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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Defence Ministry issues orders for waiving recovery of (perceived) excess amount of element of Non-Practicing Allowance paid in pension to pre-96 retired military doctors

The issue has direct link to this post of 30 Nov 2013.

As explained in the above post, the counting of Non-Practicing Allowance (NPA) or otherwise in pensionary benefits of central govt doctors remained controversial leading to a spate of litigation.

The NPA was released in some cases and after doctors lost their case in the judgement rendered by the Supreme Court in BJ Akkara’s case, the amount was ordered to be recovered by the Ministry of Defence.

Now the Defence Ministry has issued instructions to waive the future recovery on humanitarian grounds and the said letter can be accessed by clicking here.

However with the Supreme Court rendering a detailed judgement coming to the conclusion that NPA needs to be added for pensionary purposes and observing that the correct facts were hidden from the Supreme Court in Col BJ Akkara’s case, this may not yet be the end of the story.


Maj Baljinder Singh said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I personaly could not understand fixsation of pay / pension of Major's vs Lt Col (TS)as per the following chart :

Rank Min Pay Max Pay
Lt 27000 50500
Capt 30700 51200
Major 36410 51700
Lt Col (TS)52530 81000
Lt Col (S) 52530 81000
Col 55590 81700
Brig 58290 81900
Maj Gen 62050 77000+6000
Lt Gen 69850 79000+6000

What type of extra job/reponsibilities of Lt Col (TS) than Majors by virtue of which they have been given an extra sum of Rs. 16120/- by the authorities. (Refers SAI/2/2008)

If I have have qouted any wrong scale then excuse me otherwise please think about it, I will be grateful.
Maj (Retd.) Baljinder Singh

corona8 said...

You are quoting minimum pay. At what service did Maj get that minimum pay and how many years later did an Officer get Lt Col(TS) rank to get the minimum pay you have quoted for the Lt Col(TS) rank?