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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Need to tone down some keyboard warriors

The last few days have been saddening.

But more than the unfortunate events, what has bothered me is the irresponsible emails floating around, probably initiated by idle minds, related to attempts of some of our very senior veterans and Parliamentarians to find a solution to the OROP logjam as per the satisfaction of the veteran community.

General VP Malik was requested by the highest echelons of the Government to act as a bridge between the two sides in facilitating the implementation of OROP. He undertook the responsibility very reluctantly and after duly taking the go-ahead from senior veteran leaders. He very graciously asked me and Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of Parliament, to assist him for clearing all his doubts on the subject, with only one aim in mind- the welfare of the veteran community. Mr Chandrasekhar, as we all know, has been rock solid in his support to the veteran community, including disabled soldiers and military widows.

General Malik tried his utmost best and merely acted as a connection between two sides so as to convey the thoughts of the veteran community on the OROP formula to the Government, and that too only after due consultation and permission from veterans at the vanguard. When no resolution was in sight, he himself genially withdrew.

I would like to assure everyone that there was no ‘deal’ brought forth by General Malik or others and he got involved with a very noble intention. And I can say it with full certainty and responsibility since I myself witnessed some of the events.

I would request all of you not to write irresponsible emails since such actions do not just sully reputations but also dishearten all of us who continue to work hard, even at the cost of time to our primary professions, for veteran welfare with all sincerity. This also results in burning bridges and closing all channels of discussions since many of us are at times in the position to talk to both sides with a sense of responsibility and it would not be correct to impute inferences which do not exist, except in the fertile minds of the idle few.

All of us are playing our roles in the best interests of our nation, some do it in the forefront, some in the background, but important nevertheless. 


Prem said...

How right you are. It is important not to hurt any one person, as a matter of personal behavior. We are all gentlemen and nothing we say should come in the way of those who are spearheading the cause of the veterans. Keep up the good work my friend and may He Bless and guide you.

Lt Clo R C SHARMA said...

I don't think any one has any doubt on sincere efforts being by our Senior veterans. But ground reality of Sab Ka Saath Sab ka Vikas and repeatedly use of term Team India to play on sentiments does. Not evoke any sincerity any longer and it has rather hurt most of us .

PBOR said...

Sir, were the base line 2011 and effective date as April 2015 not suggested by the mediators?


JS Pandher said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I fully agree with what you say. We need to have some patience before foreclosing all options for the resolution of this serious problem at hand. But who has created this situation where people already running out of patience were roughed up like they were rogues. We have soft corner for militants who kill innocent people, fly flags of Pakistan openly. we have soft corner for economic offenders of the country and go all out to help them on humanitarian grounds. Why certain elements in Govt are so cheesed off of poor veterans and war widows? If after projecting the requirement of 8300 crores for OROP the Govt still wants to negotiate the modalities of its implementation and is going back to 2011, it is a clear indication of its maleficence. After seeing the scene at Jantar Mantar no sane person would repose faith in this Govt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Your efforts have been laudable. Your convictions on failure and negative role played by the lower functionaries in the bureaucracy, though, are very valid, this a clear case which like many others earlier ( a la Rank Pay, Pay Commission etc) is the result of scuttle-ment by highest echelons of bureaucracy - collectively and combinely.

What is perplexing is that the at every stage the Bureaucracy finds it hard to translate the clear political decision into actions. This is not just in case of OROP but in every sphere of Indian Administrative functioning, Foreign Policy, Defence. Internal Security etc. This has become a hallmark of India's bureaucratic failure or rather this what bureaucracy is infamous for.

We all know that the devil lies in the details but that devil should have been caged long ago as the issue is lingering on for very a very long time. The details are well known by now and one can reasonably presume that the details should have been taken care of before the political decision. "In principle approval by government" has been the instrument of placing bureaucrats in command to finally approve or not approve. I am surprised why the veterans community is unaware of it.

This system failure or deliberate bureaucratic hurdles have become very apparent as something of imbedded trait or intrinsic to bureaucracy and more often than not, is used as a measure to scuttle the political decisions by the bureaucracy. In India, bureaucracy, thus has become a very powerful instrument of negating political decisions, bringing down politicians and making / breaking political images.

I can at least safely say that in terms of political impact of this embracement on Modi, Parrekar and Jaitly - the bereaucrates have led them down the hill. I am also surprised that the Secretary Expenditure has been kicked up the promotion ladder but within Finance Ministry itself.

Is there an internal image making struggle within Modi's Cabinet ? And bureaucrats are playing ball ? Is not that Jaitly Vs Parrikar ? That is where Modi should have intervened.

Our highest political leadership needs to view this very seriously and put it as an agenda for urgent Administrative Reforms.

Lt Col Bharat Chevur said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Please disregard the negative comments and inputs.
'Forgive them for they know not the truth.'
We are thankful to all those who have taken up the Cause of the Veterans, with right earnest. Please continue the fight undaunted by these minor blips.
Thank you for the wonderful job that you have been doing all these years.

Unknown said...

Respected major navdeep sir,how true you are and sincere,there are hardly ten officers in lakh retired officers who works day and night for esm like you but ingrates donot see it.sir,even though it is months since you helped in granting disability PENSION on % basis to pre 2006 disabled many dpdos are reluctant to implement it,will you put a word with concerned authority to implement it as per cir 542

Unknown said...

Many who are being labelled as keyboard warriors have handled weapons for decades, not law books or parliamentary files. Beware of hubris.

Dhoop said...

The blog post does highlight a characteristic of freedom of expression on the web which has to do with, primarily, freedom and only afterwards with logic, principle, sense of responsibility, accuracy or objectivity.

That comes with the territory and is all, as they say, 'part of the game'.

The real solution, to my mind, lies in sources of information, like this blog, ensuring regular dissemination of detailed and accurate information. That, combined with engaging of stake-holders in discussion, debate, catering to queries and keeping affected parties up-dated in a transparent manner, would provide a fairly efficacious antidote to flawed and "irresponsible" information that will, in any case, always get exposure on the web no matter how much disapproval is expressed about it.

PK Tyagi said...

Maj Navdeep Singh,
Most of us veterans fully know Gen Malik and his sincerity is beyond doubt. I dare say we trust him for what he is, and no one in his senses can cast any aspersions on him.
My personal views are that he and similarly thinking other senior officers need to drill some sense into this government based on their own working experience with government machinery, called the babudom.


Cdr (Retd) Pramod Tyagi

Sundeep Kalra said...

Thanks Navdeep, for clarifying. I fully agree with you that we as a community have to be more responsible on social media

Nevin said...

KINDLY DO'NT DILUTE if legitimate

Vasundhra said...


Ref yours http://www.indianmilitary.info/ my reply being long hence the URL reference


Justin N Christian said...

respected navdeep sir your efforts towards betterment of defense pensioners class is praise worthy.

defense is the most neglected class and top it up defense pensioners are the most neglected . since long the monetary benefits are curtailed. more recently since 6 th pay commission the recommendations are not correctly enacted in true spirit .

the pre 2006 defense pensioners were granted full parity with post 2006 pensioners but not enacted.

now time has come to set the things right in true spirit and letter.

let the commonsense prevail and stakeholders should get their legitimate dues.

with regards.

Unknown said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
As you've rightly said, sullying reputations does more harm than good, whether it is the reputation of an individual, organisation or a cause.

I have been following your blog and your work for the ESM. All I can say is salute and respect. Thank you for keeping us aware, informed and educated.

Uma Sudhindra

Unknown said...

I am at a loss to understand what are the "technicalities" that are standing in the way of implementing decisions (supposed to have been already taken) at the highest level and announced in Parliament!. Naturally, some of the the veteran warriors might have to become key-board warriors ( I am also one akin to them , only with a "civilian tag") to keep the issue alive and to achieve the objective.....For a simple arithmetic, notionally 20 lakh soldier pensioners/ equals at average enhancement of Rs 3500 pm ( Rs 40000 pa) may work out to 800000 lakhs or 8000 crs. pa....NO MONEY? OR RETD OFFICERS STANDING IN WAY? OR OUTSIDERS ? OR BABUDOM?...LEAST THE GOVT. CAN DO IS MAKE VISIBLE EVERY "TECHNICALITY" THAT IS STANDING IN THE WAY....INCLUDING " INTERNAL CONFRONTATIONS IF ANY".......( I AM LAY MAN ON AF PENSION PL...SO ALL FORGIVE ME...) V NATARAJAN


Dear Major NAvdeep,
I fully endorse your view on the subject. Having worked with Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Going through the hard work you have put in for he veteran welfare and being fully aware of what Gen Malik has done in his role as an interlocutor, I can confidently say we must trust the man and his intentions. I urge the community not to spread unfounded or baseless gossip. We should encourage the senior veterans who are struggling day and night to achieve success in the interest of the veteran community.

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep has any General taken up the issue of Pro Rata Rank Pension for SSC officers.Who do not get any pension at all and there experience is also not counted in civil Life.
Or Only wants that PC Should get more and more pension.
Hope you can take up this issue about injustice To SSCO

sl said...

"..Need to tone down some keyboard warriors.."

Maj Navdeep, that sounds a bit illiberal, bordering on the authoritarian. Not even North Korea has been totally successful in muzzling the web, with firing squads at their disposal, at that.

Who will "tone" "them" down?

Or was that meant to read "Some Keyboard Warriors Need To Tone Themselves Down"?

In any case people are fairly sensible. I think they can be safely relied upon to exercise sound judgement in what they choose to believe and trust. I'm sure they would rather read your blog for genuine information when you choose to give it rather than be influenced by dubious material.

Fighter said...

Dear Sir,

Pardon me for being off topic, but just wanted to convey my point.

In light of HSC judgement on Rank Pay, not only the pay needs to be re-fixed for 5th CPC as on 01 Jan 1996 but also as on 01 Jan 2006 for 6th CPC after adding Rank pay to Old Basic pay and this translates that Lt Col and even Majors should be placed at 8700 Grade Pay in 6th CPC. Pay should be correspondingly for 7th CPC. Accordingly, the pay band and new basic for all these pay commissions need to be re-calculated and translated to 7th CPC to restore downgraded status of Armed forces.

Hope Maj Navdeep with his approach at highest echelons would be able to convey this at appropriate level to avoid all litigations in courts later on.

Sahana R said...

While the intention/ credibility of the party going for discussion is not in doubt, the very catch line
“ intermediary chosen by PMO to bridge the expectancy gap”.
If years like 2011 or 2013 and/or any year is chosen, the very essence/ definition of OROP crumbles, which to my mind is like eternal and forward rolling. This very intention of PMO office, Govt and aided by bureaucrats is circumspect.
More skeletons are now coming out of closet where Supreme Court and High Court Judges ; Cabinet, Principal and Secretaries ; MPs and Gen + Lt Gen & Eq are in receipt of so called OROP. Are they changing the base year for themselves and do new set of rules are now required for defence forces OROP. Why stay tight lipped post failed discussion? What is the dilution desired? More importantly for every activity even for daring death defeating operation Govt desire the time frame and yet no clarity/ white paper on the gaps/ hurdles presumably envisaged in implementation of OROP.

Manohar said...

True you are in asking everyone to be decent, but the bureaucrat's game must be understood and Mr Modi must act. It is easy to ask for patience, but it is at its nadir for everyone and normal to lose tempers. Promises made for implementation of OROP was a desperate and failed election ploy of UPA-II, and again the shallow bravado of the present NDA Government. Is it not time to pay up? I only wish that we will get a fair deal at the earliest.

Raghavan said...

when will 50% pension from 01 01 2006 will be issued by MOD.All others including Civilians/
family pensioner/officiers are already given.

raghavan d s

Mohan Vir Anand IAF veteran said...

Fully agree with you sir.These babu's are playing with fire without knowing the rules of the game