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Friday, December 13, 2013

Non-Compliance of orders passed by the Armed Forces Tribunal by the Govt and allied issues: Public Interest Litigation

Reports on the Public Interest Litigation on the subject of non-compliance of AFT decisions and other issues related to the functioning of the AFT:

Thank You for your continuing support for the independence of our judicial institutions. 


Unknown said...

Hats off to you for your efforts to make the government heed the decisions in favour of Army personnel. It is indeed perplexing to try and understand the thinking of these bureaucrats that are proving to be a hindrance in the process of justice for army personnel.

Anonymous said...

I filed a petition before AFT Kochi for granting Pension wef 1998 fo the rank held. AFT Kochi allowed the case on 12 August. till now no reply from MOD or
Indian Navy. They are ignoring AFT orders

Jose Mathew
Indian Navy

Prasad said...

I really appreciate your efforts to upheld the respect and rights of the armed forces. While a few privileges for the juniors, like the DACP for AMC is sabotaged by the top brass of Indian Army, the MoD is taking advantage of these differences between the officers to divide and rule. It is only resulting in conflict between the ranks and weakening forces. Bureaucracy exactly wants this to keep themselves on the top. With the respect they are showing for the judgments delivered by the AFTs and even the Honourable supreme Court, there is little hope that the things would improve for the armed forces.
Perhaps invoking the Article 19 of the constitution which was revoked under Army Rule 19 for the armed forces may be the only solution for a soldier to fight for his rights.

Anonymous said...

Admire your perseverance Major Navdeep. You are indeed a true revolutionary!

Bharat said...

Kudos to you Maj Navdeep. Thanks to you, a lot of issues concerning the Defence Forces are getting highlighted and addressed. Hope the AFTs get the powers that are desperately required to have their judgements implemented.
I also hope that the Top Brass of the three Services take cognizance of your skills and knowledge and make use of them for the 7th Pay Commission.
Lt Col Bharat Chevur (Retd)