50% and above 50% respectively due to reasons other than war/operation (physical casualty) after retirement.

24. Rs. 3,000/- funeral grant for ex-Servicemen/widows.

25. Rs. 60,000/- and Rs. 50,000/- is given to the War Widows and Widows of physical casualty respectively for construction of house.

26. Education scholarship from Rs. 600/- to Rs. 7,000/- to the wards of ESM studying from XI std to post graduate and research level.

27. Reimbursement of tuition fee upto Rs. 10000/- to the children of ESM studying in professional recognized Govt institutions.

28. Upto Rs. 10000/- is given to the children of ESM studying out of State.

29. Rs. 500/- is given to the children of ESM studying in non grantable private school for Uniform allowance, Book allowance and tuition fees.

30. Rs. 25,000/- is given to children of ESM who are studying in foreign countries.

31. The children of ESM attending preparatory/pre-training course of UPSC, Bank and other competitive exams are paid 50 percent charges of the training fee upto Rs. 2000/- maximum.

32. The children of ESM who are studying in State Sainik Schools are given Financial Assistance of Rs 32,000/- for Sainik School Satara and Rs 15,000/- for other Govt recognized Sainik School.

33. The wards of ESM who have taken Driving Training are given reimbursement of 50 percent training fees maximum upto Rs. 1000/-.

34. Award of Rs. 5,000/- and Rs 10,000/- is given to the ESM/wife/widow of ESM/children of ESM who have performed outstanding activities in the field of sports, music, literature and dancing etc on National level and International level.

35. Financial Assistance of Rs. 20,000/- for addition/alteration of own house to the disabled soldiers having more than 65 percent disability w.e.f. 01 May 2002.

36. Financial assistance of Rs. 300/- p.m. to the ESM having blindness more than 65 percentage.

37. Incentive to children of ESM who are undergoing computer education in recognized Government institutes are given upto Rs. 4000/-.

38. Free medical aid in Govt hospitals/re-imbursement upto Rs. 40,000/- and Rs. 700/- p.m. for one year or Rs. 8,000/- one time for post operative treatment of major diseases i.e. Heart, Cancer, Renal, Paralysis.(Only for non pensioners ESMs/Widows after the operationalisation of ECHS).

39. House loan subsidy to the extent of 10 percent or maximum Rs. 10,000/- whichever is less.

40. Financial assistance for daughter’s marriage as follows :-

(a) One daughter of ESM - Rs 3,000/-

(a) Two daughter of disabled soldiers - Rs 4,000/-each

having Disability more than 50%

(c) Two daughters of widows of ESM - Rs 5,000/- each

(d) All daughters of war widows - Rs 10,000/- each

(e) All orphan daughters of ESM/widows - Rs 5,000/- each

41. Financial assistance to mentally retarded children of ESM as follows :-

(a) Medical treatment - Rs 250/-pm

(b) School going children - Rs 100/-pm

(b) Under going skilled educaton/trg for - Rs 500/-pm

Self emp.

(d) For self employment - 50% of loan or

Rs10,000/- whichever is less.

42. The boarding charges are reimbursed to the children of ESM studying in SPI Aurangabad (Officers ward- 50 percentage, Ward of JCOs - 75 percent and Ward of OR 100 percent).

43. Pocket money to the Wards of Offrs, JCOs and OR studying in NDA to the extent of 50%, 75% and 100% respectively.

44. Free bus travel upto 2500 KMs per year to war widows and gallantry award winners of chakra series (PVC, MVC, VrC, AC, KC, SC). (Auth :- Booklet on benevolent fund rule (revised) 2001 as amended.

45. Financial Assistance 50% of project amount or max of Rs 5.00 lacs for self emp to self help group of ESMs wife and widows.

46. Financial Assistance of Rs 3 ,000/- (for one eye) for eye operation (cataract) to ESM and their dependents.

47. Financial Assistance (Actual expenditure) for purchase of kubdi of disabled ESM.

48. Financial Assistance of Rs 1,000/-pm to disabled ESM staying in paraplegic centre Kirkee pune.

Benefits from Special fund

49. Queen Mary’s Technical School - Dependents of ex-Servicemen and disabled ex-Servicemen taking training in Queen Mary’s Technical School are re-imbursed full fee upto Rs. 1800/- per year

50. Hostel Fees - Dependents of ex-servicemen who do not get admission in military hostels or due to non-availability of hostels in particular station, staying in college/school hostels, is re-imbursed upto Rs. 300/- per months towards hostel fees.

51 Military Boys/Girls hostels :- There are 46 Military Boys/Girls hostel in Maharashtra where free accn is provided to the wards of ESM. Food charges are subsidized based on rank. For the wards of widow no food charges are levied.

52. Sainik Rest house.

Now, some people often argue against quotas. What about quotas for ex-servicemen? From their perspective, shouldn't only an age-relaxation suffice? If the ex-servicemen are talented, as we claim, shouldn't they be able to succeed on their own 'merit' ?

Anonymous said...

Pl try this link to know all benefits by various state govts


Anonymous said...

Dear All,
It is an eye wash.NO IG with 6years of service left,IE, at %4 years of age will join as a bank security officer of AGM/ DGM grade.No doubt the IAS/ IPS have become so arrogant now it is going to be very difficult for service personnel . More and More incidents of the type that happened in Bangalore recently is going to happen with more and more of our General staff turning diplomats and politicians.
I wish to quote an experience now. I recently went to felicitate an IPS officer, son of an acquaintance. After exchange of greetings in a smug manner the officer with hardly three years service told me that he is expecting his posting anytime as SP of a district with LT Col's rank. I didn't understand what he meant.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 8.45

Sorry to disagree but that is incorrect.

An IPS officer cannot be posted as the SP of a Distt till the time he or she has minimum 4 years service and is placed in the Senior Time Scale (STS).

And even after the 6th CPC, STS officers are equated with Majors (GP 6600).

Moreover there are many examples of IPS and IAS officers taking up managerial positions in PSUs and Banks to remain in Metros.

Anonymous said...


There is no doubt that you deserve a lot for the yeoman service you had rendered to the armed forces. But you need to do much more. Lot of issues are remaining to be settled. And, only you, as I see, are the help for the armed forces personnel.

Good show. may God bless you !

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS 6-18 PM. For ur info all LT COLs r time scale now.So there is no difference between old LT COL (TS) & LT COL(Selection Grade). So they will get same pension.Even COLs (TS) & selection grade are getting same GP as such same pension.

Anonymous said...

But this is not the "NOTIFICATION for implementation of PB4". This is just a "note from MOD",I suppose. Can someone clarify ???

Also, no clarification on pay fixation... No mention of the referenced note's annexures..? ....still some confusion..?

next what.....???

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the valuable input again. Could you please tell incase the SAI has been issued on fresh PB4 for Lt Cols. Also if you have the copy of PPOC ID of 14 Jan 09. Please paste these also on your Blog for benefit of all. Regards.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to stop the IPS type from equatting their badges of ranks with that of the Army. One is to change Army's Badges of ranks. Make it something appearing similar to that of Air Force or Navy. Change the Star Plates in Vehicle in such a way that the unit commanders irrespective of their ranks is allowed to display 'one star'. Brigade Comdr - 'two', the divisional commander - 'three' corps commander - 'four' , Army Commander 'five' and Chief - 'six'. Similarly remove the Red stripes from the badges of ranks of JCOs with Nb Sub - one star, Subedar - two star and Subedar Major - three star with no stripe, showing the rank of a Sub Maj equal to a Dy SP.
This can put the IPS in correct place

Anonymous said...

Navdeep, This link is noteworthy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,
Tusi grate ho, sadi dua lag gai.
Rub rakha.

Anonymous said...

How about some information on issue of corrigendum to PPOs (for post Jan 2006 retirees), payment of arrears of leave encahsment, DCRG and increased commuted value of pensions?

There is nothing on pcda or other sites to indicate what the progress is. Or will it be stalled til next FY because it does not affect any serving personnel/officers

Anonymous said...

Times of India reports that Service HQ have reccommended grade pay 8700 for Lieutenant Colonels and equivalents in the Air Force and Navy.

Reference has also been made to the fact that placing even a miniscule number of colonels in PB3amounts to only a partial remedy to anomalies raised by the 6th CPC on the matter of Lieutenant Colonels.

Fight continues for rectification of all anomalies and restoration of parity between civilian and military government servants.

Anonymous said...


After pay sorrow, booze cuts hit armed forces
Rajat Pandit | TNN

New Delhi: A double whammy has hit the armed forces in the new year. And it’s hurting. First, the government took piecemeal, confusing decisions on their pay-hike demands. And now, officers and jawans cannot even drown their salary sorrows in adequate quantities of booze.

As per instructions issued by Army HQ’s Quarter-Master General branch, the liquor quota of officers and jawans has been further slashed from January 1.

All officers up to Colonels and their equivalents in Navy and IAF, for instance, will now be permitted to draw only 10 liquor bottles per month from CSD canteens. The earlier limit was 16 bottles, which was reduced to 12 a couple of years ago.

Coming as it does after state governments began levying hefty excise duties on liquor sold through military canteens, which left officers and jawans shelling out much more for their daily “chhotta’’ and “bada’’ pegs, it has left the armed forces seething with anger.

“The price differential with the open market for most CSD goods, including liquor, is already quite less now. Our pay hike issues have been left largely unresolved. Now, to top it all, our liquor quota has been further curtailed,’’ said a furious Lt-Col.

There is, of course, a pecking order even for liquor quotas in the rank-conscious environs of armed forces. The top-rung of Field Marshals and equivalents, serving and retired Service chiefs, can draw all the liquor they want since they have “no limit’’. Serving and retired Lt-Generals, Vice-Admirals and Air Marshals have a limit of 14 bottles, while Major-Generals and Brigadiers can take 12 bottles home every month.

Serving JCOs (junior commissioned officers) like Subedar Majors, Subedars and Naib Subedars are entitled to seven bottles, while retired ones get six. All other ranks have to make do with five bottles. “We were getting only six bottles till last month. Now, we will get even less,’’ said a Corporal.

The new order says the quotas have been “reviewed’’ due to “various representations received from the environment (Army lingo for its formations spread across the country)’’, without elaborating any further.

Santy said...

Dear Major

which letter I need to use with my bankers to demand the PB4. Can you pl advise

Thank You in advance

any other officers who may help - pl email - CDR Santhanam IN Retd


Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


The orders for pensioners have not been issued hence you cannot claim pension on the basis of PB-4 as yet.

Moreover, even SAI for serving officers will take some time to reach the concerned authorities since it is still under issuance.

Anonymous said...

hi everybody,

comments reflect lots of hatred for other services , do not understand why ? we lack maturity to accept others having edge over us primarily doe to pyramidical structure . it is a imperfect world and sensibilities demand more mature outlook . as for status , one can't demand it , having diluted our ranks post AVSC I WE DO NOT COMMAND THE SAME RESPECT WITHIN OUR ORG / BY OUR TROOPS ITSELF THAN IT IS FOOLISH TO TALK BY OTHER ORG. friends status in civil society comes with power and AF officers with any grade pay will never command the same status as our IAS/AIS cadre officers . We should be grateful to our countrymen on street that they admire our work and understand the contribution of FAUJ. scientists and UGC professors get highest of GPs but somehow do not command the same aattraction/status as say a jr statr deptt offcer because they have no power outside their org. so if the fight for GP is merely to equate status than it is wrong .
As for EQUALITY , do we have it within our org . think of unending fights between fliers and non fliers , ex-os and non ex-os and the debate of more/less importance between arms, sp arms and services in army. we also promote officers of same batch in different branches in different time and space , is it not discriminatory . NAVY HAS REAR ADMIRALS of 1980 batch whereas his coursemates in ARMY are still COL in some arms/services or Brig at best . so any comment on this sit ?
I mean to say within our own org we have no uniformity so why bother so much about others . We do not have to interact with ias/ais and if atall we have to , then please hace courage and conviction not to SIR him.



Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep
Contrary to your claim certain people are saying that no clarrification exists on the PB4 of Lt Cols in MES.Is there any letter to justify this.

seraj said...

Out of several thousands of Lt Cols and equivalents as their target, only 30 Lt Cols could become victim of sheer frustration and “Let us have our say” act of the Babus. This nothing but bankrupt and stupid act. These 30 odd Lt Cols are smiling!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Thanks a lot for giving us the wonderful news of Govt placing almost all Lt Cols in PB4.

Although there is a need of many more reforms in armed forces HR. I feel the most important is the uniformity in retirement age(60 years)for all officers except for chiefs which may continue as 62 years.

I do understand that taking up the uniform retirement age for all officers is a time taking process. What immediately can be done is making retirement age of Col (TS) same as Col (S). The cue can be taken from sixth pay commission since it has not differenciated between Col (TS) and Col (S). Then why Col (TS) should retire three years before Col(S)?

This would benefit majority of the officers as this is the highest rank for them in the present scenario.

I am hopeful with your contacts and understanding from the leagal angle, it may not be difficult to achieve.

Best wishes & regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

If GP is the determinant of interse seniority within the cadre, how are Lt Cols placed wrt directors now, when, though higher in GP they will be lower in total emoluments.

Will seniority (inter cadre) be determined based on total pay or 'basic pay' or BP+GP?

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep Singh,

May I request your attention to "The Indian Soldier's (Litigation) Act 1925 ? Hardly any Advocate I came across is aware of it. There are wonderful provisions which can be of great help to Veternas especially in "Condonation of Delay" aspects (Limitation). If this Act can be reviewed and republished it can help us a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 11:04,

Why lament about the lesser number of bottles of alcohol per se?

How many of us buy our full quota every month and consume it? We'd end up with no livers, kidneys shot to death and enough bags under our eyes to resemble walking satchels!

Average consumption is not more than 3 bottles of hard liquor. Some practice "bribes/money making" and this reduction would hit them.

Just ask for your record of purchases and you know that it is a fact.

Poor Rajat Pandit and poorer ToI! Couldn't they find something that is of the status of the oldest newspaper in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Navdeep,

In this case, will the pension orders be issued by the respective Service HQs or the MoD?

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 4.17

The said Act of 1925 is not applicable to veterans.

The basic modalities of the same are however available in the benefits and privileges slide-show (see right side of the blog)

Anonymous said...

i think there will be many more than just 30 becos there are a lot of Wg Cdrs who go on flying deputations to State Govts
still reason to be cheerful

Anonymous said...

dear maj navdeep
u r doing a great job .keep it up.
my query is that
presently col(ts) is at a service of 26 yrs.is there any change recommended in a v singh committee phase 2..

Anonymous said...

@Maj navdeep
sir, can you please provide the link for PPOcID No.18215/PPOC/IDS VI CPC dtd 14 jan 09.

@Anony At 05:27 PM , well said sir.

R K Chaudhuri said...

I was on deputation with GRSE Ltd Kolkata wef 02 Apr 03 to 01 Jul 06 as a Lt Col. I reverted to the Army wef 02 Jul 06. GRSE Ltd is a PSU under the Min of Defence.While on deputation I had opted for army rates of pay and allces. Please let me know whether I will get my arrears as PB-4 or PB-3 wef 01 Jan 06 to 01 Jul 06 ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
doing a great job for our personnel in uniform, pls continue, god bless.........

Anonymous said...

Is any one listening to anony 4.06 pm 03 feb 09? Maj Navdeep I request u to pls bring out this issue also in one of ur post.

Addressing this single issue may solve most of the problems of armed forces officers cadre.

Let this one not disappear in the fog of debate.

Best wishes to all.

Anonymous said...


as i understand thet whole plot of denying 30 odd lt cols; pb4 is to create another rank within a rank ad there by deny all senior majors with 9yr plus of service the deserved grade pay of 7600..there r two ways out of it.

1. armed forces to seek grade pays upto SAG(10000) as given to civilians on time bound basic irrespective of ranks. remember civil servants all of them reach gp of 10000 within about 17 yrs of service.

2. start making lt cols with gp of 7600 at 9 yrs of service but this will lead to endorsement of degradation by army itself..


you will find with few months they will start using this bench mark to decide seniority again , but more than that the various facilities which come along with the grade pay have got denied to army officers..to name few which will be affected..

1. rly and air travel entitlement.
2. housing entitlement.
3. tpt allowance.
4. the status symbol like star plates, remember an IPS with just 14/15 yrs of service is now officially equal to a brig..
5. seniority equations at mixed organisations like NSG is a serious problem.

there r many more u think one and u will find ten..

so i strongly feel there is only one anomaly and that is correct fixation of GRADE PAY, if that is corrected the other things will automatically fall in place..

lt col in pb4 is good but he who was earlier senior to Directors(IAS) and somewhere close to DIG police is today junior to them , even col who were senior to DIG r now junior to them, all lt gens who were senior to DGP police r junior to them. even a lt on commissioning is junior to others because earlier he used to get one increment extra(basic was 8250) is now same and his trg pd is also not counted for future promotions..
capt is no where in the seniority with a gp of 6100/- . maj with a gp of 6600 after nearly 7.5 yrs of service incl trg pd is reaching equal to bsf,crpf or cisf offr with just 4 yrs of service that too incl their trg pd..and then remains in 6600 till 13 yrs of serice where as they wll mov to gp of 7600 at sharp 9yrs of service and after this the gap will kep on increasing..so the issue is far from over..


Anonymous said...

anonymous@5.27 PM,
This is regarding the comment on bottles.......I am a non drinker,but what you said defies logic.As I understand,the person who posted the same was trying to bring out how we are being marginalised more and more................look at CSDs,,,,,,not many offer great prize differences with outside anymore...........You can buy better things at better prizes even in BIG BAZAR.........we are not bothered about the reduction in quota but how can u do this without stating a reason?????????

Anonymous said...


In a news that appeared in deccan chronicle,the navy has been maigned again,it seems...In an altercation involving an assistant commisioner of income tax and a navy bus,this income tax guy abused the driver,hit him and lodged a complaint in police.....Deccan chronicle has given it in front page.........what a shame!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
U R really providing great service to the nation by giving timely info to the soldiers. Undoubtedly its a great.
Now, our authorities should accept the recent orders of govt for Lt Cols. Simultaneously, issue of grade pay should be put up to anomaly committe to look into and i am sure, that will also come thru if properly put across.
Now, SAI should come up b'cause CDA also needs some time to work out as they have not been able to give the entitled pay n allce till date.
Once again great efforts of Navdeep is appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dear friends,
i have been awarded seven times the highest awards i got is VSM and Mention-in-Despatch, of course i was always recommended for much higher awards. Any news from Punjab govt for such winners.

Anonymous said...

Navy has started showing true colors. every officer is now entitled for air move on temporaray duty but navy is not allowing lt cdr and below on the pretext of lack of funds. they say funds have been exhausted so travel in train only advance for air travel cannot be given but for commanders and above enough funds are there. cheers!! navy has done it as expected what about army and airforce?? anybody?? somehow i have started respected babus more now... we are masters in making our juniors' lives miserable.

Anonymous said...

thans, what about pay of mns.why not p4 band. in civil even gr c staff are some time reacing p4 after 20 yrs of service. mns officer can not get col even in 25 year of service.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

Is there any site that will inform us Veterans what the state of the Corr PPOs, arrears/differences of leave encashment and DCRG of post Jan 2006 retirees is?

There is nothing on the PCDA (P) site; the DCDA (AF) site is inaccessible and CDA (N) too does not have any information.


Anonymous said...

Any info on DACP for Defence Doctors? http://www.mohfw.nic.in/DACP(SAG)2.pdf .When is the PB4 Notification?I believe Railways have already notified DACP!Anybody any NEWS? Navdeep you being so close to higher echleons of Army, please throw somw light.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
What would be the minimum Pension,for the pre-2006 retirees,( lt cols )
There is a speculation that since all retirees are in NON COMBAT READINESS,Pension would be greatly reduced.
Looking forward to an early clarifiction, from your end
Lt Col S.P. Patil

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous @8.45:

Sir, an IPS can be posted as an SP of a district after 2 years post training service. Total 4 years group A service.

The silly bugger probably thinks that if he is wearing the rank tabs of a Lt. Col. he is in the same status as one. This is incorrect. His status is same as that of a major in the Army.

There is a great deal of envy and malice amongst the civil services, especially the IPS, which until some years ago was far behind the army in Ranks and promotions, and especially status.

Anonymous said...

dear navdeep , pl tell what is the leave encashment for SSC officer with 15 Years of service. presently it is 90 days. Is it is any amendement to it. Secondly pl advice me Is there is any provision for pro rata pension after completing 15 years. How to claim it.

Anonymous said...

hi...am a lady officer of indian army ..i want to know what are the rules regarding adoption leave vis a vis maternity leave...have already got one adopted child...now three years old..nobody was clear about the ruling then so had made do with annual leave and one mnth furlough..5th pay commission recomendations for maternity leave benefits to be increased from 60 days to 135 days in respect of central gov female employees was not implemented in the army...the second letter issued in march 2006 which gave the same benefit to adoptive mothers as natural mothers as adoption leave of 135 days in respect of cent govt emloyees .presently as per 6th pay comm..this maternity leave has increased to 180 days..so going by the previous letter i assume the same benefits will be given to adoptive mothers adopting a child below one yr of age...am planning on adopting another child....can you tell me my leave entitlement as of now...thanks

Anonymous said...

Mr Navdeep,
we would like to know those offrs seconded to survey of india will be placed under PB4 or not

R K Chaudhuri said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, I was on deputation with GRSE Ltd, Kolkata wef 02Apr03 to 01Jul06. GRSE is a PSU under the MoD. I had opted for army rates of pay and allces during my deputation period.Will I get arrears of PB 4 for the period 01 Jan 06 to 01 Jul 06 or otherwise. Please advise

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where the 31 dec 08 GOI notification giving PB4 to Lt Cols is available?.. I mean on the net..

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep

Will Lt Col seconded to DGQA be placed on pb4.Pray revert, ASAP.

Anonymous said...

All ranks from Col to Lt Gen have been given pension as per para 6.1 of the letter.ie,50% of lower pay band + GP + MSP.
As per this formula,Lt Col's basic pension should be Rs.25700/-
Is there any possibility of reducing it,by deviating from these rules already approved by the Govt ?

Santy said...

Dear Major

Can you help in this

For a Commander IN , with a recent letter issued from PCDA, what is the method to calculate pension as of now (meaning PB3) - Is it - from Annex 1 (of 11 Nov 08) arrive at a new Basic as my bank has done or to this Annex 1 figure, MSP & Grade Pay are to be added ? I have asked atleast 6 officers so far and no one seems to know and they go by Bank credits only. Of course Annex 2 to be looked at also. My query is - will the MSP & Grade Pay to be added to what 11 Nov Annex 1 (or 2) states for a new pension?

Thank You in advance

Cdr Santhanam

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

WEF1.1.2006) of Circular No 403 dt 02.02.2009 sent by PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad to all public sector banks and others still shows Lt Cols in PB-3 scale (15,600-39,100). Kindly clarify.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep Sir,
I have been declared as Battle Casualty by Army HQ in an vehicle accident case in 'Op Rakshak' in J&K.
At the same time I have been declared a permanent medical category (P2) having 40% of disability.
I have two simple doubt, if you can clarify them please-
(a) Am I eligible for 'War Injury Pension' whenever I retire subsequently?
(b) Can this disability % be reduced subsequently?


Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


(a) Yes

(b) Yes in case the disability decreases with time.

Santy said...

Dear Major

I appreciate yeoman work being done by your site

I do not know whether you will have time to answer all queries - Mine is simple

When pension is calculated using Annex 1 of 11 11 2008 letter by bank to arrive at a new pension, the Grade and Mily Service pay are to be added at appropriate period when due to the new basic ? Am I correct? I have asked many and no one has answered me categorically? It will be very good( asking too much!) if you can pen down a typical calculation for a Lt Col with 23 years service using Annex 1
thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

My Dear Navdeep,
earlier we had Lt.Col. Selection grade,and Lt Col (T.S.)-de facto a Major, with slight edge in pay over Majors.Now we have third category in which all offrs on completion of 13 years will get the rank of Lt Cols. My quesstion is - will the erstwhile Lt Col (TS) be included in PB4 ?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
please tell us about 70%pension to
pborwhich was cleared pmo

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Navdeep.
Please clarify the orders applicable for implementation of PB4 to Lt Cols posted with Coast Guard. Coast Guard is under MoD and it is said to be the 4 Armed Force. Will PB4 be applicable to Lt Cols on deputation to Coast Guard? Thanks.

anjan said...

everyone is telling that PBOR were given 70% pension of their last salary and sixth pay commission has reduced to 50%. this is not correct. PBOR were never given 70% pension. i retired from army. my pay scale was 6600-170-9320. my last pay was 6670/ when i retired from service. my pension should be fixed ie rs 4739/ as per 70% rule. my pension was fixed rs 3743/ vide rule 50% maximum of pay scale ie 4660 multiply by number of year service rendered ie 26.5 years and divided by 33, one can render maximum service. is equal to rs 3743. now rumor in air that govt is agreed to restore 70% pension. i unable to understand the meaning of Restore. when nothing is given earlier, now what will be restored.

Anonymous said...

can any one let us know the latest on sai of pb 4 for lt cols. the armed forces were at it to get the approval. now mysteriously, after the mod has given the approval, the sai is taking too long a time. there is some thing more than what meets the eye.
any guesses? any body in the know how of thes things as to why even after one month after the approval by mod, the sai has not been published? was it just a gimmick to temporarily shut the mouths of lt cols? i doubt if the whole story of approval is true.

g r shekhar said...

What will be new basic for Lt Cols comissioned in 1988

Anonymous said...

i have confirmed info that apparently the pb4 issue for lt cols has again run into serious problems, courtesy our bureaucrat friends at the MOD (things have been stage managed by them).no body seems to take any notice! the nation wants us to reach the place of a crisis situation in an hour's time - but when it comes to pay and allowances , we r the last priority.it is amazing that we have still not got the pb4 pay even after the PM of the country has personally cleared it!it is time some of us got together and moved court. some of u who have friends in the media should request them to raise the issue(s)- pb4/enhanced ponsion for PBOR/ one rk one pension - such that BJP and such parties take note and make appropriate noises before the elections.

smarajit said...

whether msp for commissioned officers is payable since 01.01.2006(arrear in MSP) or not.

whether Payband-4 orders is applicable in case of pensions of retired lt. cols.

Unknown said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
Can u pl tell if any letter has been issued by MOD i/r/o 70% pension for PBOR. I donot find anything in MOD or PCDA site. nor did I find the letter u posted in regards Lt Col issued by MOD. If u have any letter regarding 70% pension pl post it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

As per SAI 4/S/08 the grade pay of Lt Col (MNS) is 6600 and not 6100 as CDA(O) is giving. When CDA(O) has been asked they clarified that Lt Col(TS) are equivalent to Maj. But these days in all Corps rank upto Lt Col is Time Scale so why it affect the Lt Cols(MNS).In SAI 4/S/08 nothing like Lt Col (TS) and Lt Col(S) has been mentioned or clarified. Likewise only Lt Col (MNS) were not placed in PB4 whereas people with simply +2 qualification like Record Offrs (GS) RC,SC have been placed in PB4.Because all record officers are posted in war zone areas. Anyways the whole army is against the MNS offrs. What kind of advise we can expect from you. Everywhere open partiality and disparity.

Anonymous said...

you people only think about your own payments does not think about PBORs. jut putting monery in your packets. why cant you take up issue of civil employment reservations in state government with center.