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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Seventh Central Pay Commission orders for pay issued by Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence has issued the orders for the new pay regime on implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission for all ranks.

The orders shall now be known as Rules rather than Instructions. For example, the modalities for Ranks other than Commissioned Officers of the Army shall be known as the “Army Pay Rules” rather than “Special Army Instructions”.

The orders for Ranks other than Commissioned Officers can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.  

The orders for Commissioned Officers of the Army can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

The orders for Commissioned Officers of the Navy can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

The orders for Commissioned Officers of the Air Force can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.


AirForce One said...

The orders for Commissioned Officers have also been notified.

Ak Roy said...

Sir howz it different from what the chief return Ed earlier Amit

sourjya said...

sir,can u please highlight whats the difference from the gazette notification of MOD 9 months back.havent we lost 9 months just for nothing?

Anonymous said...

sir. Find no change vis a vis earlier notification of 05 September. have i missed something..

Anonymous said...

Sir. Heard FM say that factor of 2.67 approved for Lt col and colonels and pay protection for brigadiers on promotion to major gen as Maj gen not getting map. Did not find these in orders issued today. Is above correct understanding of what FM said..or I did not get it..

Sadhana said...

What about MNS officers? That don't come in any of the category

Aman Choudhary said...

Its silent on various aspects like NFU, SSC and arrears. any comments please

kapil bhat said...

waiting for honest analysis sir

rahul said...

Sir, I have not really bothered at what pay I am/ was getting. But as always there are a lot of negative reactions circulating on WhatsApp groups. Can you please elaborate whether we stand to benefit or have we been betrayed by our higher bosses/ babus/ govt?

Anonymous said...

There is a video of Def Min's Press Conf floating in the social media where he says that the factor of multiplication for Lt Col / Col has been raised from 2.57 to 2.67. But same has not been reflected in the pay rules.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
i just want to know what is the best time to put up fpr PMR so as to get maximum benefits and OROP2 after 7th CPc

Anonymous said...

is multiplication factor 2.57 as published or 2.67 as spoken by FM?

sourjya said...

what have we gained by waiting for 9 months ?

Rajeev said...

Dear Sir, When 7CPC in principle agreed with the justification for X group pay than why this Govt instead of giving our dues taking out the benefits and not considered X pay for pay and pension. Why taken so many months. Please sir do something for us

Anonymous said...

Dear Naavdeep,

Many thanks and appreciation for espousing the rightful cause of the faujies and Ex Servicemen. You efforts have been immense and in the right direction. Though money does matter in this material world, it is very deep sense of hurt and humiliation one feels when one comes across such childish and immature manipulations resorted to by the bureaucracy. Though the lower rung of bureaucracy does play the mischief but they can not do such things without goading and nodding from the higher level bureaucrats. The Defense accounts Officer, IDSA, etc responsible for almost maligning forces in the name of analysis are not section officers or deputy secretaries. After all the recommendation have gone past committee of Secretaries. Thanks again for good efforts

Randy said...

I think somebody in hurry have circulated draft prepared by pay cell with fitment factor of 2.57. It is a unsigned SRO

Unknown said...

It's 2.67 ... There is a spare notification which is out. I can't attach it here) the extract is 'IOR for Levels 12 A (Lt. Col. and equivalent) and 13 (Colonel and
equivalent) in the Defence Pay Matrix and Level 13 (Director and equivalent) in
the Civil Pay Matrix has been increased from 2.57 to 2.67: Variable IOR ranging
from 2.57 to 2.81 has been applied by the 7th CPC to arrive at Minimum Pay in each
Level on the premise that with enhancement of Levels from Pay Band 1 to 2, 2 to 3
and onwards, the role, responsibility and accountability increases at each step in the
hierarchy. This principle has not been applied in respect of Levels 12A (Lt. Col. and
equivalent), 13 (Colonel and equivalent) and 13A (Brigadier and equivalent) of
Defence Pay Matrix and Level 13 (Director and equivalent) of the Civil Pay Matrix on
the ground that there was a disproportionate increase in entry pay at the level
pertaining to GP 8700 in the 6th CPC regime. The IOR for Level 13A (Brigadier and
equivalent) in the Defence Pay Matrix has already been revised upwards with the
approval of the Cabinet earlier. In view of the request from Ministry of Defence for
raising the IOR for Levels 12 A and 13 of the Defence Pay Matrix and requests from
others, the IOR for these levels has been revised upwards to ensure uniformity of
approach in determining the'

Travoltaa Mor said...

I would request you to please make comparison on the lowering the status of Lt Col , Col and Brig and pot it on your blog उम्मीद है कुछ ज़यादा तो नहीं मांगलिया

Rama Kuwar said...

Sir, I understand it's the IOR that has been increased to 2.67 and not multiplication factor.

Rama Kuwar said...

Index of rationalisation has been increased to 2.67 not multiplication factor!

Anonymous said...

Why create unnecessary confusion...it's bp+msp multiplied by "2.67"..simple. Matrix column will also be revised. Fitment should be done in the revised table. Look out for similar change for 8700 Civil side.