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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Excellent Step: Justice Reddy Committee on ‘One Rank One Pension’ to hold public hearings and meetings

In a progressive move, Justice Reddy’s Judicial Committee on One Rank One Pension (OROP) has decided to hold public meetings and hearings on issues related to OROP anomalies that it is examining.

It may be recalled that one of the sore points with veterans was the absence of any formal system by way of which they could directly approach the Committee and submit their views on a one-to-one basis.

With the holding of public hearings, the Committee would also be adhering to the concept of the principles of natural justice.

While of course the Committee is free to take up additional matters, the following are the main issues which stand referred to it:

(i) Whether the benefit of OROP is to be extended to Reservists.
(ii) Whether the decision to grant benefit of MACP under OROP only to Pensioners who have actually earned requires any modification.
(iii) Whether pension tables for more than 33 years of qualifying service are to be prepared.
(iv) Whether the methodology followed for fixation of pension under ORRP in the absence of actual retirees in the same rank and same qualifying service for the below mentioned categories requires any modification: 

(a) Regular Lieutenant & Captains Getting same pension as Honorary Lieutenant & Captain.
(b) Doctors of AMC/ADC/RVC for the rank of Lieutenant, Captain & Major under OROP getting same as Honorary Lieutenant & Honorary Captain.
(c) Doctors of AMC/ADC/RVC for the rank getting lower than the regular commissioned officers of the rank of Major.
(d) Territorial Army (TA) personnel for the rank of Captain/Major and Lt Col getting the same pension.
(e) Lieutenant/Captain and Major in MNS category where data is blank. 
(f) Rank of Major in Regular Commissioned Officers getting less than Major in EC and SSC category. 

(v) Whether the methodology followed for fixation of pension under OROP for invalidated out war injury pensioners and liberalized family pensioners requires any modification in pension fixation formula. 
(vi ) Whether in the case of JCO/OR, the pension is to be paid on the basis of the last rank held instead of last rank pensioned under OROP. 

The public hearings of the Committee would be held at a total of 19 places with the timings to be notified later.

The first meeting would be held at Chandigarh on 17 August 2016.

Thanks to all those who helped in making this possible. A special thanks to Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar for constantly emphasizing on this very important requirement of interaction between the stakeholders.


avibhuti said...

Indeed a very progressive move and supportive of veterans for natural justice

Unknown said...

Excellent step taken by the Judge

Anonymous said...

...Looks like a ploy for seeking another extension.:)

Col Pankaj Kulshreshtha(Retd) said...

A significant achievement considering negative satisfaction level of the veterans besides exposing the malafide intentions of some babus who were part of 7PC.


karunakaran a ex havildar said...

respected major sir,

I have mooted three points to the department of defense for onward transmission to judicial commission, but appears to be dropped by the department

(a) abolition of X and Y group only one group in respect of JCOs and OR which is non existent in the other categories

(b) equalisation of disability element

(c) rationalisation of hardship allowances

all three points are found missing in the judicial commission report

it would be effective if it is held in all openness through public sitting and hearing

thank u major sir

Anonymous said...

OROP. DISPARITY IN PENSION BETWEEN SUBEDAR OF ACTIVE ARMY AND TA SUBEDAR. As per Table 7 to Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 12(1)/2014/D (Pen/Policy) dt 03 Feb 2016, the pension of Sub of Active Army with the service of 28 years has been fixed to Rs 12268.00, where as pension of TA Subedar for service from 26.5 years has been fixed to RS 12660.00 as per table 9 of above letter on implementation of OROP. Therefore, it is suggested that case for remove this difference be taken up with Govt of India Ministry of Defence at the earliest.

Unknown said...

Many thanks Navdeep ji for the timely information as always.

There is no main issue like incorrect fixation of pensions in Table No. 7 of OROP ( which is
for Sep to Sub Maj & equivalent ranks including Hon. Comm. Officers.

2. It would be appropriate if Mumbai would have been there in the places being visited by OMJC.

Manohar said...

It is evident from the points listed for examination are not complete, in that there is no evidence that the Majors and Lt Cols to get justice. As among Officer veterans, the two time bound ranks of Major and Lt Col are most affected by disparities, in the absence of any concrete figures in the OROP scales at present, the veterans in this category can only wait and see how close the actual fixation will be arrived at by the judicial committee if at all there is a representation registered with it.

Anonymous said...

Table 500 listed pensions,incorporating provisions of the Supreme Court orders for rank pay advantage to pre 2006 retirees. By this all pre re2006 retired Lt Colswere granted basic pension as for 33 years service i.e Rs 26,265
The OROP 550 table does not incorporate the effect of the supreme court judgement. A lt Col with 27 years service is placed at OROP pension of Rs 33,225, and not at Rs 34,765, as for 33 years service.
This action violates the Supreme Court order and could invite contempt of court proceedings.
IC 6122 Lt Col Inderjit Singh (Retired), 572/16D, Chandigarh Mob 9417057216