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Saturday, July 19, 2014

New letter on ex-servicemen status for boarded out recruits

This is in relation to this earlier post of 23 March 2013 on the subject of grant of ex-serviceman status to boarded-out recruits in receipt of disability pension.

The Government, by way of a clarification had only granted the said status to recruits boarded out after 01 Feb 2006, which in my opinion was incongruous and to which my objection was recorded in the following terms in the earlier post:

“...Though the subject has been clarified in the above terms, in my opinion, boarded out recruits in receipt of disability pension would ipso facto be included in the pre-existing definitions in force prior to 01 Feb 2006 too since unlike officer trainees, recruits are entitled to pay and disability pensionary benefits as applicable to regular Sepoys and are also under the purview of the Army Act and hence cannot treated differently than others. Even otherwise, the MoD clarification issued on 01 Feb 2006 did not contain any cut-off date for the applicability of the clarification which has now been superimposed through back-door...”

Thankfully, the Ministry of Defence has now issued a clarification in consistent with the view as above that boarded-out recruits in receipt of disability pension shall be treated as ex-servicemen irrespective of the date of discharge.


Pokar Ram said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

Thanks for taking up the cudjels and ensuring its correct application to the affected personnel.This would not have been possible without your efforts to educate the adversely affected and follow up.

Kudos to you !

Anonymous said...

Navdeep Sir, does this also apply to officer cadets in NDA/IMA/OTA who have been boarded out because of injuries suffered during training?

Anonymous said...

Navdeep Sir, When can we expect the broadbanding disablity pension letter for officers who have completed their terms of engagement.
Maj(Ex) Atri

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, how will it benefit pre 2006 pensioners? what all processes to be followed? Pl guide me. Thanks. Maj SK.

ESMA said...

my one of the security guard, worked 4yers in army and due to medical problem he sent out from army with 10 %disability without pension on 1993 , is he authorized for pension?
pl guide me how he can get pension . he is now hand to mouth type .

thanking you

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

What is the status of offrs who have served ten years plus and taken premature retirement? Gratuity was provided.

The Zilla Sainik Board states that those who have been released on request are not entitled to the ex-servicemen card and benefits.

Kindly clarify as to what catergory these offrs fall under??

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

please clarify that this also apply to officer cadets in NDA/IMA/OTA who have been boarded out because of injuries suffered during training?