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Thursday, February 26, 2015


(A). Suffixing “(TS)” for Time Scale Ranks: A really strange practice of suffixing “(TS)” with Time Scale Ranks had been prevalent for quite some time. For example, one could see the proliferation of terms such as “Colonel (TS)” even in official correspondence. Of course this was totally incorrect since there is only one rank of “Colonel” that exists officially and legally, and there is nothing called “Colonel (TS)” in the universally and internationally accepted system of military ranks. Such distinction had only been introduced for auditing purposes for practical reasons and not for day to day usage. To elaborate, officers promoted to the rank of Lt Col by Time Scale used to be placed in the pay scale of a Lt Col but with the rank pay of Major, and hence, for the purposes of audit, pay and pension, it was practically required to clarify the same in order to release the correct entitlements. Now, commendably, the Army HQ has clarified it to all concerned that “(TS)” would not be used in any communication for officers promoted by Time Scale. A welcome step indeed!

(B). Defence Travel System: In the railway budget announced today, it has been stated that paper warrants shall be eliminated and a new ‘Defence Travel System’ would be introduced. Again a welcome step.

(C). SC again clarifies law on disability benefits: The apex Court has yet again dismissed an appeal filed by the Ministry of Defence and the Air HQ against a disabled Air Warrior. The SC has ruled by way of a detailed decision that disability pension has to flow in terms of the rules which are to be liberally interpreted and not as per the whims of the medical board. A report on the same can be accessed by clicking here.


Vikrant said...

Thanks for the info. Sir is it possible to upload the letter issued by Army HQ ( or the AHQ letter No)in the use of Col(TS) as presently the MS Branch & the CDA(O) Pune is using Col (TS) in posting orders & monthly salary slips.

Dhoop said...

"...A really strange practice of suffixing “(TS)” with Time Scale Ranks..."

That it has taken the Services HQs such a long time to realize that using such terms is hardly conducive to safeguarding interests and dignity of their own Officer cadre, goes to show that all the ills bedevilling armed forces officers and veteran officers cannot be laid at the door of the bureaucracy or the political leadership.

These malpractices and far from respectful terminologies stem from an utterly insensitive and negative attitude at the highest levels in the pyramid towards one's own kind and trickles down to the lower levels. We can be sure no secretary or under-secretary in MOD would have thought of perpetuating such a silly system of classifying defence services Officers.

Even if there is a need to distinguish time bound promotions for purposes of record, seniority classifications etc, using the suffix is hardly the best way of doing it. As per an exchange on Twitter sometime I ago, I had offered a suggestion of some alternate means for keeping records.

Unknown said...

Navdeep I am from Air force, can I have the letter reference of Army regarding TS Cols. My email is sanjayanita2028@gmail.com

ninihala said...

Dear Navdeep,
While Supreme Court (and others) have been consistently ruling in favour of disabled soldiers and veterans, our medical officers and MoD babus continue harass us by continuing with the old practices. Isn't it time that o/o DGAFMS is instructed by SC to modify it's Guide to Medical Officers....." and bring it in line with latest judgements?

Jerry Junior said...

Majors promoted after 21 year s service are called Lt Col (T/S) given Rank Pay of a Major.But I fail to understand he is given wheitage neither of a Major nor a Lt col,Hr is given wheitage of just 5 years where as he serves a year more than a Major.I Wonder if you can through some light on this.He should be given wheitage of a Major or a Lt Col so that he gets appropriate Pension.


Jo said...

Suffixing “(TS)” for Time Scale Ranks: Request kindly provide the Army HQ letter on the subject.
Col Bhandari

Anonymous said...

sir pl break your silence on AFT judgement regarding illegality of SB-3 wef 2009

shiv said...

Indeed a very dismal development for lakhs of service persons , veterans and dependents. They have been denied the basic constitutional rights just because they shed their blood, sweat and tears for upholding this same constitution.Indeed many of us were expecting more delegation and transfer of judicial powers to proper judicial bodies so that justice will be available close by to the needy . But by one stroke justice has been made a mirage . Hope this order will be reversed for protection of poor widows and broken soldiers

corona8 said...

@Dhoop, At long last a sensible thing has been done by services HQs so why suggest putting star marks or superscripts etc?

For all practical administrative purposes the computer data base can have tags for accounts etc. Why should any public distinction be applied at all? Are there identifying marks for first board, second board, third board promotions? That would make ranks like Col(FB), Col(SB) so on. Or to take your suggestion, Col*, Col**, Col***.

The real areas to focus on are different from these superficial things as I had mentioned on a previous occasion.

Anand Sagar said...

Is anything happening about the issues of ante-date seniority and non practice allowance for JAG officers?