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Monday, April 11, 2016

Independence and objectivity of thought and action

An interesting article by Tim Dunne on Military Justice in Canada (Military Justice, past its “best-before” date) was published in Frontline Defence.

While referring to Justice LeSage’s ‘independent review’ of the system of military justice, the author states the following regarding the inputs made available to the Justice and then asks a very pertinent question:

“...In his foreword, Justice LeSage noted the cadre of professionals who provided “valuable comments, recommendations and observations that have helped […] shape the content of the Report. That list includes Colonel Patrick K. Gleeson (Deputy Judge Advocate General/Chief of Staff); Colonel Michael Gibson (Deputy Judge Advocate General – Military Justice); and numerous other members of JAG, who undertook “the considerable challenge of educating me, regarding the military justice system.” He also added Major Patrick Vermette (Directorate of Law – Military Justice – Strategic) “who shepherded us through all the base visits, was unwavering in his patience, courtesy, and providing me with invaluable information and guidance throughout this process.”
This begs the question, with so much participation by Judge Advocate General legal staff in educating Justice LeSage, just how independent was his “independent review”?
Sadly missing from the list of educators and advisors is an advocate for the sailors, the soldiers and the air force personnel whose lives are so profoundly affected by the National Defence Act...”
Why I have reproduced the above is because the same reminds me of the praise showered by the Seventh Central Pay Commission in its foreword on a member of the Indian Defence Accounts Service for his intricate knowledge of defence financial matters which helped the commission in “determining the pay structure for the defence services”.

And what about those who were affected, those who were at the receiving end?



Anonymous said...

The Armed forces have become subordinate to every Org that it interacts with. The CDA and the MES are clear examples of that.
And the greed of the Generals will ensure further degradation. Their obvious lack of education shows up clearly in their thoughts and actions. MSc in Def studies may help in soldiering but certainly not in dealing with cunning bureaucrats.
A course in Chanakya niti may help.

Anonymous said...

A very very apt comparison Navdeep.

B Ramesh said...

You said it, Major.

Bharat Chevur said...

As always, you hit the nail on the head,,,,but, is the nail listening ?

Manohar said...

Every single organisation is pyramidal. Which one is not? There will always be cases when some people will not make it to a higher rank. But the need to have larger number of junior officers at the base is always there to lead the troops by example otherwise. So, the steep pyramidal rank structure is ideal for an efficient Army organisation. But the IAS/IPS lot got a flat cosy ground at the top for both those who proved their worth and those have nots. This lot are "jack of all trades" experts by their bookish knowledge and it is too obvious a fact. The defence accounts officer (member of the 7CPC) was given an appreciation by one of his own kind and not by a defence service man. You just pointed the relevant facts and let us ignore them now. They know not what the Army is and how they work their way to success in every field.