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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pension instructions for pre-2016 retirees issued, based on 7th Pay Commission orders

The Ministry of Defence has issued the instructions for payment of pensions implementing the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

The rates of disability element have not been reduced for now and shall continue to be paid as per existing amounts under the existing percentage based formula till the issue is resolved by the Anomalies Committee.

The note under Paragraph of 12 of the new letter related to non-grant of additional quantum of pension to pensioners aged 80 years and above as far as their disability/war injury elements are concerned is incongruous and shall be taken up with the Government for rectification at the earliest. The same is the strange result of an incoherent recommendation which was discussed earlier in the post of 30 September 2016 in the following terms:

Enhancement of old age pension for disability and war injury pensioners: The strangest part of this entry is the fact that the Defence Services had indeed asked for this, and the commission actually rejected it and the Ministry of Defence has accepted that rejection. I say it is strange because the Government had already clarified way back in 2010 that additional old age pension very much applies to disability and war injury pensioners. Hence the Defence Services HQ had demanded and the 7th CPC and the Ministry of Defence rejected something that stood granted and clarified way back in 2010 by the Government which becomes clear from this letter issued in 2010 which can be accessed by clicking here. This single instance should be an indicator enough of the expertise and institutional memory available at various echelons of our systems. Unfortunate, to say the least!


Unknown said...

Sir, In fact your efforts to provide justice to disabled soldiers is bringing results. I am thankful for your various articles in news papers on disability subject. As you was the member in the committee so is the importance of your role. Thanks

cdr(rtd) baljit singh said...

why blame others ( politicians, beurocrats , babus etc.)
if our seniors in forces who represent us everywhere, in this case, in pay commission are naïve (to say respectfully) / ignorant (to say politically correctly) / .......... (to say truthfully)
salute to my seniors

sameer said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Awesome work sir. Read your comments in TOI and nothing could be more apt. I am in receipt of War Injury pension and could not understand the calculations w.r.t the pension instructions for pre -2016 retirees where it mentions nothing about the calculation for war injury element of the WI pension. While for disability it clarifies that awaiting decision of anomaly committee, but how does WI element get calculated now. If it remains the same and the factor of 2.57 is applied only on the basic pay then on applying DR of 2% (instead of 125%) the overall amount becomes lesser.
As on 31 Dec 2015
a) Basic – Rs 10000
b) WI Element – Rs 10000
c) Total basic – Rs 20000
d) DR @125% (This rate is of Jan 2016) – Rs 25000
e) Total pension (c+d) – Rs 45000

Calculation as per 7th PC
a) Basic (multiplied by 2.57) – Rs 25700
b) WI Element (if keeping same) – Rs 10000
c) Total basic – Rs 35700
d) DR @2% (announced rate now) – Rs 714
e) Total pension(c+d) – Rs 36414

Would be grateful if you could throw some light on this. Any help from any reader would be really appreciated.

Capt. Sameer Singh (retd)

Unknown said...

Dear Maj. Navdeep,
I am writing on behalf of my husband Lt.Col (retd) N Giri. He had taken premature retirement in 2004. He was a medical category since 1994.
He had sought disability pension - however it has been denied saying that only post 2006 retirees can avail of disability pension. We seek your advice on the course of action open to us. Thank you
Mrs.Sita Giri

Manohar said...


Inclusion of the DOB (Date of Birth) of Spouse in the PPO of the soldier's/airmen and sailors by using Aadhaar as a reference by the PDAs.

I understand that many widows are not getting the pension/arrears just because their Date of Birth is not reflected in the original PPO. Consequently they have to run around the PCDA (P), Record Office, AG Branch AHQ, the PDA with no solutions in sight. I too faced the problem and suffered for the last two years. As a last resort I approached my bankers to include my Spouse's name in their system and they did it in a jiffy on my giving them my Spouse's Aadhaar number from which they got her DOB confirmed.

This information will be of help to all widow pensioners of the Armed Forces. More over all soldiers too can include their Spouse's DOB if they are not included in their PPOs.